Tuesday, October 19, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...not sure how I feel about this picture. My face looks white as a sheet. But do you like my new headband? Handcrafted goodness that I bought off of Etsy. I am in love.

...only knee deep in wedding planning. I am determined to have this wedding featured in the Martha Stewart magazine as well as all the wedding blogs out there for being a fabulious little D.I.Y backyard wedding. This is my goal :) And it makes my heart flutter.
Oh by the way, I went to a Bridal Show last week. I entered myself in alot of little giveaways and won myself a free night at a Double Tree Hotel!! With two ROOMS. Thought that was a nice little treat.  

...very much enjoying the House of Night series. Thanks to Julee Cunningham :) It's different then most of the vampire books. I like how there is a sort of witchy-ness to it. I am currently on the fourth book out of six, Hunted. I recommend it to you!

...we went camping over the weekend and had lots of fun. Aunt Cheryl invited us. She and a group go every year and have dubbed it Kamptober Fest. How fun? The group of people are a fine bunch, people that both Bobby and I have never met until this weekend. We enjoyed it very much and were very lucky with the beautiful weather. (I will elaborate on this little shindig soon).

...doing alot of different sort of projects. Some of course for wedding planning and some for work. Right now at work I made up a few baskets. I wanted people to start thinking about the holiday season and how a nice little basket with some coffee or tea plus a Saxbys mug could make a great gift for a co-worker or family member. We will be having order forms and I will be a busy bee making all of them. Hardly work for me :) (let me know if you would like to order one!)

...life has been very busy. I hate not being here but it's just not up to me. I have no laptop. BestBuy has had it for over two weeks (remind me never to buy a laptop from them, they suck). And time has been an issue as well.

...in awe that there is only 5 days until I will be flying to California not only to have fun but also to see probably my three favorite people ever. Sorry all you other people. I will finally get to see Julee, Glen and my best friend Tanya! I am so happy for this and a huge thanks (ahead of time) to Julee and Glen for making it happen. I miss all of them so much it hurts. I am starting to get myself prepared :)

...Katelyn Bobby's younger sister is going to be having a little girl on Thursday. She will be induced in the late morning. I am excited to have another little infant in the family. Well, until she grows like a weed before our eyes. It will be fun to see some more pink in our lives :)


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  1. What a great list of a great life! Four days till the plane touches down!