Tuesday, September 21, 2010

on a very memorable anniversary...

It was by far the most magical night in my whole life.
It all started with Bobby going to pick up Nicole to bring her to our place. She was very kind in staying here and having a date night with a very handsome boy :) I was surprised by the huge well, huge doesn't really cut it, enormous flower arrangement from Bobby that came through my door (courtesy of Nicole & Brittany because they work at a flower shop. pretty convenient you say? Oh yes.) This arrangement has all kinds of beautiful flowers that by the way have released amazing smells all around our apartment! I do think this is the biggest arrangement I've ever received.
Once we were all ready to head out it was around 5pm. Our original plans were to catch a 4:15pm showing of the newest Resident Evil. But that didn't work out so we left that for after dinner. Dinner was at Amada on Chestnut Street in Old City. We were a bit weary about this place because from it's website it looked reeeaally fancy and I was afraid we weren't going to understand what any of the food was going to be coming out on our plates. Also we found out last minute that the restuarant was doing a special menu for Restaurant Week. We found out that Amada is a participating restaurant in this event and that they are only offering a limited menu with the deal of $35 per person for three courses. Well, after hearing that we didn't think it was going to be so bad but then again we had no idea what to expect.
Once we stepped inside the restuarant I instantly started to get giddy. The place inside was marvelous. Very chic but comfortable. The table that we sat at was right next to the bar (yeah baby!) and was a high rise table with two chairs. The whole place was dark rich wood. Tables and chairs all deep vintage wood with a kind of cottage feel. The lighting was dim but not pitch black and each table had a little lantern to create your own intimate bubble. It was totally cute and I was loving it from the time we were able to sit! Our waitress handed the menu to us that consisted of only one page. It had three sections to it. Course one. Course two & course three. Course one and two had a nice hand full of different types of dishes. A great variety. Some meats and also some veggies. All things that are gourmet and unique. As we were reading the menu we noticed that under both course one and two it read-- pick two. We quickly yanked the waitress over to ask her what this really ment. Do we really each get to pick two dishes from both course one & two!?? Her response was a simple smile and a head nod. Obviously we weren't the only couple there curious about this. So, then we came to the realization that we both get to pick two of these awesome delicacies! Holly Cow. Then we put our heads together and started to brainstorm. Okay, you get this and I'll get that. Oh wait, no, you order that and then we can share. We were having so much fun just picking our food and then once our first course came out we had four plates on our table with both of us just going to town, reaching here and there to taste everything. The first course was great!
Second course was even better. Same deal. We each picked two dishes. All things that we thought we would enjoy but also kind of out of the box. Things that we wouldn't typically order. Everything that we ordered so far we both liked. There was only one dish that I wasn't able to eat too much of because I felt like it was too salty and might give me a tummy ache. Other than that we both were smacking our lips.
Course three was of course, dessert. On the last course down at the bottom was only two choices. Bobby picked one and I picked the other. And we even got an almond biscotti sort of thing compliments of Amada!! As for drinks, Bobby had a $14 Longisland Iced Tea where as I had a hot black tea that was served in a personal mini tea pot so I had extra hot water throughout dinner. I love that! I always hate having to flag down the waitress when you need more hot water for your tea and love the mini tea pot idea. Any restaurant that has this feature earns my respect!
Dinner was whimsical. Nothing more to say. I adored it. (Go here to see the menu)
After dinner Bobby had the idea to head down to Penns Landing to sit by the Delaware water front. Brittany, Bobby's sister had told him that there might be a light show. I wasn't sure what "light show" meant but because Brittany said it, it was all good to me. We hitched a cab down and started to stroll. Turned out there was a baseball game across the river at the Campbells Field and fireworks were going off.

It was cool to watch and a gentlemen even took our pictures standing infront.
After the fireworks died down we walked onward. We got to a little bench and we sat. Bobby took out a card and gave it to me, told me to open and read it. So I did. It said alot of nice things that made me smile. After he then took the card and turned it over to read a poem that he had written himself for me. It was down right adorable. Made me melt right down to my core. After the poem he assured me he has a "little something to give me". Told me to close my eyes and hold my hands out. So I did. That is when I felt a box hit my hand and is when I thought I would not be able to breath again. As soon as I felt that smooth leather box hit my hand is when it really hit me. I barely opened my eyes and I was crying! Happy tears. Tears that I just couldn't stop. Bobby was enjoying every minute of it. Giggling at my girlish-ness. When I finally was able to see through the tears he was already on one knee and saying all kinds of wonderful things. It was like something out of a movie. He was stunning and so confident. I was caught so off guard with it all that I was in such stock and I just could not contain myself. I've never ever felt that way in my life. Such love and happiness all rolled up together. Of course I said YES. After I started breathing again.
And the RING! Oh my god. It's perfect.
There you have it. I am now offically a fiance :)
Time to plan a WEDDING people. Are you ready?


Oh, also Robert.Francis.Schuler.Fiance.Man I love you with all my heart & can not wait to be your wife!

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  1. OMG Anita I am so happy for you! Julee told me to check out your blog and now I am so glad that I did! I even started to tear up...so excited for you:) Hope I get to see you soon...Love always, jody