Friday, July 02, 2010

on some things I am loving...

Some lovies are...

Loving lovely weather that we have here in Philly today. No hummidity or scortching hot sun. Only the beautiful sunshine with a nice cool breeze. Windows are opened with fans circulating the nice fresh air. It's very overwhelming and I find myself sighing with delight.

Currently my snack of choice the past week has been Pirate's Booty Veggie Flavored! Yummm!! I'm HOOKED. It's such a great snack. Doesn't get you full but help to satisfy that little hunger pain. Only problem is once I start I can't stop! Geez. And then sooner or later I find the bag empty. Uh ohhh.

Are you serious?! Come on. This picture is out of FoodNetworks magazine and I just love it. How ridiculiously awesome is this idea. Something that I've never really even thought of doing. Hollow the melon out like it were to be a pumpkin then use it's insides to make a juicy perfect for the summer margarita or really anything! Brilliant. Just have to find a tap...

As you already know my sweet precious Kindle pouch was my very first purchase on Etsy but these Darlingtonia moccasins will have to be must be my second. No if, ands or buts!

This is so bad that I love it! Christian Dior contact lenses...eye don't get it. Hahahaa. Snort. Ahemm. Anyways. Really? They have a golden sheen and the Dior logo. What's next?

Loving Johnson & Johnson's new Honey Apple scented baby wash. Well, because I wash Sebastian with it of course. And I sniff him when he is fast asleep cuddle-bugged next to me. Heavenly.

Here is another Iwouldneverofthoughtoflovie...

Jewerly orginizer. CD holder to store your necklaces and then a simple Ikea icecube tray to hold all your ear rings! A++ to this genius.

What are your lovies?


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