Sunday, November 14, 2010

on some weekend finds...

The weekend went by quick but I do feel like we got alot accomplished. Did wash, visited the new little baby girl Lilly & visited the family, folded clothes, put clothes away (yes, most times this step doesn't happen. Instead the folded clothes sit in the laundry basket. Sigh), bought fifteen bags of groceries, put groceries away, and cooked some dinner. OH and cleaned around the apartment here and there. Not bad I say. I know we did good when I can sit down on the couch and not feel my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier with every minute passing. That is success in my book!
I wanted to share with you some new finds from the food store.
First find Snyder's York Peppermint Pretzel Sandwiches. If you don't like york peppermints then of course this is not for you but both Bobby and I kill for yorks and the pretzel combo is to die for. Great for a sweet tooth.
Secondly Kraft Philadelphia PUMPKIN SPICE creamcheese! I about keeled over when I saw this on the shelf earlier today. It is fabulous. Just think of it, instead of making regular plain everyday creamcheese frosting for pumpkin bars buy this stuff and make pumpkin spice flavored creamcheese frosting. Too much pumpkin you say, I think NOT!
Lastly, a pear. Yes, this is a new find for me. I will say that the grocery store that is down the street displayed these pears so beautifully that I just had to buy a few. Now, if you know me you also know I am not a huge pear fan or a fan of any fruit for that matter. I just don't care for the taste and texture of fruits but I am working on it. Today I had half of that there pear and did in fact enjoy it :) I recommend a pear to you my friend.

Also a few words on this lovie...
Burt's Bees to me is an amazing product. I love most everything they have out on the counter. This however is one of my favorites. It is a little expensive but so worth it especially if you have dry, cracked hands like I do. With my hands constantly running under water at work and with the cold weather my hands can crack and even bleed. It is on the oily side and very thick so you don't need much to layer your hands. It doesn't soak into your skin so quick and leaves your hands feeling hydrated for a long while. The scent of almond is delightful as well. Two thumbs up for this baby!

Our sweet elderly neighbors next door gave us this small t.v for Sebastian to have in his room. Bobby set it up on his dresser with our old dvd player (and yes it is safe and secure on the dresser we made sure of that, what do you take us for? Bad parents?). It was love at first sight for Sebastian and is actually in his room watching a movie at this very moment.

Finally since I didn't feel like slaving forever in the kitchen cooking a five course meal I strickly made up some breaded chicken for the boys with some greenbean casserole. I just had to share this new casserole recipe with you since it is by far the best I've ever made. I don't know about you but I like my casserole to be thick and saucey.
This recipe [here] is what I followed and turned out like this! Creamey mushroomcheeseygreenbeangoodness! Thank you Paula Deen.

Any new finds you got going on?

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  1. a pear? oh my gosh -- who are you? Pears are a good place to start your fruit adventure.

    I loved this post -- it was full of some good info. And the girl playing renesmee is super cute -- too bad I hated her in the book. Maybe she'll be able to win me over.