Sunday, August 29, 2010

on some things you should know...

...Sebastian had an evaluation done last week. His speech is still not there. Bobby and I thought it would be best getting Sebastian some help. We contacted the administrator at his daycare to give us some recommendations and from there we decided to give the Early Intervention group a call. They scheduled an evaluation with us and it went great. Better than I thought. None of it was a surprise to Bobby and I because we both are very involved and already see the things that Sebastian needs help in. The therapists were actually very taken back by how much we "saw" and how well we were able to answer all their questions. Which made things go alot smoother for them. In the end they saw that indeed Sebastian is behind on his speech and also along with the communcation problems there is some frustrated behaviors going on. Something that we are very aware of and one of the huge factors of getting help. We feel like Sebastian has the potential and just needs a jump start. So, he is eligable for help and Wednesday will be his first day of theraphy. He will be seeing a Speech Therapist and a Behavior Therapist. The Speech Therapist will obviously help his words and communication and the Behavior Therapist will be the person that will help Sebastian cope with the communication barrior and teach him things. The services are free and very grateful for this. Sebastian will be seeing the two therapists once a week for an hour each. I think this will be the best way to start things out. I don't believe in overwhelming him or to over amplify everything. Later on if we feel like improvements aren't there we can bring more of the help to him but as of right now I want him to be comfortable and happy! We want the best for our little man and it sure will be a learning process for not just him but for us too.

...The tables have turned. Bobby came down with a fever Friday night and felt just as rotten as I did before. He took a sick day off work last night.  

...I am very excited to be getting another tattoo. Earlier this week Bobby called the dude from the tat shop that had done Sebastian's footprints on my wrist and discovered that he is no longer working there! (who is an old friend of Bobby's). That quick I went on Myspace and Facebook to scope him out to see where he had gone. I've been dead set on having this guy do a big piece for me because I've grown attached to his past work. I did find him, thank god, and we visited him last night :) I already have a rough idea of what I want done. And do have a picture of a design I've found that I like but this dude is going to  completly revamp the drawing to something more that's made for me. I've already set for starting on my ink on September 10th!! I can hardly wait for my new INK!

...I'm still reading The Girl Who Kicked a Hornets Nest. Having a hard time with it. It's a slow read for me. Although there is no way for me to quit the book. I'm NOT a quiter! I just need to finish it at my own pace. Sigh.

...I get very antsy whenever I think about the fact that me and Bobby's four year anniversary is only a few weeks away. Sepember 19th to be exact :) It's something very special and dear to my heart (as it should be). It feels great.

...Thinking about selling my Kindle. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my Kindle but I am also loving the newest Kindle generation! It comes in BLACK. Perfect for me. If there are any takers & would like to purchase a slightly used Kindle 2nd generation, get in contact with me. Not sure the price just yet but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

...I have been having some really important things buzzing through my head lately. Things that have to do with the future. Things that have my emotions all hot & cold. Things that will be really great & then really bad at the same time. Just things that you deal with in life. Hoping to get through it with a sane head. Note: Sorry that this might not have made much sence at all but the "things" are in the processing stage in my brain and are not yet in the tell you stage. I apologize for the random feelings but you will know all the things in due time.

Have a spectacular Sunday morning. I'm off to the Farmer's Market with the boys :)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

on being back!...

First of all Monday started out okay. Well, up until I got to work. Monday was the day I fired someone. It was my first time firing someone so that should tell you something. The day started out rocky but got better. I was fine up until I got home. Started to feel a bit under the weather so to speak. What first caught my attention was how achy my body felt, which for me is usually the first sign of me "coming down with something". So great, right? Joy. Then the shivering and cold sweats began. You know, when you are freezing but then sweating at the same time because your so flushed. It was time for the thermometer, it read 100.8. Fever. So there you go. I didn't call out of work because I figured I'll take the medicine and be all good. And I was. I woke up a happy soul on Tuesday morning and headed to work with a merry skip in my step for I felt like I beat this thing!!! For that I think I jinxed myself because around 11:30 am, at work mind you, it started all over again but ten times worse. My boss wanted me to go home but I only had a few more hours of work and didn't feel like going to pick Sebastian up early from daycare (would just disrupt his schedule). Any who. The pattern was as followed. Fever went away again and woke up fine. Went to work. Was fine. Then fever spiked around 5pm. Repeat again. So then Friday, and I had no FEVER. High five! Four evenings with fevers. Weird is what comes to mind. I don't know what the cause of this was. Just glad that it's all done and over with. Life can start back up again.

I started my weekend early for I had off yesterday :) I needed it. The real reason was because we took Sebastian downtown for an Gastroenteritis (do not ask me to say this word out loud because I won't, I will simply say G.I Doctor) appointment. Sebastian has been experiencing loose bowels for a while now, like 6 months. We've eliminated juice completely from his diet because the sugars inside the juice itself are a factor in the loose bowels. However there is nothing super serious going on for him. Such a relief. The experience was grand. How Sebastian reacted with the lovely doctor as she stuck her finger up into little bum. It was a face worth seeing and I won't even try to describe it. My description won't do justice. I will say that I couldn't contain myself with laughter (horrible you might say to yourself, what kind of mother are you?). I just couldn't stop. The doctor had to literally wait for me to calm down and control myself before going on with the exam. No joke. That face was to die for like he was saying to himself ohh.emm.gee she did not just do what she just did to me. Good stuff. Definitely something I will hold on to in the memory vault to tell him later on in life.

Then I myself had a doctor appointment in the late afternoon. Went fine. I just needed to get some medication for those dang migraines. My lady doctor who I adore dearly because she is a very sarcastic women who doesn't shy away from being forward put me on a trial medication. We will see how that goes. I had blood taken out of my arm so they can test to check up on my Thyroid. I also showed her my left leg for on the back side of my calf I have a weird looking vein thing going on (have had for ever since I had Sebastian). Low and behold she told me it's a Varicose Vein. Beautiful. Another thing I can add to the list of things to thank my "mother" for. Sheesh. It's not horrible looking but did get it from when I was pregnant (good ol' pregnancy weight). Doctor said there is nothing you can do about it. To remove it could be considered a cosmetic surgery and wouldn't be covered by insurance. Plus there is no guarantee that the vein won't come back afterward. Awesome. Anyways mine isn't huge or nasty looking. If you look hard enough you can see it. The doctor lady said the only thing you can do is not get fat! HA. Thanks. And I don't plan on it :-p

It's good to be back!
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

on a birthday weekend...

Well my dear friends, I am now officially 22. Do I feel different? No. Does it bother me that I'm a year older? No. I'm just happy that I am and that I got to spend my birthday with the family.
We headed for the New Jersey shore on Thursday and got there in the early afternoon. Weather for our whole entire stay was great. It was very sunny and hot but we had a nice breeze. Sebastian could not get enough of the ocean & sand where as I could. I mean the water was nice but I hate sand. Sand was everywhere. I won't go there...but I really do mean everywhere! Here are some pictures of our time at the beach...

Beach was lots of fun!

Friday night we took a stroll along the boardwalk with Kate & little Danny. It's always fun walking at night and seeing all the flashy lights but Fridays are very crowded and overwhelming. Especially with a stroller and trying to zig-zag amoung people. None the less it was a nice evening.

On Saturday, my birthday, I was surprised with flowers from Bobby with a card. Not only that but found out that  Bobby & siblings pitched in with money so that I can get myself another tattoo :) Wooohoo!!!! Also I got a couple of very lovely tee's from the mother-in-law along with a purple leather Fossil wallet.
We soaked up some sun on the beach for half the day then started packing up to head home. Surprises were non-stop because I was hit with a cute little beach themed cake right before we headed home. So perfect because I had such a sweet tooth at the time and it sure cured the craving :)
Now we are home. I swear un-packing is horrible. I hate it so much. With as much hatred as I have, no joke. But I sucked it up because I was not in the mood to look at our un-packed bags for weeks at a time. Food shopping and cooking has been done as well so I am happy & ready for The Gates to come on tonight :)
Can you believe that summer is winding down?!


I'll leave you with a little cuteness!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

on a lovely giveway...

I love giveaways, don't you?! Well, Kayla's @ The Dainty Squid has a fabulous giveaway. Click on the link to see how to enter! And check out Ark's Endeavors-- cute, cute.


on some big news!...

Sebastian POOPED on his Elmo potty for the first time!! Well, can't ya see him concentrating :)
I truely never in my whole life would have thought I'd be so excited for this but I am.
It started out with a very random trip to the potty earlier on Saturday. Sebastian and I napped together on our bed. After the nap I figured we would go take a nice little stroll around our neighborhood. Sebastian was in a tee-shirt and his diaper and I wanted to give him a quick diapey change even though the diaper he had was doing okay. I am just one of those excesive diaper changers. What can I say! We were standing in the hall and I just went right up to him and took his diaper off as he was standing. He then like a bolt of lightening ran into his room and as I followed him I saw that he was heading for the bathroom. And that's when I was utterly suprized to see that he had sat down on his Elmo potty and started to go pee!! I was trying the hardest ever to contain myself but I was screaming inside with excitement :) I just couldn't believe that he initiated all of it. Bobby and I have been usually the ones to go and put him on the potty. This I saw as a big step in the right direction!
But wait that's not all...Saturday around 8pm Sebastian and I were cuddling in bed and all of a sudden I heard him fart :) so I hurried him in the bathroom took his pjs off and then the diaper, he sat down on the potty on his own and POOPED. It was incredible and made me the happiest proudest mommy ever :) :)
Guess it's time for Pull-Ups.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

on four simple goals (before 2010)...

Here is a cool feature I saw on A Beautiful Mess, Elise is great at creating these awesome little projects and I thought I'd give it a whirl. I encourage you to do the same! Try it :)
1. choose simple goals that will make your life richer and happier on a daily basis. choose things you may not otherwise get done, but that are not difficult to accomplish.
2. do not choose result oriented goals, choose activity oriented goals. for example.... instead of "lose 10 pounds", choose something like "eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day". get what i'm saying? positive actions instead of just the end result!
3. choose goals that are personal that you believe will truly make your life richer just by doing them! they can be daily, weekly or one time experiences.
4. choose a reward for each goal as it is accomplished! it can be a small or large reward.
5. blog your goals, each one as you achieve it and a big post when they are all finished before the new year!

One. Learn about my Cannon Rebel more. Be one with the camera. I feel like I haven't become the expert that I would like to be. I want to know every little thing. This will help me capture daily life in the most beautiful way possible. Also try to do some more photography outside of just my own family. I want to take more photos of things, places and people to enhance my hobby.

Two. Become more spiritual in my own way. Meditate and find a way to realese negative tention or energy. This is something that I would not only like to incorperate in my own personal self but also into my little family's. I would love to help to teach Sebastian the importance of meditation (in a year or so, right now is hopeless haha). Sure, he most likely won't understand the real concept of it until he is much older but I think the ability to channel possitive energy and getting rid of negative is very important in life. Helps to focus and I believe creates a more wholesome person. Whether it's the fact that you relax or de-stress yourself or work out/excertise. Everyone has their own sort of meditation. Lately I've found myself really needing this kind of escape and it does wonders to my soul. Truely does!

Three. I would like to try to become more social with other bloggers out there. I read and stay in tune with so many other blogs but have never attempted to introduce or, I don't know, say hey check out my blog. I think I'm a little shy about it. I'm still fairly new to the blogging gig and not so sure I am cut out to be trying to converse with these expert bloggers. But I am going to try :)

Four. I'm obcessed with life. I mean, that's the way it should be right? But I sometimes forget how old I am. I need to be for open minded about that fact that indeed I am in my twenties and the world is ahead of me. There will nothing I can't do. Especially if it will make me happy.

Well, there are my four simple goals.
What are yours??


Friday, August 13, 2010

on some things I am loving...

Here are some current lovies...

Macaroons. This beautiful tower of delights are just amazing. MMhhhm, I would love to make this a future birthday cake idea!

These tights are darling. I need to start getting more outfits that are tight worthy.

How great are these weddings?! I am always a stickler for the barn setting. I think it's so original. And the picnic wedding is just plain ol' CUTE!

Have you ever tried a dragon fruit? I've seen them at the grocery store but have never actually tasted one and have always wondered what it would be like. So, Julee if you are reading this, there is my suggestion for your gift card food shopping adventure :)

Would this work on me? I just don't know. But I do like it :)

Oh how I would love to be that man! It would be a dream come true.

What are your lovies?


Thursday, August 12, 2010

on a 3 ft. tall boy...

Well folks the week didn't start out all that great. Sunday I had a migrane. I mean the MOTHER of all migranes. Bobby was working during the day and I called for him to actually come home early because I was so sick. I was stuck inside my dark room, the hall light wasn't even allowed, and no sound what so ever. Poor little 'Bastian's little bursts of laughter were making me shrill in pain. I wasn't even able to sit upright with out running to the bathroom to throw up. Not pretty. I know. Once 9:30pm hit it was starting to die down, thank god!. Monday was horrible for my boss was out on vacation and I was stuck for the time being and had to haul my butt to work. As soon as shop opened I realized that I was spinning and decided it was time to get some else in to cover for me. Which by the way, Ashley was there to my rescue (as usual). She is the best and I truely don't know what I would do without her! All I needed was some more rest which I got and as of Tuesday I was back to normal. Or whatever normal might be for me.
This was the last straw for me and I've already made the doctor appointment to prove it and also visited my chiropractor who did some x-rays of my spine & neck. I am done with these intense brain melting migranes that I swear might even be making all kinds of damage inside my cranium. So there-- it's time to bring an end.

Sebastian had his two-year-old doctors appointment today. Once one o'clock hit I was starting to get a nervous at work. Not because anything serious was going to happen but just because I wasn't going to be there. I know Bobby had it under control but I can't help it. Although I know my presence is not always needed. Everything went well. Sebastian got a shot in the arm and took it like a trooper. If you can believe it, my little boy is 3 FEET TALL! Not so little you are saying to yourself, right? I still can't believe it. I mean I see the kid every day but once Bobby told me that yes, indeed he is 36 inches tall I was like WOOHOOHH. He weights about 33 pounds and is in the 90% range for both his height & weight. Crazy right. The doctor even looked at Bobby and asked if there are any tall people in our family because he was so impressed with how tall and buff he is. My little man is going to be carrying me around soon.
My birthday is coming up in 9 days! Yeah baby. Bobby and I both took of next Thursday and Friday to spend down the New Jersey shore. Bobby's family has rented out a house for that whole week and had invited us down for what ever days would work best for us. So we decided on going down Thursday through Saturday (my birthday :)). Sebastian will love being on the beach and I will be more than happy to have some R&R with my boys. A great birthday weekend ahead! 

I've been watching alot of CNN lately, like I said before that and ESPN is allowed at work, and it's been very imformative. I learned and seen some things that I thought was very interesting. Did you know that there has been studies about the ability to tell people if they would develop Alzheimer later on in life. Yeah. They take a spinal tap and with it can tell you. I think that's big stuff. I mean I don't know if people will want to know this sort of information since Alzheimers isn't curable and also who knows if people would want to go through the painful spinal tap. I just think it's a cool accomplishment. Don't you? 

I've finally reached size 4 on my ears :) To put it in persepective it's roughly a width of a pencil. Take a look.
I still have a few more sizes to reach the goal that I've set. The process is going alot easier that I thought! So exciting.

Tomorrow is Friday :)
Hip-Hip Hooray!


on a family photoshoot...

Earlier this week we took a trip to Curtis Arboratum. We had lots of fun and took a great bunch of photos. Ones that I would really like to share with you. Bobby and I each took turns being the photographer :)


Sunday, August 08, 2010

on The Girl Who Played With Fire...

Once I found out that the my local non profit theater, Hiway Theater, was playing The Girl Who Played With Fire I just had to go see it on Friday night. Perfect timing for I just had finished the book. Going with myself wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was sort of fun!
I think they did an alright job sticking to the book, there were some minor things altered but things that didn't bother me a whole lot. The movie was two hours and ten mintues which seemed like eternity for me but I think it was because it was so late and I had been up at 6am that morning. All the new character introduced fit right in to the characters in the book. I was pleased with that.
Really, I believe that was really draws me to these movies is the simplicity of them. There is no glitter or glam. No Hollywood. The movie is made as if I would be you or I were to make it. Nothing seriously intricate. The language is very warm and inviting, I caught myself just watching their lips move instead of watching the words on the bottem of the screen! I think it's very beautiful in it's own way. Plus Lisbeth Is my BESTFRANNN!
Go see it if you can!


Friday, August 06, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...having a very sluggish week. Thank GOD it's Friday.

...loving my summer cut. I've missed the ability to wake up and just tease it and go. However, I do have a tinge of guilt for chopping off my "long" hair. But then I think about how fast my hair grows and I'm all better. Plus this cut now will grow in very nicely. On that subject, I wanted to point out that I truely believe that people have this misconception that hair equals femininity. It surely doesn't. Thank you very much.

...let me say I'm in awwwe that it's August! Phew. I can't take this time flying by. I can kiss 21 goodbye soon. Not sure if I'm done with it yet..

...realizing now that we got our flat screen tv hooked up at work, I am not very involved in the world. Like News. Since the only channels we watch at work are CNN & ESPN (yawn) I've been able to tune in to the happenings of the world outside of my point A- which is home and point B- which is work. I know, sad. But, hey, what can I do? It's very interesting.

...livid about this stupid movie coming out called Vampires Suck. (Go here to see the trailer). I mean first of all the title is a little idiotic. I assure you vampires do NOT suck! Well, technically they do suck blood. But I know that's not the "suck" they are referring to. Secondly, why in the world would you want to poke fun at Twilight. I just don't understand. Twilight is my life, my world, my everything! I am not laughing...

...excited for taking Sebastian to a fair held at daycare. I thought it was great meeting a few parents at Sebastian's party so I think it would be great to network some more. But really we are going for Sebastian to have some fun ;)

...finished with The Girl Who Played with Fire. Sigh. It was AWESOME. So that is why tonight I am going to go and see the movie! I'm lucky to have a tiny theater just down the road that is showing the movie for the next few weeks. It will be my first time ever to seeing a movie on my own. I don't really have anyone in particular to go see it with. There isn't really anyone that I know that has read or seen the first movie and I didn't want to be a witch and drag Bobby to see it. Plus I think it's time for me to enjoy a movie in my own company. Is it weird that I'm a little nervous?

...still feeling my heart skip a beat whenever I look at this sweet little boy..
Yes sir, that is him :) This is the outfit he wore to picture day on Tuesday. He has his little handsome devil face on like he knows that he is one smokin' little dude! I can't take it!

...grateful for the gift that Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop got Sebastian for his birthday...
He has his very own desk now :) It's looking a little bare. Bobby just assembled it. But we will have to take care of that soon. Lots of art projects and coloring to be done here!

I am happy!


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

on a 2nd Birthday Party...

We held Sebastian's 2nd Birthday party at the inlaws house. Yes, we borrowed their house yet again. And most likely won't be the last. It is very nice of them to let us do it and we appreciate it a lot. It can get a little hectic at times but all in all the party turned out wonderful. The kids party was first off. Only three of the five families showed up. Which at first I was sort of dissapointed about but then soon forgot once all of us got to know each other. Take a look at how it all turned out...
Andrew, the youngest of all the kids in Sebastian's class.
Jonah, very quiet & shy. But was very taken to me :) following me everywhere!
That's Mikel. Sebastian was running around and playing with him.
Those were the party hats! Aren't they the best ever?? I got them off of Amazon! The kids loved them...and so did Bobby...
Moving on...

All the kiddies left a little before 3 and that's when the family started to arrive. Talk about perfect! Sebastian took a dip before presents.

I really can't even tell you how much Sebastian loved opening his gifts. I've never seen anything like it. He knew exactly what was going on. He sat in his chair opened each present on his own and examined everything too. He was very serious about it as well. Like he was on a mission.

Once he opened the flap on this one box and saw that there were clothes inside he turn right around to snatch the next gift bag!!! But I got to ohhhh and awwwee for a nanosecond. Just look at those black skinny jeans. I can not wait until I get to squeeze his cubbie legs in those ;)

Sebastian's cake turned out nice but...
Sebastian wasted no time and got right to eating the cake as we were singing :D funniest thing ever.

Sunday we packed up and headed home. And what was waiting for us once we arrived, this gem..

This is what Bobby and I got Sebastian for his birthday :) A little dino child recliner! He loves it and has been sitting in it every chance he gets. It even has a cup holder.

Well, that was Sebastian's special day. 2nd Birthday and many more to come.


I got a hair cut by the way. What do you think?