Sunday, October 31, 2010

on a happy halloween...

We started out this Halloween weekend going to the pumkpin patch. Hellerick's Farm is where we go every year. It has become more of a tradition. Pumpkin picking and hayrides are the most fun there. Plus they always have cute areas with good farm fun for little kids to play around. Sebastian loved looking at all the different kinds of pumpkins and was very facinated by all the shapes, sizes and textures. Also the tractors were something that he had to explore.
Today we will be trick or treating at Sebastian's grandparent's house. We will be taking Buzz Lightyear around the block to collect yummy candy for mommy and daddy to devour later tonight ;)

Have a spooktaculor Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

on the happiest place on earth...

Folks, I am back! Back from California which was such an amazing trip. So much fun! And also back to my  blog. For good (hopefully). Bobby and my little guy picked me up from the airport Wednesday night, once I got in the car Bobby surprised me by flinging my laptop into my arms. My little lappy got a total makeover. Most all of it has been replaced. New keys. New screen and even a new disk drive. Also Bobby got me some new ram so this bad boy is now lightening fast! Woohoo, is what I say. Everything to fit my blogging needs. The keys even have this cute little "clicking" sound  to them, which really does get me more than a tiny bit giddy. Normal? Probably not but it's just grand!

Start off with some note-worthy Disney fun...
My start to California wasn't all that great. It started out very exciting and I got shot down pretty quickly. I landed in Dallas, Texas and pretty much as soon as I got to my next gate a huge thunder & lightening storm began. Just my luck. So much so that the whole airport was shut down do to the lightening and unsafe-ness of it for THREE frickin' hours. I hated waiting especially when I knew that Julee, Glen & Tanya were there in California waiting for me! But I did get there eventually and had a little surprise up my sleeves. Check it out!
I greeted all of them with this poster. It was something I had planed on doing for a while and Julee was in on the little secret. She was able to catch a few shots of us! No pressure Te :)

Once I finally got in we grabbed my suitcase and was on the road to Disney & California Adventure. Sure I was tired from the annoying plane ride but also was so ready for some fun before the day was over. The cool thing was we had Fast Passes. Not sure if you're familiar with this but you can go get a Fast Pass for any ride which holds you a spot on the ride between a certain amount of time. We used this a considerable amount. Easy and saved lots of time! Loved it.

Here are my most beloved moments in Disney & CAL...
Halloween Time! The whole Disney park was decked out in pumpkins. All the Halloween festive colors were incorperated into everything you walked by. It really got me in the spirit. Also some of the rides added on to create a spooky halloween effect. For example, Space Mountain had real trippy ghosts popping out at you as you zoomed through the stary night in space. It really did give it a haunted feeling.

Blue Bayou is where we had lunch and was my favorite of all the places we had ate at. Blue Bayou is inside the New Orleans part of Disney. The best part in my opinion other than the delicous food was that we were actually inside the Pirates of the Carribean ride! It was all dark with lanterns hung up with lots of green folliage around. Very fancy. Tanya was a sweetheart and treated us to this lovely experience. Cool fact: Julee and Glen spent their honeymoon right there in Disney (neat huh?) and ate right at Blue Bayou for the first time :)

Next up, another something that I really adored was called It's Tough To Be A Bug. Inside CAL is where we found this lovie and it was A Bug's Life themed 3D show! As you see in the picture they gave you fun "bug eyes" that "made you an honorary bug", which are secretively just 3D glasses. Nothing special you say, just a 3D show you say...I THINK NOT! It was of course Tanya and my first time seeing this show and was just prepared for the fun little creative things that they did to enhance your experience. I was really blown away buy how cool they set the whole thing up. Something that every age can enjoy.

The Haunted House was interesting. Both Tanya and I went into the house thinking it was really going to be a "hauted house". You know, one of those where things jump out at you and make you poop yourself scared. But no, it was just a house that was basically Nightmare Before Christmas themed. It was cool with all the detail. I am not particularly a Nightmare Before Christmas fan but it was neat anyways. Not one that I had the urge to go back on.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was one that I had to go on just because I am such a super mega Toy Story fan. Well, because of Sebastian mainly. It's one that I knew deep down he would love love love! And that is why it made it a hundred times more fun for me :) You sat in the cars (above) and went around shooting targets that had a big Z for Zurg with your lazer guns.

Speaking of Toy Story, inside CAL down by the pier we saw a fun group of Soldiers truckin' away. Just like the ones in Toy Story!
Toy Story Midway Mania was also inside CAL. We found this gem on our last day in the parks and was disappointed by the huge line, even though I totally understand it! Still it would of been amazing to go on. Next time I tell myself--and then it will be with my little man. All I know is that it is a 4D virtual ride where you sit in cars and experience five mini-games all to do with Toy Story. How do I know this? Wikipedia-- thank you very much. Looked it up right when I got my hands on a computer. I was so curious as to what went on inside the ride.

Folks, I'm sure if you've been to Disney you've been on Splash Mountain. Well, you see we went on this ride and I was in the front. As you can see. Yes, and do you see that cheesy smile I have going on...Yeah didn't last looong. That's before and this is after...
Yes, that is me. Miserable. After that 50ft drop into water I got drenched. Soaked to my undies. Tanya and I headed right back to the hotel to get changed. It was unbearable. No matter it was fun. And I have the pictures to prove that even though I am a tough momma that I can also get some should I put it...freaked out!! Next time this ride will be left to the very last on our list. Or just bring a rain coat.

We got to see the big new hit--World of Color. It was a very pretty show and I was in awe with how detailed it was. Of course it rained on us. At first it was a mist type of rain. Then it evolved into real rain. Tanya and I were hudled underneath my cardgan for shelter. Just a few facts for you to understand what the World of Color really is; it's 1,200 fountains that spray water. The show includes water, fire, lazers and fog with high-defination projection on screens made of mist. Way cool!

I couldn't get together with my best girl and not go out with her :) We had our own fun in Downtown Disney one night and made lots of memories!

Last but not least for there are lots of things that I could still share Tuesday night was Glee. Naturally I made sure that all of us were home right on time to not miss a nanosecond of the show. Julee, Glen and Tanya saw first hand what it's like sit in the same room as I do when my show is on :) They lovvvved it!

All in all I had an amazing time. Everything about this trip is thanks to Julee and Glen.
They are truely beautiful people.
I miss her alot already and am so happy that she is my Maid of Honor.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...not sure how I feel about this picture. My face looks white as a sheet. But do you like my new headband? Handcrafted goodness that I bought off of Etsy. I am in love.

...only knee deep in wedding planning. I am determined to have this wedding featured in the Martha Stewart magazine as well as all the wedding blogs out there for being a fabulious little D.I.Y backyard wedding. This is my goal :) And it makes my heart flutter.
Oh by the way, I went to a Bridal Show last week. I entered myself in alot of little giveaways and won myself a free night at a Double Tree Hotel!! With two ROOMS. Thought that was a nice little treat.  

...very much enjoying the House of Night series. Thanks to Julee Cunningham :) It's different then most of the vampire books. I like how there is a sort of witchy-ness to it. I am currently on the fourth book out of six, Hunted. I recommend it to you!

...we went camping over the weekend and had lots of fun. Aunt Cheryl invited us. She and a group go every year and have dubbed it Kamptober Fest. How fun? The group of people are a fine bunch, people that both Bobby and I have never met until this weekend. We enjoyed it very much and were very lucky with the beautiful weather. (I will elaborate on this little shindig soon).

...doing alot of different sort of projects. Some of course for wedding planning and some for work. Right now at work I made up a few baskets. I wanted people to start thinking about the holiday season and how a nice little basket with some coffee or tea plus a Saxbys mug could make a great gift for a co-worker or family member. We will be having order forms and I will be a busy bee making all of them. Hardly work for me :) (let me know if you would like to order one!) has been very busy. I hate not being here but it's just not up to me. I have no laptop. BestBuy has had it for over two weeks (remind me never to buy a laptop from them, they suck). And time has been an issue as well. awe that there is only 5 days until I will be flying to California not only to have fun but also to see probably my three favorite people ever. Sorry all you other people. I will finally get to see Julee, Glen and my best friend Tanya! I am so happy for this and a huge thanks (ahead of time) to Julee and Glen for making it happen. I miss all of them so much it hurts. I am starting to get myself prepared :)

...Katelyn Bobby's younger sister is going to be having a little girl on Thursday. She will be induced in the late morning. I am excited to have another little infant in the family. Well, until she grows like a weed before our eyes. It will be fun to see some more pink in our lives :)