Sunday, February 27, 2011

on some happy feelings...

As I type here to you I am wrapped in my blanket with a plate of the last of my yummy stuffed cabbage sitting next to me & with a smile on my face. Today was great. Today was very meaningful.
Bobby and I got a chance to do a few wedding errands. It's crunch time, May will be here before we know it and I'm getting very anxious. We decided to go to the king of all malls around here and actually the king of malls that I've been to. And funny because it's called King of Prussia. It's the biggest mall ever. The first time Bobby and I ever went we actually got lost and couldn't find our car! We had to find some mall cop dude in the parking lot to drive us to our car. It was quite an experience. Any who, we went to Nordstrom first to find out if they have the shoes that I wanted to get that I actually saw online. Just my luck. Nope. They didn't have them. I was sort of bummed because these particular shoes are a little a lot out of my comfort zone and I wanted to get a hold of them. Alas I just decided to order them online see if I like them and if not just ship them back. Then in the mean time find a back up. They're not shoes that I would normally get since they are HEELS! I know right?! Crazy. But everyone is telling me to do it. To go for it. That's my shoe story. I'll let you know how it goes. Speaking of shoes we picked up some new Converse for Sebastian :) I couldn't resist. 
Then we grabbed some lunch, Chinese food. It was greasy, fatty and just plain delicious. After our tummies were full and we felt a skip in our steps we went straight to the jewelers to pick out our wedding rings!! I never would have thought it would be so much fun. I was very lucky to have a select few rings that really worked with my engagement ring since it has a unique shape to it. I narrowed it down to two rings and told Bobby and the lady that was helping us that I needed time to sit and think it over. So we moved over to find a ring for Bobby. He had just has much fun. He was trying on more rings than me!! The lady said we were definitely meant to be since Bobby ended up with two rings at the end as well! I thought this was super cute and I think I actually giggled. I mean you should of seen me through this whole thing. I bet if someone recorded it all and if I re-watched it now I'd be like barf! Who is that? 
Bobby finally picked out the one he loved, a pretty sweet tungsten ring. And in the mean time I settled on mine. All in all we went out of the store with Bobby's ring (they had his size right then and there) and I get mine sized and will be in my hands on Friday. When I think about it, about the small little round ring that will be on our fingers starting May 21st, about the significance it will mean to us warms my heart. Today was the day that made it even more real. I so can't wait to seal the deal.
Our day in photos...


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