Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on a medley...

Inspiration is a beautiful thing. Don't you think? This new blog I found called Simple Breakfast has me aroused! It is a blog dedicated to breakfast. All there is, is photos of this women Jen's everyday breakfast. Take a look.
Aren't they mouth watering? I think so! I just love how beautiful a simply breakfast can really be, well of course it helps that the photos are very creative and are captured with such attitude. It's like it's speaking to you, don't I look exquisite. That's right, come and eeeattt me. Oh Oh, and the second picture with the coffee's steam spilling over the cup! GOD. I'll stop with saying that I'm in love. Yes, with the steam.

My point is that I would really like to offically have an outstanding feature here called Recipe Remix or R&R for sort since really that fits, I mean when I cook it's like a little rest & relaxation. For sure. I know I do post up some recipes here and there but I would like to do it more often since recently I've gotten a request for it :) Which I love by the way. Requests I mean. Anywho, I thought I would start this up I may do it everyday or just once a week. Too much pressure and I will break out in a cold sweat. And I know that you do not want that!

You will be happy to know that I got my REAL first r.s.v.p from one of the younger boy's (Andrew) father this morning. I was (jump up and down) happy! What made me even happier is that the guy was funny and actually had a sense of humor in the email that he had sent. He even went out of his way to ask if his wife and cake loving older son could come along otherwise he would just put him to work cleaning since he usually makes all the mess anyways. Ha. I thought that was hilarious. I did tell him that he better not dare leave the wifey and cake loving son at home because first of all I would like to have a female to chat with (because so far she would be the only one coming) and secondly there will be plenty of cake (since they are the only ones coming) and I will need help with getting rid of the cake. That way after the party I won't be in the corner stuffing my face with that particular cake. So, really I thank that cake loving boy very much! Aren't you excited for me? Now I guess I actually have to plan a party..hmm. Yeah, I should do that. Soon.

Today is the day that I offically started to stretch my ears. Granted I've only started out with a size 14g. So not a huge deal but I'm excited for it all. I was able to get a kit of different sized earrings from one of the gals I work with who by the way has her ears stretched to a size 00! I bought all her old jewerly off of her for a very reasonable price. This way I have everything I need already. I am going to take baby steps and do the process properly. Since if you do stretch too fast bad things can happen. I will show my process as it develops.

I am really needing to catch up on some movie watching. There are so many out that I still haven't gotten a chance to see. Depressing as it is but time has been slipping away from me. I want to see...
1. Remember Me-- Robert Pattinson, definitly a must see.
2. The Runaways-- I know, I've raved about it but never got to see it :(
3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--Swedish Version, everyone says it's super good.
4. Hot Tub Time Machine-- just because!
Are there any others you recommend?

Happy Day!

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