Wednesday, August 18, 2010

on some big news!...

Sebastian POOPED on his Elmo potty for the first time!! Well, can't ya see him concentrating :)
I truely never in my whole life would have thought I'd be so excited for this but I am.
It started out with a very random trip to the potty earlier on Saturday. Sebastian and I napped together on our bed. After the nap I figured we would go take a nice little stroll around our neighborhood. Sebastian was in a tee-shirt and his diaper and I wanted to give him a quick diapey change even though the diaper he had was doing okay. I am just one of those excesive diaper changers. What can I say! We were standing in the hall and I just went right up to him and took his diaper off as he was standing. He then like a bolt of lightening ran into his room and as I followed him I saw that he was heading for the bathroom. And that's when I was utterly suprized to see that he had sat down on his Elmo potty and started to go pee!! I was trying the hardest ever to contain myself but I was screaming inside with excitement :) I just couldn't believe that he initiated all of it. Bobby and I have been usually the ones to go and put him on the potty. This I saw as a big step in the right direction!
But wait that's not all...Saturday around 8pm Sebastian and I were cuddling in bed and all of a sudden I heard him fart :) so I hurried him in the bathroom took his pjs off and then the diaper, he sat down on the potty on his own and POOPED. It was incredible and made me the happiest proudest mommy ever :) :)
Guess it's time for Pull-Ups.


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