Tuesday, September 21, 2010

on being a fiance...

It's quite surreal actually. I never would have thought you can feel different after becoming a fiance. But I do. And it's nice. I feel special. I feel like I'm floating. I feel beautiful. I feel lucky. And I feel like telling the world. So here I am :)
I came home yesterday from work and showed Sebastian my new ring for the first time. Of course he doesn't understand momma and dadda are getting married. He did notice the new thing on momma's finger and kept pointing to it the rest of the night. At least we don't have to worry about who our ring bearrer will be! That will definitly be interesting!

I bought my very first bridal magazine. I went into Borders and was bombarded with a half of a rack full of different magazines. I don't know which one. So I went for the thickest.
I've heard good things about the knot. Even Bobby's man co-worker who got engaged a few months back recommended it to Bobby and said it was a great go-to website. Him and his fiance even have their own profile thingy on that website?..Not something you will see me doing. All my wedding planning and details will be found HERE. I haven't really gotten a chance yet to really look through the thing and I figure I will have it for some reading at work when it's slow.

It was amazing how many of my regular customers at the coffee shop noticed the ring with out me even saying anything! Every single one of them was very excited to here the news which made me feel all warm inside. Dave my boss even gave me a congrats hug. Niiiiice.
The most common question I've been asked is if we have set a date yet. I know that is the next step and we are almost there. We have a good idea that we would like to have a Spring wedding. Maybe May...But not 100%. I will let you know as soon as we finalize.


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