Thursday, December 02, 2010

on a listy list of random goodness...

Yes, this is my listy list. Not much of a post but come on! I'm boring at the moment. Nothing is happening. I feel like work is all I do whether it is at home or actually at work...I wish I drank wine. 

Like my new picture up in the top there. Up to the left. Uh huh, right there. That's me getting a kiss from a certian someone who is the cutest most loveable boy ever. Makes my heart melt. I snapped the picture too soon because he reached up to put his little hands on my cheeks for the ulimate kiss. I will treasure these moments. Sooner or later he'll be like Ewwwww mom, take those plugs out of your ears. So embarressing. Your like..old.

Speaking of plugs, take a look at my new size 0 plugs. They are my new gems. 
Cool eh? That's what I thought future Sebastian, son of mine :)

It's finally here my friends. Thank god my neighbors at work are yes, the F.Y.E guys. Which surely I will be the first one to receive my Eclipse movie :) And no, not because I threatened them...

Blog Love baby! My first e-course from A Beautiful Mess. The biggest blog inspiration ever! I found this lovie on one of my all time most favorite blogs that I follow EVERYDAY. This is a course with 12 sessions of blogging goodness. Elise shares different things that will help you become a better blogger like; Find your online voice, free promotions and networking for bloggers, and even photography for bloggers! I am very thrilled for her to feature this because learning more about how I can network and become more involved has been a goal of mine for a while. Best part is that I can follow at my own pace. You recieve the full course upon purchase and get to just enjoy it on your own time. Perfect for my schedule, let me tell ya ;) If you want more info or want to join then go here.

Did you see Glee lastnight. Oh. my. god.
Loved it! The grand finale with them singing Florance + the Machine- Dog days are over I about died and went to heaven. I'm serious. I loved it that much. Oh and I also really really want to be Brittanys friend. Thanks.

Lastly a note...

Dear The Vampire Academy Series,
Please stop taking up so much of my time. It is very irritating. I should be able to put you down when my son of all people comes up to me and shoves his juice cup into my face asking to gethimmorejuice! You are making me become a bad parent who doesn't hydrate my child.
Oh and presenting me with awesome fight scenes that have me actually up on my feet as I read them pretending I am one of the good guys killing the bad. That is not normal. So please stop owning my life!

Ps...Tanya Mastikash, this is mostly all your fault :-p


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