Thursday, September 30, 2010

on an annoucement...

May 21, 2011 is going to be the day :) We will be holding both the ceremony and the reception in The Schuler's backyard! Itsn't that exciting. Bobby and I have jumped head first into planning our special day and as of right now are focusing mainly on the guest list. Wanted to share a little tid-bit, make sure you keep in touch with all our wedding plans with my new handy dandy button on the left side that my pretty great fiance put together for me :)


ps..another laptop power cord is broken. I bet at this very second you are thinking this girl needs to get another laptop! Oh boy would I love too, but I still have darn warranty on this dang thing so there is no point at this time. Hopefully soon I will be up and regular on my blogging :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

on some color...

It turned out beautiful. It really blew my mind when I finally got to get up and see the finished result. I am very happy with it! By the way, it did hurt. Like hell.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

on being a fiance...

It's quite surreal actually. I never would have thought you can feel different after becoming a fiance. But I do. And it's nice. I feel special. I feel like I'm floating. I feel beautiful. I feel lucky. And I feel like telling the world. So here I am :)
I came home yesterday from work and showed Sebastian my new ring for the first time. Of course he doesn't understand momma and dadda are getting married. He did notice the new thing on momma's finger and kept pointing to it the rest of the night. At least we don't have to worry about who our ring bearrer will be! That will definitly be interesting!

I bought my very first bridal magazine. I went into Borders and was bombarded with a half of a rack full of different magazines. I don't know which one. So I went for the thickest.
I've heard good things about the knot. Even Bobby's man co-worker who got engaged a few months back recommended it to Bobby and said it was a great go-to website. Him and his fiance even have their own profile thingy on that website?..Not something you will see me doing. All my wedding planning and details will be found HERE. I haven't really gotten a chance yet to really look through the thing and I figure I will have it for some reading at work when it's slow.

It was amazing how many of my regular customers at the coffee shop noticed the ring with out me even saying anything! Every single one of them was very excited to here the news which made me feel all warm inside. Dave my boss even gave me a congrats hug. Niiiiice.
The most common question I've been asked is if we have set a date yet. I know that is the next step and we are almost there. We have a good idea that we would like to have a Spring wedding. Maybe May...But not 100%. I will let you know as soon as we finalize.


on a very memorable anniversary...

It was by far the most magical night in my whole life.
It all started with Bobby going to pick up Nicole to bring her to our place. She was very kind in staying here and having a date night with a very handsome boy :) I was surprised by the huge well, huge doesn't really cut it, enormous flower arrangement from Bobby that came through my door (courtesy of Nicole & Brittany because they work at a flower shop. pretty convenient you say? Oh yes.) This arrangement has all kinds of beautiful flowers that by the way have released amazing smells all around our apartment! I do think this is the biggest arrangement I've ever received.
Once we were all ready to head out it was around 5pm. Our original plans were to catch a 4:15pm showing of the newest Resident Evil. But that didn't work out so we left that for after dinner. Dinner was at Amada on Chestnut Street in Old City. We were a bit weary about this place because from it's website it looked reeeaally fancy and I was afraid we weren't going to understand what any of the food was going to be coming out on our plates. Also we found out last minute that the restuarant was doing a special menu for Restaurant Week. We found out that Amada is a participating restaurant in this event and that they are only offering a limited menu with the deal of $35 per person for three courses. Well, after hearing that we didn't think it was going to be so bad but then again we had no idea what to expect.
Once we stepped inside the restuarant I instantly started to get giddy. The place inside was marvelous. Very chic but comfortable. The table that we sat at was right next to the bar (yeah baby!) and was a high rise table with two chairs. The whole place was dark rich wood. Tables and chairs all deep vintage wood with a kind of cottage feel. The lighting was dim but not pitch black and each table had a little lantern to create your own intimate bubble. It was totally cute and I was loving it from the time we were able to sit! Our waitress handed the menu to us that consisted of only one page. It had three sections to it. Course one. Course two & course three. Course one and two had a nice hand full of different types of dishes. A great variety. Some meats and also some veggies. All things that are gourmet and unique. As we were reading the menu we noticed that under both course one and two it read-- pick two. We quickly yanked the waitress over to ask her what this really ment. Do we really each get to pick two dishes from both course one & two!?? Her response was a simple smile and a head nod. Obviously we weren't the only couple there curious about this. So, then we came to the realization that we both get to pick two of these awesome delicacies! Holly Cow. Then we put our heads together and started to brainstorm. Okay, you get this and I'll get that. Oh wait, no, you order that and then we can share. We were having so much fun just picking our food and then once our first course came out we had four plates on our table with both of us just going to town, reaching here and there to taste everything. The first course was great!
Second course was even better. Same deal. We each picked two dishes. All things that we thought we would enjoy but also kind of out of the box. Things that we wouldn't typically order. Everything that we ordered so far we both liked. There was only one dish that I wasn't able to eat too much of because I felt like it was too salty and might give me a tummy ache. Other than that we both were smacking our lips.
Course three was of course, dessert. On the last course down at the bottom was only two choices. Bobby picked one and I picked the other. And we even got an almond biscotti sort of thing compliments of Amada!! As for drinks, Bobby had a $14 Longisland Iced Tea where as I had a hot black tea that was served in a personal mini tea pot so I had extra hot water throughout dinner. I love that! I always hate having to flag down the waitress when you need more hot water for your tea and love the mini tea pot idea. Any restaurant that has this feature earns my respect!
Dinner was whimsical. Nothing more to say. I adored it. (Go here to see the menu)
After dinner Bobby had the idea to head down to Penns Landing to sit by the Delaware water front. Brittany, Bobby's sister had told him that there might be a light show. I wasn't sure what "light show" meant but because Brittany said it, it was all good to me. We hitched a cab down and started to stroll. Turned out there was a baseball game across the river at the Campbells Field and fireworks were going off.

It was cool to watch and a gentlemen even took our pictures standing infront.
After the fireworks died down we walked onward. We got to a little bench and we sat. Bobby took out a card and gave it to me, told me to open and read it. So I did. It said alot of nice things that made me smile. After he then took the card and turned it over to read a poem that he had written himself for me. It was down right adorable. Made me melt right down to my core. After the poem he assured me he has a "little something to give me". Told me to close my eyes and hold my hands out. So I did. That is when I felt a box hit my hand and is when I thought I would not be able to breath again. As soon as I felt that smooth leather box hit my hand is when it really hit me. I barely opened my eyes and I was crying! Happy tears. Tears that I just couldn't stop. Bobby was enjoying every minute of it. Giggling at my girlish-ness. When I finally was able to see through the tears he was already on one knee and saying all kinds of wonderful things. It was like something out of a movie. He was stunning and so confident. I was caught so off guard with it all that I was in such stock and I just could not contain myself. I've never ever felt that way in my life. Such love and happiness all rolled up together. Of course I said YES. After I started breathing again.
And the RING! Oh my god. It's perfect.
There you have it. I am now offically a fiance :)
Time to plan a WEDDING people. Are you ready?


Oh, also Robert.Francis.Schuler.Fiance.Man I love you with all my heart & can not wait to be your wife!

Sunday, September 19, 2010



More details tomorrow...


on some good things...

It's been a very busy week although it did go rather fast. Yesterday we had a full day of shopping. Mainly food shopping however I did do some slight shopping at Target. So, sue me. Remember when I told you about the pumpkin shortage. Well, never fear WEGMANS is here. To the rescue that is! We did our shopping at Wegmans and pumpkin was on my list from the start. Underlined a million times. Circled with stars. I had faith in Wegmans and I was right with my gut feeling. They had a nice full shelf of Libby's Canned Pumpkin! I couldn't believe it and I actually was jumping up and down in the isle. I even turned to the women next to me and said they have pumpkin, did you know we have a pumpkin shortage? No? Well, we do! Take a look.
Yes sir, that you see is a grand total of eight cans. What! I couldn't resist :) That means eight pumpkin pies. My mouth is watering.

Earlier this week I recieved a nice surprise in the mail.
My bestfriend forever Te Te sent this gem my way :) it was a pleasant surprise because I wasn't expecting it at all. She knows Urban Decay is my favorite ever and their palettes are always such a nice thing to have. I especially love this "Ammo" palette for it's fall colors. I broke it in today and tried it out.
Also another thing I've been meaning to share with you is this...

I am finally at a size 2! And probably at the size I will stay with for a couple months since I'm really only planning on go up two more sizes. Very exciting stuff. For me.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday. I know I will :) It's Me and Bobby's four year anniversary! I will dish out all the details later tonight.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

on my bag...

Not sure about you but a few of my regular reads (blog reads to be exact) have done this little feature at some point in time and I thought I would jump on the 'ol band wagon so to speak. Before I get on with it, haven't you ever wondered what people actually carry in there purses, bags or backpacks? I mean, what do people really carry around. I think we would all be surprised. From experiance I know this first hand because I've actually have had a little old lady come up to my counter and buy a cup of coffee. Normal you say? Well, it's not so normal when she starts digging through her purse to try to find her wallet and happend to take out a bottle of brandy!!!!! I was like OH.MY.GOD! And she didn't give a care in the world. Just went about digging. Once she found the dang wallet she then slipped that little bottle right back into her bag as if she never even took it out...I wonder what she was going to slip that in.!

Now you get to peek at what I have inside my purse!

one. my kindle
two. mini coupon orginizer
three. fossil wallet
four. yummy "atomic apple" hand sanitizer that Sebastian uses more than me :)
five. bluetooth that I hardly use.
six. tylenol for those rough days
seven. Itouch & headphones
eight. wegmans brand strawberry fruit strip, never know when my little man needs a snack.
nine. mini schedule book which I use excessively.
ten. life saver peppermint flavor. my favorite.
eleven. Aveeno intense relief hand cream, work is tough on my hands.
twelve. Berts Bees hand salve for my tattoo.
thirteen. Nivea chapstick. the best ever!
fourteen. pens, pens and more pens. my four (current) favorite pens.
fifteen. sephora hand mirror that I've had for a really really long time and got from De De Kwong :) :)

So, there ya go. Nothing too dramatic but still fun! Do you care to share what you have? Or do I not want to know ;) I still want to know, pleeeaaase.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

on a weekend round-up...

It's been grand! I finally after all this anticipation got my tattoo done on Friday. I was so anxious at work Friday that I felt like I was going to rocket out of my shoes. My boss, Dave even let me leave work early just because he is cool and also I know deep down he was just as excited for me as I was (well, maybe not equally). My appointment was at 5pm and as soon as I got there Tom my tattoo man showed me my design that he drew up. It was love at first sight. Really! I was so giddy to start that he had to remind me that he still needs to set everything up. Being me I had everything packed. My purse was filled with a drink, some crackers (if I got hungry) and even my Kindle! Before we began I took out my Kindle and had it in my lap just in case since once we did start I wasn't going to be doing much moving around. Let me tell you that I didn't even read a page worth of words. I couldn't! It hurt man. I am not going to lie because it really did. The black outlining that was being done was painful. So the Kindle sat in my lap unused. I couldn't bring myself to focus on the darn thing. I was working so hard at concentrating on trying to act like I'm cool. However my arm felt like it had a mind of it's own. The muscle in my "gun", because you know they are just so big!, kept twitching. I just couldn't ignore it and assured Tom the tattoo man that I really am not meaning for my arm to do THAT. He then said back that it is just an involuntary thing that happens and not to worry. So I didn't. But all in all I am extremely pleased with how it turned out and I've been telling myself that I can't believe that it's not even finished and it looks great anyways. Here is a peek of how it turned out...

There you have it!
Now since I am on the topic, I've had a few questions the past few days that I want to take the time and answer here. What better place :) First question was does this tattoo have any meaning to it? Well, it sure does. That is one of the biggest reasons why this design that Tom the tattoo man drew was so incredible for me. It was like he saw into my soul and knew exactly how it was suppose to be...I know. I'm a cheese ball. Anyways, The tattoo has three roses on it. Two of the open roses towards the bottem represent Bobby and I. Then the rose at the top, the one that isn't open and hasn't bloomed fully represents Sebastian. Over all the whole tattoo means 'til death do us part. That we will be always together until death. Morbid? But so true.
The second question I have gotten is What do you use for after care on your tattoos? Simple. Burt's Bees Hand Salve!
This gem works wonders. It's only been about 2 days and I have absolutly no scabs (which you really don't want) and the tattoo is very healthy. Plus the smell of this stuff is great.
Now I am in the books for getting my tattoo colored in on September 24th! Count down :)

Remember a while back I told you about some couches that we were going inherit from someone that we met through Bobby's Aunt Cheryl? I'm pleased to say that we finally were able to set up a time to pick them up. There was alot involved to do it though and I am thankful that Bobby is his amazing self and had the patience to deal with it all. First of all, we had to rent a U-Haul truck. Then the lady with our couches was arranging on getting different couches from her daughter hence getting rid of the couches we are getting! So she had asked Bobby to go pick up her daughters couches first and bring them to her house and carry them in. Bobby had asked his brother Chris to come help him out so this chore wasn't all too bad. Thank you Chris! Once that was done they brought home our "new" for us couches :) However this WAS a chore. Three flights of stairs are not fun. They were breaking a sweat. But I love them to death for doing it. Now we have nice couches that don't necessarily match our living room but are very comfy and make our living room so much more homey. Fine by me! Take a looksie.
Oh and I've pretty much claimed the love seat to be mine because I looooove it. It's cute and perfect for me.

It's September. Fall is here and what does Fall bring? Something that you know is very dear to my heart this time of year. Something that I tend to eat so much of that I do in fact turn a hint of orange. DING DING DING! PUMPKIN. Why am I bringing up the subject of pumpkin? Other than the fact that I can't get enough of it starting now. Well, I am very sad to say that we have a pumpkin shortage this year. Did you know this? I sure didn't up until now. Up until I went to the store the other day to get cans of pumpkin because of course I was so ready to make my first pumpkin pie of the season and I was greeted my a empty shelf of NO pumpkin. What.the.hell. I was sick to my stomach when I was going from isle to isle trying to find someone that works in there and once I finally found a guy I asked excuse me but are you guys completely out of canned pumpkin, do you know when you'll have more?...he said, sorry maam but we don't have any, there is a storage. I was like WHHHHATT! What am I going to do? What is this world coming too? 
I guess I just might have to buy a couple hundred bags of this marvalous kisses. They might do the justice.
The leaves will be changing colors before we know it!


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

on some things I've learned...

Not sure why but ever since I've turned twenty-two I've been taking an inventory of things I've learn in the past couple of years. There are many things that you think you may know but you don't really truly learn anything until you experience it first hand. Does that make sense. I don't know. It did at the time in my head. Here are some things that I have truly learned..

...I've learned that it's okay to be wrong. Mistakes are going to happen in life. I strongly believe mistakes can do a lot of good and that they aren't so bad all the time. They can be such a great learning experience. Although you must "see" the mistake at hand to put it do good use. Otherwise it's just negative matter.

...letting go can at times be the best for everyone. I've in the past been a guardian of sorts. I feel like if you think that the energy that you put into helping others or being there for others is straining on your heart & soul then it might not be worth it. However, I don't regret caring too much because deep down I know that I did what ever I could do and in the end it might not be up to me to help change or keep someone on the right track. Same with a situation where you don't think a person is doing the right thing or you might believe they make very bad decisions in life, I've learn you have to just let the Universe take over. Not everything is on your shoulders to bear. This has been a very hard lesson for me too learn, probably out of all of them.  Letting go is the surest way of helping yourself.

...mean people are people that aren't happy. People that are overly mean or strive to be negative are I feel, people that are truly unfulfilled in life. I try to stay away from this with the best of my ability.

...never let anyone make you feel like you bad about the things you have done in life or the choices you have made. I hate when people question me when they see Sebastian"s foot print on my wrist. You'd be surprise at the questioning looks I get from people thinking I am too young to have a child. Or when I tell people that I've never went to college. I think people are very uncomfortable with things that aren't norm. Just like piercings or tattoos. People who are judgmental about that sort of thing, they are simply uncomfortable around the look. Your choices are yours and only yours. Your life is only yours. It's what you make it to be and no one can tell you otherwise. Best to hold your head up high! each his own. Not everyone's happiness is the same. My happiness is most likely not yours. I think a lot of people don't realize this. My happiness is the everyday. I love just being a little family and doing things that we love. We aren't rich and famous or own a mansion of sorts, our life isn't complex or complicated. We seek to make this life of ours just the way we want, simple & happy. Do what makes you happy and not what others think will make you happy. I know plenty of people that do things because it will make their parents happy. Or their friends. Follow your own happiness even if it takes a few try's.

...I've learned in the past two years that parenthood is unexpected. Not all cute, fun and blissful. It's not. And if your telling yourself anything else you are in for a rude awakening. It simply is not all sunshine and roses. It's hard work. Work that is physical and emotional. But in the end it's so worth it all and to think that this little being will grow up to be something great is the best feeling in the world. I love every minute of all the hardships just as much as all the joys that it brings!

...partnership is an amazing thing. I have realized this more since we've had Sebastian. Having a child together has been definitely the greatest test ever and I feel like with our team work we have done miracles. Every bump in the road that I face with work or life I face with Bobby. I am never alone. I have learned that I am blessed beyond words to have such an amazing person to stand side by side with :)

...I've determined that at this point in my life I am going to go all out and do whatever I have to achieve my dreams. Yes, I have those. There is so many great ambitious things I want to get done in this life time. Instead of saying "I can't" or "I'll never get to do that" deep down I know I shouldn't say those types of things and so I've learned to only think the best of everything and SHOOT FOR THE STARS.

This list is just a few of what I've learned. It's a list that can obviously be never ending because I am learning new things about this world and about myself everyday. It's a marvelous entity, don't ya think?

What have you learn lately? Do share?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

on a good morning...

It's Sunday and I'm feeling refreshed. It's the last day of the weekend for me (because yes, some of us have to work on Labor Day) but honestly I am receiving this new start of the week with arms WIDE open. Last week was a little much for me and I am very glad that it's over. Done and done!
This morning was spectacular because Sebastian let me sleep in til 8! Which has not happened for a while. I believe he has aquired an inner alarm clock that has been going off between 6:30-7am. And I blame that all on daycare, with having to wake up early to get to daycare I think he has gotten used to it. Speeking of daycare, it will be closed due to the holiday both Monday and Tuesday so we are seeking help with watching Sebastian those days and of course Bobby's family will be taking on the task. Well, who else, right? We are very thankful for it anyways. In that case we will be having to sleep over tonight and Monday night. It's just easier for everyone to do that because we don't live close to each other and traveling that early in the morning isn't great, also a ton of gas! It's not my favorite thing to do because I have to pack everything in the world for both Bobby & Sebastian. OH and myself. I almost forgot. Definitely can't forget myself. It's annoying to have to do that and then there is the unpacking when we get back home. But hey, that's just me complaining.

So, back to my good morning. I woke up and fed Sebastian. Then got right to baking some delish Lemon Ginger Scones. I've been meaning to make these bad boys since JUNE! Never got around to it. Sad actually when I think about it and it really proves how crazy my schedule has been. But I finally did it. I got the recipe from my fave blog My Happy Life By The Bay. Check it out, here is the link to the recipe if you would like to give it a try! They turned out horrid. Horridly AMAZING! They are so bad that I had one then had another with butter. And then I had to share one with Sebastian. Then I stopped myself simply because I would like for Bobby have a taste. Good god, I am totally adding this to my list of favorites.

I am really hoping to be on here more often. It's weird that I have to say that to you but I swear this thing is like an itch I can't scratch sometimes. Like when I'm not able to get on here and say something quite brilliant that will change lives, it keeps me up at night! I feel so sad when I'm not able to be on here and talk to ya'll.
You will be happy to know that I have been chatting with some other bloggers out there and also entering in some very wonderful giveaways, although I haven't won anything...all in due time is what I like to say ;)

Have a great Sunday morning and if you are off tomorrow enjoy it.
I'll be giving people like you there liquid crack :) Best job ever! I feed the addiction.


Friday, September 03, 2010

on an eyeball...

Bobby has a scratched Cornea! Thanks to Sebastian. He wacked him in the eyeball and scratched the eye. This all happend on Wednesday night and Bobby actually ended up going to the hospital where he was able to get some antibiotic cream for the eye so it won't get infected and also a prescription for some painkillers. So, yes we are dealing with that. This week has been ridiculously crazy. I just can't imagine what in the world is going to happen next. I am at home this Friday morning because Bobby had to go to a follow up Optometrist appointment to check up on his eye and I had to switch shift to be home with Sebastian. Not something I am too thrilled about since I am not a huge fan with evening shift. Nothing personal just not used to it.

I am feeling like the Universe is kicking my butt lately with everything going on. Big and small things. Because yes, small things do add up! Hoping that everything is slow down a little bit so I can get a chance to breath.

Happy Friday!