Sunday, November 21, 2010

on some things I am loving...

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Currently I am trying my best to stay positive and surround myself with happy thoughts.
Here are somethings that make me light up inside...

I smile in the mirror (and no not because I like to stare at myself) whenever I see how long my hair is getting and not only that but how perfect it's growing for the style that I will be sporting at my wedding!

My new spiral glass plug. I really love them :)

Made these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (found here). Sebastian was my little helper stirring the batter up for me! He was up on the tall bar stool and thinking he was hot stuff being allowed up so high. He thought it was the funniest thing when he flick the spoon at me covering my shirt with pumpkin... I got him back with some on the tip of his nose :-p
Made about 2 dozen. That should about do it, yep, my jeans are gonna be hard to zip up by the end of the week. Save me!

This Christmas garland is amazing and just looking at it I hear jinglebells.

This ring is gorgious along with most all the rings featured at this etsy shop, brilliance found. Darling, just darling!

This whimsical victoria mini cottage is everything I dream for right now. It would be my little hideaway from the world. Just my kindle, a blanket and hot cup of tea.

This growning boy always manages to make my heart swell with happiness :)


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