Sunday, November 14, 2010

on a Lilly Pie...

We were past due to head on over to spend some good quility time with the newest addition to the Schuler family, Lilly Elizabeth. Who by the way is too darn cute!
At 23 days she is only 5 pounds and is one tiny little thing. She had been born a few weeks early to her due date and had to spend some extra time in the hospital. But we are all happy she is back home where she belongs :)
Love this outfit that I had bought little Lilly Pie. Fits her perfect.
Annnnd her precious feet... Don't get me started.

Sebastian was very interested in this little being and thought she was just as cute as I did for he kept trying to give her kisses! He would pucker up but only get so close to her, being very cautious. I think I might have a wonderful future big brother on my hands. Warms my heart!
The first little girl and it's going to be fun watching her grow up to become a little princess!


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