Tuesday, September 14, 2010

on my bag...

Not sure about you but a few of my regular reads (blog reads to be exact) have done this little feature at some point in time and I thought I would jump on the 'ol band wagon so to speak. Before I get on with it, haven't you ever wondered what people actually carry in there purses, bags or backpacks? I mean, what do people really carry around. I think we would all be surprised. From experiance I know this first hand because I've actually have had a little old lady come up to my counter and buy a cup of coffee. Normal you say? Well, it's not so normal when she starts digging through her purse to try to find her wallet and happend to take out a bottle of brandy!!!!! I was like OH.MY.GOD! And she didn't give a care in the world. Just went about digging. Once she found the dang wallet she then slipped that little bottle right back into her bag as if she never even took it out...I wonder what she was going to slip that in. cough.cough.coffee?!

Now you get to peek at what I have inside my purse!

one. my kindle
two. mini coupon orginizer
three. fossil wallet
four. yummy "atomic apple" hand sanitizer that Sebastian uses more than me :)
five. bluetooth that I hardly use.
six. tylenol for those rough days
seven. Itouch & headphones
eight. wegmans brand strawberry fruit strip, never know when my little man needs a snack.
nine. mini schedule book which I use excessively.
ten. life saver peppermint flavor. my favorite.
eleven. Aveeno intense relief hand cream, work is tough on my hands.
twelve. Berts Bees hand salve for my tattoo.
thirteen. Nivea chapstick. the best ever!
fourteen. pens, pens and more pens. my four (current) favorite pens.
fifteen. sephora hand mirror that I've had for a really really long time and got from De De Kwong :) :)

So, there ya go. Nothing too dramatic but still fun! Do you care to share what you have? Or do I not want to know ;) I still want to know, pleeeaaase.


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