Friday, September 03, 2010

on an eyeball...

Bobby has a scratched Cornea! Thanks to Sebastian. He wacked him in the eyeball and scratched the eye. This all happend on Wednesday night and Bobby actually ended up going to the hospital where he was able to get some antibiotic cream for the eye so it won't get infected and also a prescription for some painkillers. So, yes we are dealing with that. This week has been ridiculously crazy. I just can't imagine what in the world is going to happen next. I am at home this Friday morning because Bobby had to go to a follow up Optometrist appointment to check up on his eye and I had to switch shift to be home with Sebastian. Not something I am too thrilled about since I am not a huge fan with evening shift. Nothing personal just not used to it.

I am feeling like the Universe is kicking my butt lately with everything going on. Big and small things. Because yes, small things do add up! Hoping that everything is slow down a little bit so I can get a chance to breath.

Happy Friday!

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