Thursday, August 12, 2010

on a 3 ft. tall boy...

Well folks the week didn't start out all that great. Sunday I had a migrane. I mean the MOTHER of all migranes. Bobby was working during the day and I called for him to actually come home early because I was so sick. I was stuck inside my dark room, the hall light wasn't even allowed, and no sound what so ever. Poor little 'Bastian's little bursts of laughter were making me shrill in pain. I wasn't even able to sit upright with out running to the bathroom to throw up. Not pretty. I know. Once 9:30pm hit it was starting to die down, thank god!. Monday was horrible for my boss was out on vacation and I was stuck for the time being and had to haul my butt to work. As soon as shop opened I realized that I was spinning and decided it was time to get some else in to cover for me. Which by the way, Ashley was there to my rescue (as usual). She is the best and I truely don't know what I would do without her! All I needed was some more rest which I got and as of Tuesday I was back to normal. Or whatever normal might be for me.
This was the last straw for me and I've already made the doctor appointment to prove it and also visited my chiropractor who did some x-rays of my spine & neck. I am done with these intense brain melting migranes that I swear might even be making all kinds of damage inside my cranium. So there-- it's time to bring an end.

Sebastian had his two-year-old doctors appointment today. Once one o'clock hit I was starting to get a nervous at work. Not because anything serious was going to happen but just because I wasn't going to be there. I know Bobby had it under control but I can't help it. Although I know my presence is not always needed. Everything went well. Sebastian got a shot in the arm and took it like a trooper. If you can believe it, my little boy is 3 FEET TALL! Not so little you are saying to yourself, right? I still can't believe it. I mean I see the kid every day but once Bobby told me that yes, indeed he is 36 inches tall I was like WOOHOOHH. He weights about 33 pounds and is in the 90% range for both his height & weight. Crazy right. The doctor even looked at Bobby and asked if there are any tall people in our family because he was so impressed with how tall and buff he is. My little man is going to be carrying me around soon.
My birthday is coming up in 9 days! Yeah baby. Bobby and I both took of next Thursday and Friday to spend down the New Jersey shore. Bobby's family has rented out a house for that whole week and had invited us down for what ever days would work best for us. So we decided on going down Thursday through Saturday (my birthday :)). Sebastian will love being on the beach and I will be more than happy to have some R&R with my boys. A great birthday weekend ahead! 

I've been watching alot of CNN lately, like I said before that and ESPN is allowed at work, and it's been very imformative. I learned and seen some things that I thought was very interesting. Did you know that there has been studies about the ability to tell people if they would develop Alzheimer later on in life. Yeah. They take a spinal tap and with it can tell you. I think that's big stuff. I mean I don't know if people will want to know this sort of information since Alzheimers isn't curable and also who knows if people would want to go through the painful spinal tap. I just think it's a cool accomplishment. Don't you? 

I've finally reached size 4 on my ears :) To put it in persepective it's roughly a width of a pencil. Take a look.
I still have a few more sizes to reach the goal that I've set. The process is going alot easier that I thought! So exciting.

Tomorrow is Friday :)
Hip-Hip Hooray!



  1. I heard that new information on Alzheimers also, and they are saying we can have it 10 yrs. before real symptoms show up! scarey, I may be walking around with it this very moment!Do you think I'm showing any signs?????
    And also looking forward to spending time on the beach with you all.Bring Sebastians Kite!

  2. Hey! This is Paige, I read your portion about the migraines... it's something I know about all to well.

    I used to get migraines every other day, just like the kind you explained, I started throwing up so much that I would throw up blood and I missed out on A LOT of work. I was always so dizzy. I didn't matter how much water I drank, caffiene I took (or didn't take), etc. NOTHING helped. I went through about 30 different migraine treatments. The doctors wouldn't believe me. I was so fed up and by my twenty something-th hospital visit I was demanding proper medical attention.

    For 2 years my high blood pressure went unnoticed. Do you have high bp? This could be a huge factor. I don't know if you're on any medication for your migraines, but I highly recommend getting on a "preventative" and "abortive" regimine.

    My preventative is a high blood pressure med and something called amitryptaline which is used for people with migraines (it's good at helping your pain receptors with chronic pain). This has helped A LOT.

    My abortive medication is just a simple pain medication (it was kind of a last resort thing since my pain wasn't responding to reg. migraine treatment). And of course an anti-nausea medicine which makes the world of a difference... that's sometimes the worst part of a migraine.

    Keep fighting!!! Don't ever take no from a doctor. I know how it feels to be classified as an attention-seeker and drug-seeker, but for those of us who have had migraines, we know the horrible suffering people go through.