Thursday, November 04, 2010

on some wants...

I want...
(all photos via weheartit)
I want a fireplace. I wish I had one. Although I don't know if I would use it as much as I would like since Sebastian is still a little maniac. But dear you, If you have a fireplace think of me when you light it :)

I want this bed. Pretty much because I think it looks like something out of a very romantic vampire movie.

I want to attend another concert. I long for it. I would love to make time to be inside that crowd, hopefully soon.

I want to breathe in Paris, France. I want my lense to focus and zoom in on the Effel tower. I wanted to say Bonjour, Merci & Oui Oui.

I want my hair to be like Michelle's for my wedding. It's my goal. Not the color but the style. I adore it with all my heart!

I want to be you there. Yes you, there in the middle. Ah huh. You lady. I want to be you! Oh and I want your hair. Thanks.

I want a MacBook. Okay so, my stupid laptop is broke again. Back to BestBuy yet again. This is the fourth time. I am starting to believe it's death forever is near. Hoping BestBuy will just replace the damn thing with an entire new computer. Wishful thinking. Anyways I want a MacBook.

Aaaand last but not least...

I want some special person to come with me to see the end begin. Please.

What are you wanting? Anything tickling your fancy?!

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  1. come home and you can come with us!

    great list! love the hair (and the dreamy guys :)