Monday, January 31, 2011

on just another day...

Today was another day. Monday to be exact. Boy was it a Monday. I think I have acquired a sinus infection just like my boys so sleep wasn't much of an option last night. I didn't know what to do with myself with all the pressure in my face. Anyways now I'm on some antibiotics and tonight I better snore. 
Back to business. After work today I stopped by Wholefoods to grab a few extra things I need to make dinner. There's one right by my work and it was convenient. I really love Wholefoods but don't shop there all that much. I think I would if it was more towards my house rather than next to work since by the time I'm off work I want to try to get as far away from the place I can. Not because I hate it or anything but just because I need space too! You feel me? Whenever I set foot into the store I end up zig-zaging throughout it looking at everything. There are lots to look at and I do believe the store is laid out very well. Everything is very pretty. I needed up picking up supplies for dinner and a couple other gems..
 Black Bean Hummus. I was really fascinated by this hummus. I've seen lots of different types of flavors but never black bean so I bought it. Review. It's good. Not what I expected. It doesn't have a great hummus taste to it. After dipping a few crackers with it Bobby and I cracked open some Tortilla chips and I feel like they belong together. Also it's a little salty. Definitly best with chips and I couldn't eat it with veggies.
I don't know about you but I am a bread-a-holic. Yup, I admit it. Bread is my weakness. A fresh french baguette with yummy Brummel & Brown butter. To. Die. For. Well it's not actually really all butter because natural yogurt is mixed into it. How delicious is that? It is the best butter ever and I can't imagine spreading anything else on my bread. 

I got home today and was greeted by this little boy showing me his new toy. 
 Because Dadda spoiled him at Target today :) It warms my heart.

I've been on a Robert Pattinson binge. You see I watched Remember Me last night and tonight Eclipse. Remember Me was a great love story with a very sad ending. I loved seeing Robert acting as a different character. I was worried that when I'd see him that he would be too Edward for me but nope! He was great in this movie. Made me want him as a big brother. Which is super weird because that is definitely not the feelings I have with Edward. If you know what I mean ;) 

Lastly today I was featured on SillyGrrl. I sort of feel famous. Don't judge. Lovely Sarah over there featured my baby blog for all to see the beautiful work she did for me :) I've already got a little attention from some new friendly faces. Which is fabulous and what I dreamed of. Thanks to her my blog is revamped to something so perfect for me! So make sure that you check out Sarah's blog and contact her if you'd like a fun remodeling.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

on some new darlings...

Lately I've taken a liking to a few wonderful online stores.
 On some new gems...
...ModCloth-- very unique retro/vintage clothing. The dresses are my favorite and have already picked out a few that will be added to my closet. Such like...
This dress.

 That dress.

...LuLu-- I hate looking at this site because I basically want everything those tall skinny girls have on their bodies..
That top.
This skirt.

...Ruche-- lovely vintage ever and great accessories!
This dress, that could easily be wedding dress.
This shoulder bag.

This skirt.
 This shirt dress.

Do you have some new favorite shops?!?!

on wedding plans...

It's about time to give some more detail on our imitate wedding plans. We changed everything around for what it was, a backyard wedding to a
Destination wedding :) 
Bobby and I wanted to do something that we both will love and also do a mini honeymoon something on the side. I couldn't give up the outdoorsy wedding but also wanted somewhere that is exclusive to the normal locations. We decided to hold our ceremony within the very whimsical Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State. Yes, I know that is my home town and I am very excited for it. I've been to the falls a few times in my life when I was much younger and always loved it. It really captures my personality with the amazing nature feel to it and the beautiful waterfall is flawless.
 A ceremony set in that kind of scene can't go bad.
Isn't it beautiful?!?! Then right after the ceremony and celebration with family we are booked to stay right on top of the waterfall at the Salish Lodge :) Where we will have a magical view, two person jacuzzi tub (hubba-hubba), and fireplace! This part I am more excited about then anything. I think a fireplace is sooooo romantic :) Then the next day Bobby and I will enjoy a couples spa treatment that is right inside of the lodge! Eeeeeek. It will be a dream come true. Get married in the beautiful outdoors. Be with family and friends. Be pampered and rubbed up and down with fragrant oils. Take wonderful nature hikes in the woods in the Spring!! 
Also we plan on bringing Sebastian along. Special request from my dad! He said that he will steal him while Bobby and I are on our little honeymoon. I couldn't complain with that. It will let me relax knowing my little man is in the same state as me and not across the country. 
Anyways that's my little wedding up date. Date hasn't changed, still May 21st :) But a lot less complicated and more fun!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

on being sick...

My whole household has been sick. Started out with Sebastian getting a fever and having it for a couple of days. Took him to the doctor and he said Sebastian has a sinus infection. So now he is on antibiotics for ten days. As of right now he is feeling lots better! Then I came next with a fever. My sinuses decided to blow up like no ones business and I developed a cough. Joy. By this point I'm sure you know who was next on the list. Bobby. He ended up getting what Sebastian has, a sinus infection. And there you have one bigggg happy family :) All sick at once. I don't recommend it. 

What do you think about my new blog design?!?!?! 
I love it. Miss Sarah over at SillyGrrl was the fabulous creator of my new blog. She was very patient with me and made exactly what I wanted. She is still not completely finished and is still making a few tweaks here and there so be on the look out for some new additions.

Other than that we haven't been up to a lot since we've been sick as dogs. So I thought I would do a couple reviews for you dear peaches...

-----On some movies-----

The Last AirBender. I loved it! It was great. Definitely not for everyone. I'm totally into the kung-fu fighting in an alternative realm. So fun!
 Inception. Have you seen this? I saw maybe 1/4 of it and stopped. Why? Because it was going nowhere and I was annoyed. It's not a movie that you can be distracted from. Hence not a movie you can enjoy and get through with a 2 year old Tazmanian devil. Sorry Leo but you and me were just not working out. Maybe another time.
-----On some books----- 
The Hunger Games. Great book! It started out a little slow and doesn't have a big complex plot to it. I'm used to picking up books that have nonstop action with lots of involved characters. This read was a nice break and really had me attached to the main character who's in The Hunger Games fighting for her life. The two other books in the series are on my list of things to read. 
The Girls with the Glass Feet. Well, I'm not totally finished with this book but I'm enjoying it very much. It's a different read. (That has been my goal this year...put down the vampire novels and read other books:) This book is written beautifully. The author describes things so poetically. The title is pretty straight forward, there's a girl named Ida who has acquired glass feet out of no where. The problem is she doesn't know why or how or what to do. Poor Ida, can you imagine what it would be like to be ever so careful and not break your own feet? 

Monday, January 17, 2011

on a few good things...

This weekend was nice. It was the first weekend that Bobby was off both Saturday and Sunday since about six months. Because of the new year his work schedule changed again. So now he will have a whole weekend off every other week. I love this half of the year. 

I finally was able to take this gem out of the box and give it some attention.
Take notice that my son is using our couch as a trampoline. And yes, he can jump real high. 
Anyways, I took this baby on a little trip over to the mother in-law who was a peach and helped me thread the machine. I have never really threaded one before and I probably could have sat down on my own and read the instructions to figure it out but I felt the need to have some guidance. In the end we just sat down together and used the manual to figure it all out since my machine is a little newer than hers, not to toot my own horn or anything ;) It went a lot quicker than I thought it would and we even found out that there is a very handy automatic needle threader! Now that I figured that little function out I am able to thread the machine in no time at all! I just want to have a giggle fit just thinking about it.
Now the fun begins. My first project will be the hemming of some jeans that I bought back in October that are abnormally long. Those need to get done so I can, um, wear them! 
In the mean time awhile I am just going to do little odd projects here and there and I want to try to make time in my schedule to take a local sewing class. Annnnnd trying to get my mother in-law to be my partner in crime, I think it would be a nice thing to do together since it's something we both have an interest for. So, if your reading this darling..Let's talk!
By the way, now that I am showing off my gem here I should show you this other gem that I got for Christmas from none other than the mother in-law..
 Cutest sewing box ever. I love the Paris theme to it, perfect in my mind and it will be great to keep all my goodies organized. 

Another good things that came out of this weekend is my new collection of lovely tights!
I swear Target is the best. These were only five dollars each! Such a bargain. Black leopard print, gray, floral and purple! Spring here I come. I'm ready for you.

What are you reading lately? I actually put a nice dent in the book I am reading called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It started out pretty slow but now I feel like I am part of the characters. I've been sucked into the game full force with raw emotions. It's crazy what a book can make you feel. I will definitely want to read the other two books to this adventure.  

Lastly I wanted to share with you a few pictures of my cat. I made it my goal this year to try to give her a little extra love (even though she doesn't really take my love with arms wide open). Also because I feel like all the bloggers out there have cats. What's up with that? Is that a sort of requirement? Not sure about that one but any who this is my cat and her name is Cat or Kitty or even Cica, which means cat in Hungarian. She is called many things in our household but those are the post popular ;) 


Sunday, January 16, 2011

on some blog lovin'...

I am a new lover of Bloglovin'. Have you heard of it? I didn't until just a few days ago. It's great. You can keep track of all your favorite blogs. I have Google Reader but have never really kept up with adding all my must read blogs. It just never really apealed to me. Bloglovin' has a great look to it and I love how you can see the tittle of their new post as well as any images that go along with it. You can mark them as "read" or "unread" so that way you can keep track of what post you have read or not. Oh, and I think the best part is that you don't have to have a blog yourself to do this. Lets say you like to read other peoples blogs this is a site that you can collect and have a organized way to see all your favorites. Great right?
If you haven't signed up for it I encourage you to do so! Then add me :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

on some things I am loving...

On some lovies to start this glorious weekend off...

 New piercing :D I'm adoring it!

Love this gypsy inspired Kate Moss photo shoot. 

I must HAVE these charming tights. 

This is probably the most admirable tattoo that I've ever seen!

I wish I could own a sign and put sayings up like this...soooo true. 

Did anyone else just scream in delight after seeing this? Pure bliss. 

Got my nails done a pretty pastel purple color. Loving it! Sorry for the horrible phone picture.

What are you loving?

Sunday, January 09, 2011

on a wedding update...

It's time for an important update. 
Both Bobby and I have decided that we aren't going to go with the traditional wedding. That means no backyard wedding with all the family and friends. I know what your saying to yourself, "but I thought you were so excited to do all that". I was. But the problem is that I just don't have the time to plan a wedding. Our life is super busy with work and with Sebastian's therapies. I just don't have the quality time to give all this wedding stuff. People keep telling me, why don't you just set it for a later date so you have time?. It's just that we don't want to! We want to get married and not have to wait for so long just to plan one day. I know, I know the biggest day ever! And don't get me wrong it is so important for me but the stress that all this has become is just not cutting it and worth it. For us. For others it might work but for me..not! 
So, we are going a much lighter route. A more intimate yet fun way to celebrate the day of our commitment for one another. 
The plan is not solid yet but I will say that we are planning a destination wedding of sorts with a few family members and some friends. I feel so great about this and doing it this way will be fun, no stress and still be magical memorable day all in it's own way :) 

Thursday, January 06, 2011

on us...

Today I came home from work, popped some popcorn and sat my tush on the couch to watch Kick Ass (best movie ever) with my love :) Sebastian was down for a late nap due to his current "nap strike". And we just sat there shoving our faces with buttery popcorn. Is there anything better? No. At least not today. I love this kid with all my insides :D

Aren't we just super adorable?!! Huh.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

on a bit of goodness...

--------------on a bit of goodness----------------

Start out with saying that with the new year I am working with a new blog friend :) who is helping me re-model this here blog! I am so excited and you should be too! Hoping to have it up by the end of this month. 

 Isn't he handsome?! I think so :D I've been feeling such overwhelming pride for this little boy. He has made such an amazing jump in his speech that it has me staggering. Going from working & learning words he has gone straight to phrases. And boy are they the funniest ones ever. Just last week his speech therapist, Yvonne was speechless after not seeing him for two weeks due to the holidays at the things he was saying and doing. He sat down with her and did a whole matching game all on his own. Something he actually initiated and took out of Yvonne's bag. Yvonne's reaction was just as mine when she said to me "he should not be able to do this, this is higher level stuff!".
He still isn't quite there yet but certainly on his way. 
So, indeed I am blustering with pride and love sharing it with you :)

Got these gems in the mail yesterday. At size 00 these lovies are what I will be wearing when I wed. They are just perfect for the day and the white rose inlays are beautiful. I've been searching for the right plugs for the big day :) And now I have them. They don't fit just yet but by May they will. 

Awakened also came out yesterday and was sent to my baby Kindle in the morning. It was a nice surprise when I booted up the little guy and saw the words "new" and "Awakened" next to it. I had pre-ordered it a couple weeks ago to make sure I didn't forget about it. I put my current book, The Hunger Games, on the back burner for the time being since it will only take me a little while to read this book. I love this series and is definitely on my top vampire series list. Yes, I have one of those lists...

Lastly before I leave you, so I can get my butt of the couch and be useful...
This weekend I will be getting a new piercing. One that I've been wanting for a very long time but just haven't gotten around to it. Like so many other things. I will leave it at that because it will be a surprise. Don't hate me. I take pleasure in the small things. Muwahahhaa.


Saturday, January 01, 2011

on a new year...

This year I will...
  1. learn to stress less.
  2. wear my apron and cook more new dishes & blog about them.
  3. call people that are far away from me but who I can really be myself with and have more meaningful conversations.
  4. actively work towards being a part time "creative".
  5. do whatever is in my power to help Sebastian with his speech and keep setting goals & achieving them.
  6. take a sewing class to become "one" with my new machine.
  7. make our wedding be more about us rather anyone else!
  8. learn to ask for help more. I feel like this one is on my list every year. It has been something I've battled with. Hopefully this year will be my turning point!
  9. give back to the world. starting with becoming more involved with our recycling.
  10. get hair extensions! Don't judge. I've never had long hair and most likely will never. So I want to get professional extensions done. I think it would be fun.
  11. maintain me and Bobby's safe-cozy loving & happy relationship by spending more time together. More date nights!
  12. be brave in taking charge of our future and making things we want happen.
  13. stop biting my nails. This my friends will be the hardest one of all.
  14. reinvent my personal style. Be prepared for this folks ;)
  15. go on a nature hike. Somewhere. Not sure where. Anywhere. (if you know where shoot me an email).
What will your goals be for the New Year?

on a 2010 year review...

This year was probably the most eventful one that I've had in a looooong time. Here are some fun memories to end the year with...

First in April my little family took a trip to Florida for a few days.
Went to Disney World and Sebastian got to dance with his favorite pal Woody!
We were lucky enough to meet up with Julee & Glen in Downtown Disney. Which was the best treat of all. Julee was down at Florida having fun in the Pillsbury Bake-Off and Glen was there for support. We grabbed some dinner and walked around and just enjoyed each others company :)
Sebastian got to make a sand castle on the Dayton Beach.
Florida was such a fun experience and was a true first mini vacation.

My son turned 2 in July!
And had his first kiddo birthday party.

I turned 22. Oh. My. God. I'm getting old.
But I don't mind ;) I got another tattoo. Biggest one I have so far. I am very happy with it and can't wait to fill my arm up. The representation of the life of my little family is what means the most to me.

September 19th was me and Bobby's 4 year anniversary. We went out to a fancy dinner and later a movie.
Dinner was romantic and so fancy with all the different foods we got to eat.
We took a stroll into Penn's Landing where we witnessed fireworks across the Delaware river. Where Bobby sat me down and proposed to marry him :) I said YES. What a happy surprise that was!
Oh how I love my vintage chic diamond ring.

In October Julee & Glen flew me out to California for a week to spend with them and Tanya, my best friend forever, at Disney Land! I know, BOTH Disney parks in one year! I am truly lucky.
Where I surprised Tanya with asking her to be my maid of honor :) Of course she said yes!

Disney was decked out in Halloween.

Really had the time of my life and forever will remember it. Such a great memory to have!

2010 was a great year.
Sebastian has grown a lot, he is HUGE! He has not only grown in height and strength but has grown into a little person :) I am so proud of all the achievements he has made in his speech and how sweet he is too his momma :D
Bobby is such a hard worker and all the hard work this year payed off for he got a wonderful raise at work. I am so lucky to have a man who's waking thought is about this family and who is constantly striving to make things better for us. Can't wait to marry him and be his wife.

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011