Tuesday, February 15, 2011

on part 2 of our day...

After our fun afternoon at the museum we headed right over to the in laws house were Sebastian was in for some more fun but his time with his grandparents and cousin for they were right on their way to see Gnomeo and Juliet . Me and Bobby headed out to the movies before dinner. We decided on Sanctum. I was skeptical about this movie and was really the only one that jumped out at both Bobby and I. By that I mean I would of loved to see The King's Speech but I know Bobby wouldn't be into that. Hump. Sacrifices. It was Valentines Day so I thought I'd be nice. The movie turned out to be pretty good. I was on the edge of my seat at a few parts and really felt for the characters. Let's just say it wasn't a complete disappointment. After the movies we headed to dinner at Iron Abbey. The same place that we went to last Valentines Day. I really love this place. Very comfortable and laid back with a kind of renaissance feel. 
 We were feeling like entrees last night so we got a soup and a couple appetizers. Then shared :) 
 Lobster Bisque and Spinach Artichoke dip with pita. Yumm. Then we also got some nachos that we were not that crazy about so I didn't take a picture. They made up for the not so great nachos when our waiter walked out and set a plate of chocolate covered strawberries on our table :) Compliments he said! I actually think I clapped my hands and did a little gig in my seat. So Bobby and I thought it would be nice to share a fun drink with our strawberries. After I sized up the drink menu we decided to get a Tiramitini (tiramisu martini).
Oh by the way, my sweetheart got me tickets to go see my favorite band Rise Against in May! Boy is May going to be jam packed. Let me tell ya, if I come out of it alive I will be happy :) 
Well, that was my little families V-day.
Hope yours was splendid!


  1. okay,

    1. SO adorable that you're both wearing fox t-shirts ;)
    2. mmmmm artichoke dip
    3. rise against has been a favourite band of mine since i was like, twelve! LUCKY YOU!


  2. Haha. We have a thing for Fox. Annnnnnd Ekkkk. Rise Against is pure amazing :)