Saturday, August 28, 2010

on being back!...

First of all Monday started out okay. Well, up until I got to work. Monday was the day I fired someone. It was my first time firing someone so that should tell you something. The day started out rocky but got better. I was fine up until I got home. Started to feel a bit under the weather so to speak. What first caught my attention was how achy my body felt, which for me is usually the first sign of me "coming down with something". So great, right? Joy. Then the shivering and cold sweats began. You know, when you are freezing but then sweating at the same time because your so flushed. It was time for the thermometer, it read 100.8. Fever. So there you go. I didn't call out of work because I figured I'll take the medicine and be all good. And I was. I woke up a happy soul on Tuesday morning and headed to work with a merry skip in my step for I felt like I beat this thing!!! For that I think I jinxed myself because around 11:30 am, at work mind you, it started all over again but ten times worse. My boss wanted me to go home but I only had a few more hours of work and didn't feel like going to pick Sebastian up early from daycare (would just disrupt his schedule). Any who. The pattern was as followed. Fever went away again and woke up fine. Went to work. Was fine. Then fever spiked around 5pm. Repeat again. So then Friday, and I had no FEVER. High five! Four evenings with fevers. Weird is what comes to mind. I don't know what the cause of this was. Just glad that it's all done and over with. Life can start back up again.

I started my weekend early for I had off yesterday :) I needed it. The real reason was because we took Sebastian downtown for an Gastroenteritis (do not ask me to say this word out loud because I won't, I will simply say G.I Doctor) appointment. Sebastian has been experiencing loose bowels for a while now, like 6 months. We've eliminated juice completely from his diet because the sugars inside the juice itself are a factor in the loose bowels. However there is nothing super serious going on for him. Such a relief. The experience was grand. How Sebastian reacted with the lovely doctor as she stuck her finger up into little bum. It was a face worth seeing and I won't even try to describe it. My description won't do justice. I will say that I couldn't contain myself with laughter (horrible you might say to yourself, what kind of mother are you?). I just couldn't stop. The doctor had to literally wait for me to calm down and control myself before going on with the exam. No joke. That face was to die for like he was saying to himself ohh.emm.gee she did not just do what she just did to me. Good stuff. Definitely something I will hold on to in the memory vault to tell him later on in life.

Then I myself had a doctor appointment in the late afternoon. Went fine. I just needed to get some medication for those dang migraines. My lady doctor who I adore dearly because she is a very sarcastic women who doesn't shy away from being forward put me on a trial medication. We will see how that goes. I had blood taken out of my arm so they can test to check up on my Thyroid. I also showed her my left leg for on the back side of my calf I have a weird looking vein thing going on (have had for ever since I had Sebastian). Low and behold she told me it's a Varicose Vein. Beautiful. Another thing I can add to the list of things to thank my "mother" for. Sheesh. It's not horrible looking but did get it from when I was pregnant (good ol' pregnancy weight). Doctor said there is nothing you can do about it. To remove it could be considered a cosmetic surgery and wouldn't be covered by insurance. Plus there is no guarantee that the vein won't come back afterward. Awesome. Anyways mine isn't huge or nasty looking. If you look hard enough you can see it. The doctor lady said the only thing you can do is not get fat! HA. Thanks. And I don't plan on it :-p

It's good to be back!
Have a great weekend.

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