Sunday, January 30, 2011

on wedding plans...

It's about time to give some more detail on our imitate wedding plans. We changed everything around for what it was, a backyard wedding to a
Destination wedding :) 
Bobby and I wanted to do something that we both will love and also do a mini honeymoon something on the side. I couldn't give up the outdoorsy wedding but also wanted somewhere that is exclusive to the normal locations. We decided to hold our ceremony within the very whimsical Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State. Yes, I know that is my home town and I am very excited for it. I've been to the falls a few times in my life when I was much younger and always loved it. It really captures my personality with the amazing nature feel to it and the beautiful waterfall is flawless.
 A ceremony set in that kind of scene can't go bad.
Isn't it beautiful?!?! Then right after the ceremony and celebration with family we are booked to stay right on top of the waterfall at the Salish Lodge :) Where we will have a magical view, two person jacuzzi tub (hubba-hubba), and fireplace! This part I am more excited about then anything. I think a fireplace is sooooo romantic :) Then the next day Bobby and I will enjoy a couples spa treatment that is right inside of the lodge! Eeeeeek. It will be a dream come true. Get married in the beautiful outdoors. Be with family and friends. Be pampered and rubbed up and down with fragrant oils. Take wonderful nature hikes in the woods in the Spring!! 
Also we plan on bringing Sebastian along. Special request from my dad! He said that he will steal him while Bobby and I are on our little honeymoon. I couldn't complain with that. It will let me relax knowing my little man is in the same state as me and not across the country. 
Anyways that's my little wedding up date. Date hasn't changed, still May 21st :) But a lot less complicated and more fun!


  1. looove snoqualmie falls. and salish has a super high rated spa so that should be amazing.

    fun, fun, awesome fun!

  2. I know! I am so excited for it. It will be so perfect :)