Saturday, July 10, 2010

on a whole bunch of "ness"...

First of all, this week has been a hot one. I mean up in the low hundreds. Too hot for me if you ask. On weeks like these I just want fall back! Waaaa. But whatever I can't have everything. Not only has it been hot but also busy. I hate having to get used to another schedule change. Bobby is going to be working Sundays so now Saturdays will be our primary shopping and errand and running around crazy day. Then Monday will actually feel like Monday since Bobby works and Sebastian will be going to daycare. Ahhhh!

It's that time of the month and it's when I feel the most run down. I mean I am almost positive there is a pattern to my blogging life as well because on weeks like this last one I just can't come to do anything. I've been zippo productive. Makes me sad. I envy people that blog everyday (coughjuleecough). But I am determined to be here as much as I can, thoughts I have plenty! That's for sure. Just lazy, I guess.
I can't say that I've not done anything productive because I've got some reading done that I've been lacking on. So, that makes me smile. I've already showed you my reading list and dove head first into The Girl Who Played With Fire. I'm already hooked! And love it so much. Geez this Lisbeth Salander character, well, she is just frickin' awesome. I want to be her best friend forever. I want her to teach me her ways. I love how unorthadox she is and greatly powerful her personality can be. Plus I think she would make life that much more interesting! I really hope an American version of movie is put out soon.

Sebastian's birthday is coming up fast and with all the invites handed out to the daycare families we're just waiting for the r.s.v.p's. So far I've only got one from one of the boy's mothers actually saying that they already have plans with family that day (are you kidding me?) but if things change the week of she will let me know. That was nice of her and I really hope they show because at the rate we're going at doesn't look like Sebastian will be having much of his friends to play with. No, there is still time. I won't think negetivly. I already plan on putting a flyer up counting down the days and reminding all the parents of this particular birthday bash. Helllloo. I will even hunt each and every parent down until I get a legit "yes, we will attend Sebastian's 2nd Birthday party". COME ON. Sure, I haven't really met all the parents and do not know really any by name but for real, live a little. I'm telling you the truth when I say that I know for sure that if we got an invite to one of the other little kiddies birthday parties we would GO. Why? Because what's the worst that can happen. You go, eat some cake, sing a little, hear some crying or witness Sebastian knock some kid out (that was a joke), hand over the present/make a kid happy, met some people whether you dig them or not because who cares you can leave whenever you want, and then go home. No big deal. And in the end no matter what I know Sebastian would enjoy himself or vise versa. That's all that matters right? Heck yes!

Got a call from my dad this morning. I swear the guy knows more Philadelphia news than me. He asked me if I heard about the two Hungarian tourist that died Friday. I was like Whhhhaaaa?? Of course after getting off the phone and heading out for our errands first things first was the Sunday paper. Not only to read the Philadelphia news but also for the couuuupons. Yeah baby! Anways, can you believe that the Philly Ride The Duck tour boat crashed into a barge :( Everyone was forced to jump over board but unfortantuly these two Hungarian tourist one male at the age of 20 and one female at the age of 16! didn't make it. Makes my skin crawl and my heart goes out to the family back in Magyaroszag (Hungary).

Final subject my friends, I know you know this subject was a comin'...ECLIPSE! jdioapfeiwoanguhfejoiejnfdvuyghjropaksf;l...sorry my hands just got much too excited. No joke but right now I am breathing heavy. Palms are slightly sweating. I know, gross. I just can't help it. This movie was the BEST EVER! There were no let downs or disapointments or anything what so ever. Just pure amazingness. Edward and Bella were so adorable and both Robert & Kristen did a great job protraying their love affair. Which I honestly think having a realationship outside of the Twilight Saga helps :) Alot. I thought Rosalie was beautiful in the movie and her flash back was told so well. Same with Jasper who I have a new sort of tiny crush on. Okay, I have a crush on ALL the Twilight boys & girls, vamps and wolfs! Do you blame me? But wait now that I think about it and now that I am really letting out all my sweet dear emotions towards this particular movie I do now see that I didn't really care for the "new" Victoria. She didn't do it for me. Bryce Dallas Howard wasn't fierce enough. Didn't have that anger inside that the old Victoria did. Also thoughout the movie it was such love-hate towards Jacob which was great! He was hotness of course but also conniving and evil. But so, so hot. That made up for it. All in all, I don't care what everyone else says I think it was genius. And when I walked out of that theater and drove home my insides hurt. Hurt because I loved it so much, hurt because I wish that I could live this world (I do not care how lame this may sound to you) and hurt because the movie was over and how badly I wanted to march right back in and sneak into another viewing!!

Now to leave you with a good night fuzzy warmness just because there is a whhhhole lot of "ness" going on today :) Enjoy, and appreciate life people. It's so precious!


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  1. you work, you have a two-year-old(!) and you take care of a household -- of course you don't blog everyday! And heck, neither do I. You do exceptionally well. And I just knew you were going to love Lisbeth -- she reminds me of you. Who do you think should play her in the movie? Loads of people are saying it should be Kristen Stewart. love you!