Saturday, February 12, 2011

on six confessions...

I confess...

...that I pretty much ate that whole chipotle guacamole cheddar veggie burger tonight. With a side of sweet potato fries! We ordered in at The Drake Tavern which is just down the street from us. Yep. I ate it all and I don't feel guilty. What! It's a veggie burger how bad can it be for me?? (Annnnnd yes that is my Twilight themed plastic cup in the background. Don't judge).

...I'll dump coffee if it gets too cold to drink and make a new cup. I waste but I just can't drink cold coffee and I hate to have to microwave it. It does not taste the same.

...I have a fleece leopard print blanket that I sleep with every night. I've had it since like, forever. And I call it "sheeta". Like cheetah but with a "shhhhhh" in the front. Super weird but it just came out of my mouth one day and stuck. 

...when I am forced to use public restrooms I use way too many toilet seat covers because it just grosses me out!

...there's this girl at work that calls me 'doll' because she doesn't know my name after I've told her a million times. I really don't like being called doll. It's annoying. 

...I haven't even gotten Bobby his Valentines gift. I was fresh out of ideas (until tonight). I will be doing last minute shopping tomorrow.

Phew! That felt good to get off my chest. Got this little idea via Freckled Nest. Thought it was fun. Now your turn :)


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