Sunday, February 13, 2011

on a family sunday fun day...

Today was just a mellow day. A day of spending time with family. We got some things done around our place and then a few errands while Sebastian took a snooze in the car. It was nice to just take our time. I love days that don't fly by in a blink of a eye. Days where you can actually enjoy every minute. The rest of the day was just spent at the in laws. We try to get up there every Sunday so Sebastian can visit Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, aunts, uncles and cousins! And I spend most of my time with Lilly the little lady of the house. I really can't get enough of her and make it my mission to make her smile as much as I can. I always like to do mini photo shoots with Lilly. The camera loves her. 
 I really can't get over how precious Sebastian is with Lilly. I feel like he's going to make one great big brother :D
 I have many more. But these are my favorites. Isn't she cute!

The rest of my free time was spent hemming some jeans. My first project with my sewing machine. Long over due but it's been hard to find some time.
With the guidance from my mother in law I was able to get them all hemmed up and ready to wear tomorrow when me and my boys go on our Valentine's date to the Please Touch Museum! It will be a blast. I'll be sure to take lots of picture but you already knew that ;)
Well for all of you who have work tomorrow. Suckerrrrr. Just kidding. I do apologize. I am a little giddy. More than I should be I think.