Sunday, November 21, 2010

on some things I am loving...

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Currently I am trying my best to stay positive and surround myself with happy thoughts.
Here are somethings that make me light up inside...

I smile in the mirror (and no not because I like to stare at myself) whenever I see how long my hair is getting and not only that but how perfect it's growing for the style that I will be sporting at my wedding!

My new spiral glass plug. I really love them :)

Made these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (found here). Sebastian was my little helper stirring the batter up for me! He was up on the tall bar stool and thinking he was hot stuff being allowed up so high. He thought it was the funniest thing when he flick the spoon at me covering my shirt with pumpkin... I got him back with some on the tip of his nose :-p
Made about 2 dozen. That should about do it, yep, my jeans are gonna be hard to zip up by the end of the week. Save me!

This Christmas garland is amazing and just looking at it I hear jinglebells.

This ring is gorgious along with most all the rings featured at this etsy shop, brilliance found. Darling, just darling!

This whimsical victoria mini cottage is everything I dream for right now. It would be my little hideaway from the world. Just my kindle, a blanket and hot cup of tea.

This growning boy always manages to make my heart swell with happiness :)


Friday, November 19, 2010

on who I am (at the moment)...

...giddy about pre-ordering Eclipse today. Special Edition DVD. Yes, I am cool. It comes out December 4th.

...attempting to not be completely overwhelmed by the thought of Black Friday being a week away. Four am. On my feet. Making latte after latte for psycho bargain shoppers. Not to forget I'll be hearing Christmas music on repeat. Stress, stress and more stress. Also just today I got an order of 10, yes I said 10! gift baskets being picked up on Tuesday. There goes my weekend.

...depressed that all this pumpkin is making my belly go a bit plump. Thank god I haven't ordered my wedding dress. Nightmare! I just like to think that I have a rough five months to whip myself back into shape. Yes, that makes me feel better.

...working hard at fighting negativity in every aspect of my life. I feel at times it's harder because I don't have enough positive people in my everyday life. Trying to not let things get to me as easily as they have in the past. Which in retrospect will make me a better mother, daughter, wife and friend.

...ridiculously obsessed with Glee and Vampire Diaries. I developed a split personality when these shows are on my flat screen TV. No one is allowed to talk to me let alone breathe heavy. I will fall into a comma if I miss a show. Don't judge.

...finding out who is truly genuine in my life now that I am planning my wedding. Ones that are contributing in my aid are ones that I would not have expected and ones who aren't around so much are the ones I thought would be. It's funny how things show when situations arise.

...missing my family a lot, but that's not unusual. Holidays always bring homesickness.

...thrilled that Toy Story 3 on ice is coming to town at the end of December. Sebastian will be mighty surprised December 24th....that's all I got to say ;) Shhhhhh. Don't tell him!

...really wishing I worked at a craft store so I could reek the benefits of their employee discount. I am there at least once a week.

...hoping to see HP7 soon. I mean some of us do have responsibilities and no time :) Basically saying, those of you who have seen it..I hate you.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

on some weekend finds...

The weekend went by quick but I do feel like we got alot accomplished. Did wash, visited the new little baby girl Lilly & visited the family, folded clothes, put clothes away (yes, most times this step doesn't happen. Instead the folded clothes sit in the laundry basket. Sigh), bought fifteen bags of groceries, put groceries away, and cooked some dinner. OH and cleaned around the apartment here and there. Not bad I say. I know we did good when I can sit down on the couch and not feel my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier with every minute passing. That is success in my book!
I wanted to share with you some new finds from the food store.
First find Snyder's York Peppermint Pretzel Sandwiches. If you don't like york peppermints then of course this is not for you but both Bobby and I kill for yorks and the pretzel combo is to die for. Great for a sweet tooth.
Secondly Kraft Philadelphia PUMPKIN SPICE creamcheese! I about keeled over when I saw this on the shelf earlier today. It is fabulous. Just think of it, instead of making regular plain everyday creamcheese frosting for pumpkin bars buy this stuff and make pumpkin spice flavored creamcheese frosting. Too much pumpkin you say, I think NOT!
Lastly, a pear. Yes, this is a new find for me. I will say that the grocery store that is down the street displayed these pears so beautifully that I just had to buy a few. Now, if you know me you also know I am not a huge pear fan or a fan of any fruit for that matter. I just don't care for the taste and texture of fruits but I am working on it. Today I had half of that there pear and did in fact enjoy it :) I recommend a pear to you my friend.

Also a few words on this lovie...
Burt's Bees to me is an amazing product. I love most everything they have out on the counter. This however is one of my favorites. It is a little expensive but so worth it especially if you have dry, cracked hands like I do. With my hands constantly running under water at work and with the cold weather my hands can crack and even bleed. It is on the oily side and very thick so you don't need much to layer your hands. It doesn't soak into your skin so quick and leaves your hands feeling hydrated for a long while. The scent of almond is delightful as well. Two thumbs up for this baby!

Our sweet elderly neighbors next door gave us this small t.v for Sebastian to have in his room. Bobby set it up on his dresser with our old dvd player (and yes it is safe and secure on the dresser we made sure of that, what do you take us for? Bad parents?). It was love at first sight for Sebastian and is actually in his room watching a movie at this very moment.

Finally since I didn't feel like slaving forever in the kitchen cooking a five course meal I strickly made up some breaded chicken for the boys with some greenbean casserole. I just had to share this new casserole recipe with you since it is by far the best I've ever made. I don't know about you but I like my casserole to be thick and saucey.
This recipe [here] is what I followed and turned out like this! Creamey mushroomcheeseygreenbeangoodness! Thank you Paula Deen.

Any new finds you got going on?

on a new face...

Meet Mackenzie Foy. Also known as Renesmee, half-vampire-human child of Edward and Bella in the Breaking Dawn that will be out November 2011. Not soon enough! I think they did good with this new face.
Cool huh?!


on a Lilly Pie...

We were past due to head on over to spend some good quility time with the newest addition to the Schuler family, Lilly Elizabeth. Who by the way is too darn cute!
At 23 days she is only 5 pounds and is one tiny little thing. She had been born a few weeks early to her due date and had to spend some extra time in the hospital. But we are all happy she is back home where she belongs :)
Love this outfit that I had bought little Lilly Pie. Fits her perfect.
Annnnd her precious feet... Don't get me started.

Sebastian was very interested in this little being and thought she was just as cute as I did for he kept trying to give her kisses! He would pucker up but only get so close to her, being very cautious. I think I might have a wonderful future big brother on my hands. Warms my heart!
The first little girl and it's going to be fun watching her grow up to become a little princess!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

on some bird cages...

Bird cages. Don't you just loooove them? I do. So that is why I will be including lovely vinatge bird cages to our little backyard wedding. Here are a few things that have really inspired me with this great idea.
I have so many fun projects with this little gems planned. For people that are close by me, keep an eye out for these lovies and let me know when you come across a cute bird cage. I've been thrifting and also searching online. I can use all the help I can get with finding some real vintage looking ones for the wedding!

Monday, November 08, 2010

on something I needed...

I've had some off days. And I have writers block on top of it. I would like to tell you what I am feeling but my usual diarrhea of the mouth is no longer available at this time. All I do want to say is that I am strong. No one can bring me down. Also I appreciate all the people in my life for who they are. Lastly I do not take any of the blessings bestowed upon me for granted. Thank you very much!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

on some wants...

I want...
(all photos via weheartit)
I want a fireplace. I wish I had one. Although I don't know if I would use it as much as I would like since Sebastian is still a little maniac. But dear you, If you have a fireplace think of me when you light it :)

I want this bed. Pretty much because I think it looks like something out of a very romantic vampire movie.

I want to attend another concert. I long for it. I would love to make time to be inside that crowd, hopefully soon.

I want to breathe in Paris, France. I want my lense to focus and zoom in on the Effel tower. I wanted to say Bonjour, Merci & Oui Oui.

I want my hair to be like Michelle's for my wedding. It's my goal. Not the color but the style. I adore it with all my heart!

I want to be you there. Yes you, there in the middle. Ah huh. You lady. I want to be you! Oh and I want your hair. Thanks.

I want a MacBook. Okay so, my stupid laptop is broke again. Back to BestBuy yet again. This is the fourth time. I am starting to believe it's death forever is near. Hoping BestBuy will just replace the damn thing with an entire new computer. Wishful thinking. Anyways I want a MacBook.

Aaaand last but not least...

I want some special person to come with me to see the end begin. Please.

What are you wanting? Anything tickling your fancy?!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

on wedding colors...

g plans
I've been back and forth with the color theme for the wedding. It's hard because there are so many wonderful color palettes that could make a wedding memorable. I know that I want purple. All shades. That I know for sure but the secondary color I was if-ie on. I like purple and yellow. Purple and brown. However I have finally have pinned down the color combo that will be perfect for our wedding. Purple and Gray!
In essence I would like the MOH and BM's to be wearing mostly shades of purple with a hint of gray where as the men to be wearing gray suits with a splash of purple (even if they don't like it).
Macarons are definitely going to be making an appearance at my wedding!!
I really do adore this gray suit. It's just the right shade. Ya hear, Bobby?!

Hmmm. I am just bubbling with idea tonight :)


on a all hallows night...

There is my little Buzz LIghtyear. He even has the strong Buzz chin! He was a big hit in the neighborhood.
Back view of his Buzz jet pack that I picked up down in California. It even has wings that come out of both sides.
I helped him from house to house. He had a hard time holding on to his bag. So, I was guardian of the treats as he worked his magic with all the old ladies.
My favorite all day was my fiance and his Buzz shirt that I also got at Disney. Many of the guys around the Disney parks were sporting these and I thought he would love to have one ;) Sebastian kept pushing the big red buttons on the shirt and Bobby would reinact Buzz moves & sayings. Sebastian got a kick out of that!


Monday, November 01, 2010

on one happy year here...

Happy Birthday to Calico Tales! Today, one year ago is when I started on this journey. I had no idea what I was doing or why I was here. I was inspired and took a shot at it not knowing that it would flourish into what it has become. I love this place with my heart & soul. Here's to my history in the making :)