Tuesday, November 02, 2010

on wedding colors...

g plans
I've been back and forth with the color theme for the wedding. It's hard because there are so many wonderful color palettes that could make a wedding memorable. I know that I want purple. All shades. That I know for sure but the secondary color I was if-ie on. I like purple and yellow. Purple and brown. However I have finally have pinned down the color combo that will be perfect for our wedding. Purple and Gray!
In essence I would like the MOH and BM's to be wearing mostly shades of purple with a hint of gray where as the men to be wearing gray suits with a splash of purple (even if they don't like it).
Macarons are definitely going to be making an appearance at my wedding!!
I really do adore this gray suit. It's just the right shade. Ya hear, Bobby?!

Hmmm. I am just bubbling with idea tonight :)


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