Tuesday, January 25, 2011

on being sick...

My whole household has been sick. Started out with Sebastian getting a fever and having it for a couple of days. Took him to the doctor and he said Sebastian has a sinus infection. So now he is on antibiotics for ten days. As of right now he is feeling lots better! Then I came next with a fever. My sinuses decided to blow up like no ones business and I developed a cough. Joy. By this point I'm sure you know who was next on the list. Bobby. He ended up getting what Sebastian has, a sinus infection. And there you have one bigggg happy family :) All sick at once. I don't recommend it. 

What do you think about my new blog design?!?!?! 
I love it. Miss Sarah over at SillyGrrl was the fabulous creator of my new blog. She was very patient with me and made exactly what I wanted. She is still not completely finished and is still making a few tweaks here and there so be on the look out for some new additions.

Other than that we haven't been up to a lot since we've been sick as dogs. So I thought I would do a couple reviews for you dear peaches...

-----On some movies-----

The Last AirBender. I loved it! It was great. Definitely not for everyone. I'm totally into the kung-fu fighting in an alternative realm. So fun!
 Inception. Have you seen this? I saw maybe 1/4 of it and stopped. Why? Because it was going nowhere and I was annoyed. It's not a movie that you can be distracted from. Hence not a movie you can enjoy and get through with a 2 year old Tazmanian devil. Sorry Leo but you and me were just not working out. Maybe another time.
-----On some books----- 
The Hunger Games. Great book! It started out a little slow and doesn't have a big complex plot to it. I'm used to picking up books that have nonstop action with lots of involved characters. This read was a nice break and really had me attached to the main character who's in The Hunger Games fighting for her life. The two other books in the series are on my list of things to read. 
The Girls with the Glass Feet. Well, I'm not totally finished with this book but I'm enjoying it very much. It's a different read. (That has been my goal this year...put down the vampire novels and read other books:) This book is written beautifully. The author describes things so poetically. The title is pretty straight forward, there's a girl named Ida who has acquired glass feet out of no where. The problem is she doesn't know why or how or what to do. Poor Ida, can you imagine what it would be like to be ever so careful and not break your own feet? 

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