Sunday, September 12, 2010

on a weekend round-up...

It's been grand! I finally after all this anticipation got my tattoo done on Friday. I was so anxious at work Friday that I felt like I was going to rocket out of my shoes. My boss, Dave even let me leave work early just because he is cool and also I know deep down he was just as excited for me as I was (well, maybe not equally). My appointment was at 5pm and as soon as I got there Tom my tattoo man showed me my design that he drew up. It was love at first sight. Really! I was so giddy to start that he had to remind me that he still needs to set everything up. Being me I had everything packed. My purse was filled with a drink, some crackers (if I got hungry) and even my Kindle! Before we began I took out my Kindle and had it in my lap just in case since once we did start I wasn't going to be doing much moving around. Let me tell you that I didn't even read a page worth of words. I couldn't! It hurt man. I am not going to lie because it really did. The black outlining that was being done was painful. So the Kindle sat in my lap unused. I couldn't bring myself to focus on the darn thing. I was working so hard at concentrating on trying to act like I'm cool. However my arm felt like it had a mind of it's own. The muscle in my "gun", because you know they are just so big!, kept twitching. I just couldn't ignore it and assured Tom the tattoo man that I really am not meaning for my arm to do THAT. He then said back that it is just an involuntary thing that happens and not to worry. So I didn't. But all in all I am extremely pleased with how it turned out and I've been telling myself that I can't believe that it's not even finished and it looks great anyways. Here is a peek of how it turned out...

There you have it!
Now since I am on the topic, I've had a few questions the past few days that I want to take the time and answer here. What better place :) First question was does this tattoo have any meaning to it? Well, it sure does. That is one of the biggest reasons why this design that Tom the tattoo man drew was so incredible for me. It was like he saw into my soul and knew exactly how it was suppose to be...I know. I'm a cheese ball. Anyways, The tattoo has three roses on it. Two of the open roses towards the bottem represent Bobby and I. Then the rose at the top, the one that isn't open and hasn't bloomed fully represents Sebastian. Over all the whole tattoo means 'til death do us part. That we will be always together until death. Morbid? But so true.
The second question I have gotten is What do you use for after care on your tattoos? Simple. Burt's Bees Hand Salve!
This gem works wonders. It's only been about 2 days and I have absolutly no scabs (which you really don't want) and the tattoo is very healthy. Plus the smell of this stuff is great.
Now I am in the books for getting my tattoo colored in on September 24th! Count down :)

Remember a while back I told you about some couches that we were going inherit from someone that we met through Bobby's Aunt Cheryl? I'm pleased to say that we finally were able to set up a time to pick them up. There was alot involved to do it though and I am thankful that Bobby is his amazing self and had the patience to deal with it all. First of all, we had to rent a U-Haul truck. Then the lady with our couches was arranging on getting different couches from her daughter hence getting rid of the couches we are getting! So she had asked Bobby to go pick up her daughters couches first and bring them to her house and carry them in. Bobby had asked his brother Chris to come help him out so this chore wasn't all too bad. Thank you Chris! Once that was done they brought home our "new" for us couches :) However this WAS a chore. Three flights of stairs are not fun. They were breaking a sweat. But I love them to death for doing it. Now we have nice couches that don't necessarily match our living room but are very comfy and make our living room so much more homey. Fine by me! Take a looksie.
Oh and I've pretty much claimed the love seat to be mine because I looooove it. It's cute and perfect for me.

It's September. Fall is here and what does Fall bring? Something that you know is very dear to my heart this time of year. Something that I tend to eat so much of that I do in fact turn a hint of orange. DING DING DING! PUMPKIN. Why am I bringing up the subject of pumpkin? Other than the fact that I can't get enough of it starting now. Well, I am very sad to say that we have a pumpkin shortage this year. Did you know this? I sure didn't up until now. Up until I went to the store the other day to get cans of pumpkin because of course I was so ready to make my first pumpkin pie of the season and I was greeted my a empty shelf of NO pumpkin. What.the.hell. I was sick to my stomach when I was going from isle to isle trying to find someone that works in there and once I finally found a guy I asked excuse me but are you guys completely out of canned pumpkin, do you know when you'll have more?...he said, sorry maam but we don't have any, there is a storage. I was like WHHHHATT! What am I going to do? What is this world coming too? 
I guess I just might have to buy a couple hundred bags of this marvalous kisses. They might do the justice.
The leaves will be changing colors before we know it!


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