Saturday, August 14, 2010

on four simple goals (before 2010)...

Here is a cool feature I saw on A Beautiful Mess, Elise is great at creating these awesome little projects and I thought I'd give it a whirl. I encourage you to do the same! Try it :)
1. choose simple goals that will make your life richer and happier on a daily basis. choose things you may not otherwise get done, but that are not difficult to accomplish.
2. do not choose result oriented goals, choose activity oriented goals. for example.... instead of "lose 10 pounds", choose something like "eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day". get what i'm saying? positive actions instead of just the end result!
3. choose goals that are personal that you believe will truly make your life richer just by doing them! they can be daily, weekly or one time experiences.
4. choose a reward for each goal as it is accomplished! it can be a small or large reward.
5. blog your goals, each one as you achieve it and a big post when they are all finished before the new year!

One. Learn about my Cannon Rebel more. Be one with the camera. I feel like I haven't become the expert that I would like to be. I want to know every little thing. This will help me capture daily life in the most beautiful way possible. Also try to do some more photography outside of just my own family. I want to take more photos of things, places and people to enhance my hobby.

Two. Become more spiritual in my own way. Meditate and find a way to realese negative tention or energy. This is something that I would not only like to incorperate in my own personal self but also into my little family's. I would love to help to teach Sebastian the importance of meditation (in a year or so, right now is hopeless haha). Sure, he most likely won't understand the real concept of it until he is much older but I think the ability to channel possitive energy and getting rid of negative is very important in life. Helps to focus and I believe creates a more wholesome person. Whether it's the fact that you relax or de-stress yourself or work out/excertise. Everyone has their own sort of meditation. Lately I've found myself really needing this kind of escape and it does wonders to my soul. Truely does!

Three. I would like to try to become more social with other bloggers out there. I read and stay in tune with so many other blogs but have never attempted to introduce or, I don't know, say hey check out my blog. I think I'm a little shy about it. I'm still fairly new to the blogging gig and not so sure I am cut out to be trying to converse with these expert bloggers. But I am going to try :)

Four. I'm obcessed with life. I mean, that's the way it should be right? But I sometimes forget how old I am. I need to be for open minded about that fact that indeed I am in my twenties and the world is ahead of me. There will nothing I can't do. Especially if it will make me happy.

Well, there are my four simple goals.
What are yours??


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