Sunday, August 29, 2010

on some things you should know...

...Sebastian had an evaluation done last week. His speech is still not there. Bobby and I thought it would be best getting Sebastian some help. We contacted the administrator at his daycare to give us some recommendations and from there we decided to give the Early Intervention group a call. They scheduled an evaluation with us and it went great. Better than I thought. None of it was a surprise to Bobby and I because we both are very involved and already see the things that Sebastian needs help in. The therapists were actually very taken back by how much we "saw" and how well we were able to answer all their questions. Which made things go alot smoother for them. In the end they saw that indeed Sebastian is behind on his speech and also along with the communcation problems there is some frustrated behaviors going on. Something that we are very aware of and one of the huge factors of getting help. We feel like Sebastian has the potential and just needs a jump start. So, he is eligable for help and Wednesday will be his first day of theraphy. He will be seeing a Speech Therapist and a Behavior Therapist. The Speech Therapist will obviously help his words and communication and the Behavior Therapist will be the person that will help Sebastian cope with the communication barrior and teach him things. The services are free and very grateful for this. Sebastian will be seeing the two therapists once a week for an hour each. I think this will be the best way to start things out. I don't believe in overwhelming him or to over amplify everything. Later on if we feel like improvements aren't there we can bring more of the help to him but as of right now I want him to be comfortable and happy! We want the best for our little man and it sure will be a learning process for not just him but for us too.

...The tables have turned. Bobby came down with a fever Friday night and felt just as rotten as I did before. He took a sick day off work last night.  

...I am very excited to be getting another tattoo. Earlier this week Bobby called the dude from the tat shop that had done Sebastian's footprints on my wrist and discovered that he is no longer working there! (who is an old friend of Bobby's). That quick I went on Myspace and Facebook to scope him out to see where he had gone. I've been dead set on having this guy do a big piece for me because I've grown attached to his past work. I did find him, thank god, and we visited him last night :) I already have a rough idea of what I want done. And do have a picture of a design I've found that I like but this dude is going to  completly revamp the drawing to something more that's made for me. I've already set for starting on my ink on September 10th!! I can hardly wait for my new INK!

...I'm still reading The Girl Who Kicked a Hornets Nest. Having a hard time with it. It's a slow read for me. Although there is no way for me to quit the book. I'm NOT a quiter! I just need to finish it at my own pace. Sigh.

...I get very antsy whenever I think about the fact that me and Bobby's four year anniversary is only a few weeks away. Sepember 19th to be exact :) It's something very special and dear to my heart (as it should be). It feels great.

...Thinking about selling my Kindle. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my Kindle but I am also loving the newest Kindle generation! It comes in BLACK. Perfect for me. If there are any takers & would like to purchase a slightly used Kindle 2nd generation, get in contact with me. Not sure the price just yet but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

...I have been having some really important things buzzing through my head lately. Things that have to do with the future. Things that have my emotions all hot & cold. Things that will be really great & then really bad at the same time. Just things that you deal with in life. Hoping to get through it with a sane head. Note: Sorry that this might not have made much sence at all but the "things" are in the processing stage in my brain and are not yet in the tell you stage. I apologize for the random feelings but you will know all the things in due time.

Have a spectacular Sunday morning. I'm off to the Farmer's Market with the boys :)


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  1. You guys are wonderful parents for Sebastian. Hang in there with the Girl who kicked the hornets nest -- its a good one like the others