Sunday, September 19, 2010

on some good things...

It's been a very busy week although it did go rather fast. Yesterday we had a full day of shopping. Mainly food shopping however I did do some slight shopping at Target. So, sue me. Remember when I told you about the pumpkin shortage. Well, never fear WEGMANS is here. To the rescue that is! We did our shopping at Wegmans and pumpkin was on my list from the start. Underlined a million times. Circled with stars. I had faith in Wegmans and I was right with my gut feeling. They had a nice full shelf of Libby's Canned Pumpkin! I couldn't believe it and I actually was jumping up and down in the isle. I even turned to the women next to me and said they have pumpkin, did you know we have a pumpkin shortage? No? Well, we do! Take a look.
Yes sir, that you see is a grand total of eight cans. What! I couldn't resist :) That means eight pumpkin pies. My mouth is watering.

Earlier this week I recieved a nice surprise in the mail.
My bestfriend forever Te Te sent this gem my way :) it was a pleasant surprise because I wasn't expecting it at all. She knows Urban Decay is my favorite ever and their palettes are always such a nice thing to have. I especially love this "Ammo" palette for it's fall colors. I broke it in today and tried it out.
Also another thing I've been meaning to share with you is this...

I am finally at a size 2! And probably at the size I will stay with for a couple months since I'm really only planning on go up two more sizes. Very exciting stuff. For me.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday. I know I will :) It's Me and Bobby's four year anniversary! I will dish out all the details later tonight.


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