Friday, December 31, 2010

on a holiday recap...

Ok. I know that it's been a while but there was really no way I could find time to sit down. Hard to believe huh? Honest. This holiday season was brutal. Not only did I just have no time but I didn't have much to tell you all. I feel like I've spent the entire month of December working. Being inside a mall is tough. I don't mind being busy but the holiday hours are what got me. Any who, I got through it and had a very Merry Christmas with my boys. Let me recap the last few weeks for you to get ya caught up...

Let me start out with telling you that just two days before Christmas Eve I got the 24 hours stomach bug. Boy was I sick. I was bed ridden. Bathroom ridden. On the toilet ridden. Not fun. I was miserable and I don't think I've been that sick in my whole life.
I am just thankful that I was back to my regular self once Christmas Eve came around because we were off for Sebastian's first Christmas surprise.
Toy Story 3 on Ice!
Family shot with Sebastian pointing to something very interesting and not even looking at the camera. Typical.
On our way to our seat.
Cotton candy for the show. I love Sebastian's face after putting a chunk of cotton candy in his mouth.
Sebastian was glued to the whole show.
Mr. Potato Head was my favorite. He was quite a character. His eyes kept falling off throughout the show and all the other characters took turns helping him grab his parts and sticking them back in the right place. It was very entertaining.
Buzz Lightyear had the best enterance onto the ice, coming from the sky with fireworks!
Sebastian's reaction was a mouth wide open and the word "Woooooowww".
It was a great show and would definitely see another one in the future. All three of us had a ball!

For those of you who don't know, we do our best to incorporate some of my Christmas tradition into Sebastian's growing up. And in my family, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th night. It really works out perfect this way. We get to have our little family tradition with opening presents on the eve of Christmas and then in the morning we wake up and head over to the in-laws.
After the ice show we got home and I got right to cooking. I wasn't able to cook my traditional Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage because I just couldn't get to the grocery store early in the week. Thank you stomach virus. Instead I just whipped up some breaded chicken and mashed potato's with asparagus. Pulled it together with what I had in my fridge. My boys were satisfied which is all I want.
I plopped Sebastian in the tub to ruba-dub-dub, meanwhile Bobby set up all the gifts under the tree. I know we are just so sneaky.
Stocking first.
Toy Story bubble bath was a good hit :)
Despicable Me is by far his new favorite movie. We have watched it over a dozen times since Christmas.
Daddy want to make sure his boy has a big boy football and soccer ball to play with.
Bobby and I did an awesome job keeping his grand finalle present for very last and well hidden. That bright and happy face is the first reaction to when he saw this...
Sebastian's first bike with training wheels. Toy Story themed :)
He had to watch Despicable Me on his bike with the helmet on the whole time. It was quite adorable.

When it came time for Mommy and Daddy to open presents Sebastian sat occupied with all his new toys. Bobby was spoiled with some new Fox brand sneakers, a $50 gift card to Summit Racing where he can put towards some new things for his race car, a new blue controller for his PlayStation 3 (now I can play with him :), and a new dressy pea coat for work.  I was spoiled with tons of new Bert's Bee's products. The face cream being my favorite (will give a full review soon). I got a lovely gift card to Amazon so I can buy lots of books! Always a treat. Annnnnnnnnd I got my sewing machine :) :) :) I am beyond excited.

Christmas morning was spent at Bobby's parents house. Opened some more gifts and had some breakfast. Christmas dinner was held at Bobby's Aunt's house down South Philly like every year. Dinner was great. I especially loved the Creamed Asparagus Soup and Twice Baked Potato's. Yumm!

Christmas is always a fun time of year. Although I do feel a hole. My family and friends out in Seattle are missing and it can get a little emotional for me. That gap is hard to fill but I try my best with calling my dad and talking to him as much as i can aso I don't feel so sad. Bobby even hooked up our web cam on Christmas Eve so my dad could see us on the computer. It was all Bobby's idea and I love him for it :) It was a nice surprise for my dad.

Lastly this wonderful Christmas Bobby and I were blessed by our guardian angels with a extremely generous gift towards a honeymoon. I am honored to have such amazing people in my life and can not express how grateful I am.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

on some foodtography...

Yes, this will be my lunch tomorrow. I usually pack lunch for work but have been on a dry spell for the past couple weeks. Actually mainly due to the fact that we haven't been food shopping. I mean reeeealll food shopping. Not the get in and get out food shopping that I've been doing the last two weeks. Being rushed while I'm food shopping is a big "no no". Any who, I love this simple stuffed pita. It's easy to make the night before or even just to throw it together in the morning. I have whole wheat mini pitas shown with amazing red pepper hummus spread inside. Then just stuffed with spring lettuce, mushrooms, onion, cucumbers and grilled herbed tofu. Of course there is a vast variety of things you could stuff these amazing pitas with so try it all and be creative.
Excuse me but I feel the need to whip up one more of these for a late night me.


Thursday, December 09, 2010

on some wedding inspiration...

Such a lovely bird cage!

Followed by such a cute bird nest with engraved eggs for the top of the cake.

Loving the hanging jars with lit candles dangling from inside the tent. I bet that would look magical in the evening.

The ulitmate photobooth! And vintage typewritter for writing notes to the newlyweds.

Talk about a unique felt bridal bouquet. Amazing!

This sweets display inspires me the most. Pure beauty. The two lamps are my favorite.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

on some things I am loving...

I am loving...

This whimsical entry way.

Dear Paris, I will see you some day.

Glam baby, glam. Love Emma's style. Cutieee.

Speech.Less. Best staircase ever. Beautiful.

Yummm. Soft serve green tea with green tea cake on the bottem. Double yumm!

Tiny gingerbread houses that perch on the side of a hot cup of chocolate! Really! Is there anything more creative than this. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Monday, December 06, 2010

on what I want...

I want to wake up in the morning and have a steaming cup coffee without it getting cold. I want every inch of my body to feel at ease. I want to lay in bed next to him for what feels like an eternity. I want to have a place that I call home. I want my music to be loud and quite at the same time. I want to watch the sunrise and sunset all in the same day without looking at the clock. I want to look into a fawns eyes and see what it has seen. I want to be engulfed by water and not need to breathe. I want him to be anything he wants to be. 

I want to have a book store and read for the rest of my life. I want to create things that no one has seen. I want not to feel the hate anymore. I want to stand in the rain except not get wet. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to be in two places at once. I want to never feel compelled. I want to be a hero. I want to be able to live inside a novel. I want to have a fireplace lit year round. I want to treasure every moment with a click of my camera. I want the stars to shine for him. I want my heart to beat fast for love and never for fear. I want my culture to grow beyond my years. I want to be forever remembered as someone great.

I want to never fall in line and become another victim of comformity. I want to speak my mind and move mountains with my words. I want to dance and not care who watches. I want to believe in people. I want to have all the time in the world. I want to not become my parents. I want to grow old and wise. I want my body to become a piece of art and share my story. I want to be me.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

on a listy list of random goodness...

Yes, this is my listy list. Not much of a post but come on! I'm boring at the moment. Nothing is happening. I feel like work is all I do whether it is at home or actually at work...I wish I drank wine. 

Like my new picture up in the top there. Up to the left. Uh huh, right there. That's me getting a kiss from a certian someone who is the cutest most loveable boy ever. Makes my heart melt. I snapped the picture too soon because he reached up to put his little hands on my cheeks for the ulimate kiss. I will treasure these moments. Sooner or later he'll be like Ewwwww mom, take those plugs out of your ears. So embarressing. Your like..old.

Speaking of plugs, take a look at my new size 0 plugs. They are my new gems. 
Cool eh? That's what I thought future Sebastian, son of mine :)

It's finally here my friends. Thank god my neighbors at work are yes, the F.Y.E guys. Which surely I will be the first one to receive my Eclipse movie :) And no, not because I threatened them...

Blog Love baby! My first e-course from A Beautiful Mess. The biggest blog inspiration ever! I found this lovie on one of my all time most favorite blogs that I follow EVERYDAY. This is a course with 12 sessions of blogging goodness. Elise shares different things that will help you become a better blogger like; Find your online voice, free promotions and networking for bloggers, and even photography for bloggers! I am very thrilled for her to feature this because learning more about how I can network and become more involved has been a goal of mine for a while. Best part is that I can follow at my own pace. You recieve the full course upon purchase and get to just enjoy it on your own time. Perfect for my schedule, let me tell ya ;) If you want more info or want to join then go here.

Did you see Glee lastnight. Oh. my. god.
Loved it! The grand finale with them singing Florance + the Machine- Dog days are over I about died and went to heaven. I'm serious. I loved it that much. Oh and I also really really want to be Brittanys friend. Thanks.

Lastly a note...

Dear The Vampire Academy Series,
Please stop taking up so much of my time. It is very irritating. I should be able to put you down when my son of all people comes up to me and shoves his juice cup into my face asking to gethimmorejuice! You are making me become a bad parent who doesn't hydrate my child.
Oh and presenting me with awesome fight scenes that have me actually up on my feet as I read them pretending I am one of the good guys killing the bad. That is not normal. So please stop owning my life!

Ps...Tanya Mastikash, this is mostly all your fault :-p


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

on a wish list...

1. Singer Confidance Sewing Machine- with 70 stitch patterns!
2. Wildflower Tights from Anthropologie.
3. Pewter colored Dakota style Ugg outdoor slippers.
4. Wireless remote for my gem (my camera).

What's on your wishlist this year?