Sunday, August 22, 2010

on a birthday weekend...

Well my dear friends, I am now officially 22. Do I feel different? No. Does it bother me that I'm a year older? No. I'm just happy that I am and that I got to spend my birthday with the family.
We headed for the New Jersey shore on Thursday and got there in the early afternoon. Weather for our whole entire stay was great. It was very sunny and hot but we had a nice breeze. Sebastian could not get enough of the ocean & sand where as I could. I mean the water was nice but I hate sand. Sand was everywhere. I won't go there...but I really do mean everywhere! Here are some pictures of our time at the beach...

Beach was lots of fun!

Friday night we took a stroll along the boardwalk with Kate & little Danny. It's always fun walking at night and seeing all the flashy lights but Fridays are very crowded and overwhelming. Especially with a stroller and trying to zig-zag amoung people. None the less it was a nice evening.

On Saturday, my birthday, I was surprised with flowers from Bobby with a card. Not only that but found out that  Bobby & siblings pitched in with money so that I can get myself another tattoo :) Wooohoo!!!! Also I got a couple of very lovely tee's from the mother-in-law along with a purple leather Fossil wallet.
We soaked up some sun on the beach for half the day then started packing up to head home. Surprises were non-stop because I was hit with a cute little beach themed cake right before we headed home. So perfect because I had such a sweet tooth at the time and it sure cured the craving :)
Now we are home. I swear un-packing is horrible. I hate it so much. With as much hatred as I have, no joke. But I sucked it up because I was not in the mood to look at our un-packed bags for weeks at a time. Food shopping and cooking has been done as well so I am happy & ready for The Gates to come on tonight :)
Can you believe that summer is winding down?!


I'll leave you with a little cuteness!

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