Tuesday, February 15, 2011

on part 1 of our day...

I love Valentine's Day. The flowers, reds & pinks, the chocolate (boy do I love the chocolate!) and all the extra hugs & kisses. Yesterday we started the day a little late since Sebastian had his speech therapy. We headed down to the Please Touch Museum right after and had a blast. Sebastian is very much a hands on fellow and loves to interaction with people & things. It was great because we basically had the whole place to ourselves since it was Monday. We were able to let Sebastian roam around on his own as we followed right behind him.
 Water play. I'm always nervous in this area. What mother wouldn't be? But I was prepared, for I brought an extra pair of clothes. What. You just never know. The little ponchos help out a lot. 
 Down stairs is full of Alice in Wonderland things. Sebastian hung around for a while then moved on. He wasn't as into it as all the other areas. 
He was very detail oriented. He had to plop down and look at all the little glass windows full of toys and knick-knacks. 
My sweet little Valentine had a blast and I was so happy to be able to spend the day spoiling him :D

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