Friday, November 19, 2010

on who I am (at the moment)...

...giddy about pre-ordering Eclipse today. Special Edition DVD. Yes, I am cool. It comes out December 4th.

...attempting to not be completely overwhelmed by the thought of Black Friday being a week away. Four am. On my feet. Making latte after latte for psycho bargain shoppers. Not to forget I'll be hearing Christmas music on repeat. Stress, stress and more stress. Also just today I got an order of 10, yes I said 10! gift baskets being picked up on Tuesday. There goes my weekend.

...depressed that all this pumpkin is making my belly go a bit plump. Thank god I haven't ordered my wedding dress. Nightmare! I just like to think that I have a rough five months to whip myself back into shape. Yes, that makes me feel better.

...working hard at fighting negativity in every aspect of my life. I feel at times it's harder because I don't have enough positive people in my everyday life. Trying to not let things get to me as easily as they have in the past. Which in retrospect will make me a better mother, daughter, wife and friend.

...ridiculously obsessed with Glee and Vampire Diaries. I developed a split personality when these shows are on my flat screen TV. No one is allowed to talk to me let alone breathe heavy. I will fall into a comma if I miss a show. Don't judge.

...finding out who is truly genuine in my life now that I am planning my wedding. Ones that are contributing in my aid are ones that I would not have expected and ones who aren't around so much are the ones I thought would be. It's funny how things show when situations arise.

...missing my family a lot, but that's not unusual. Holidays always bring homesickness.

...thrilled that Toy Story 3 on ice is coming to town at the end of December. Sebastian will be mighty surprised December 24th....that's all I got to say ;) Shhhhhh. Don't tell him!

...really wishing I worked at a craft store so I could reek the benefits of their employee discount. I am there at least once a week.

...hoping to see HP7 soon. I mean some of us do have responsibilities and no time :) Basically saying, those of you who have seen it..I hate you.


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