Friday, August 06, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...having a very sluggish week. Thank GOD it's Friday.

...loving my summer cut. I've missed the ability to wake up and just tease it and go. However, I do have a tinge of guilt for chopping off my "long" hair. But then I think about how fast my hair grows and I'm all better. Plus this cut now will grow in very nicely. On that subject, I wanted to point out that I truely believe that people have this misconception that hair equals femininity. It surely doesn't. Thank you very much.

...let me say I'm in awwwe that it's August! Phew. I can't take this time flying by. I can kiss 21 goodbye soon. Not sure if I'm done with it yet..

...realizing now that we got our flat screen tv hooked up at work, I am not very involved in the world. Like News. Since the only channels we watch at work are CNN & ESPN (yawn) I've been able to tune in to the happenings of the world outside of my point A- which is home and point B- which is work. I know, sad. But, hey, what can I do? It's very interesting.

...livid about this stupid movie coming out called Vampires Suck. (Go here to see the trailer). I mean first of all the title is a little idiotic. I assure you vampires do NOT suck! Well, technically they do suck blood. But I know that's not the "suck" they are referring to. Secondly, why in the world would you want to poke fun at Twilight. I just don't understand. Twilight is my life, my world, my everything! I am not laughing...

...excited for taking Sebastian to a fair held at daycare. I thought it was great meeting a few parents at Sebastian's party so I think it would be great to network some more. But really we are going for Sebastian to have some fun ;)

...finished with The Girl Who Played with Fire. Sigh. It was AWESOME. So that is why tonight I am going to go and see the movie! I'm lucky to have a tiny theater just down the road that is showing the movie for the next few weeks. It will be my first time ever to seeing a movie on my own. I don't really have anyone in particular to go see it with. There isn't really anyone that I know that has read or seen the first movie and I didn't want to be a witch and drag Bobby to see it. Plus I think it's time for me to enjoy a movie in my own company. Is it weird that I'm a little nervous?

...still feeling my heart skip a beat whenever I look at this sweet little boy..
Yes sir, that is him :) This is the outfit he wore to picture day on Tuesday. He has his little handsome devil face on like he knows that he is one smokin' little dude! I can't take it!

...grateful for the gift that Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop got Sebastian for his birthday...
He has his very own desk now :) It's looking a little bare. Bobby just assembled it. But we will have to take care of that soon. Lots of art projects and coloring to be done here!

I am happy!


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  1. I can't beleive what a big boy he's gotten to be!Love Mom-mom