Sunday, December 12, 2010

on some foodtography...

Yes, this will be my lunch tomorrow. I usually pack lunch for work but have been on a dry spell for the past couple weeks. Actually mainly due to the fact that we haven't been food shopping. I mean reeeealll food shopping. Not the get in and get out food shopping that I've been doing the last two weeks. Being rushed while I'm food shopping is a big "no no". Any who, I love this simple stuffed pita. It's easy to make the night before or even just to throw it together in the morning. I have whole wheat mini pitas shown with amazing red pepper hummus spread inside. Then just stuffed with spring lettuce, mushrooms, onion, cucumbers and grilled herbed tofu. Of course there is a vast variety of things you could stuff these amazing pitas with so try it all and be creative.
Excuse me but I feel the need to whip up one more of these for a late night me.


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