Saturday, July 17, 2010

on a Friday...

Friday was here. And has gone just as quick. Bobby and I decided last minute that we would like to have a little date night. After talking about what we wanted to do I suggested doing an adventurious night in Center City. So of course we went right to our Aunt Cheryl to see if she would be up to hanging out with Sebastian for the night. It was a definite yes! Thank you Aunt Cheryl :)
We didn't quite plan out anything special. Just have a few hours to spend with one another, eat and walk around. Just enjoy each other and have a breather. Which in my books is so so perfect. We got to Aunt Cheryl's house in South Philly and Sebastian was hoppin' in glee once we got out of the car. Bobby and I aren't very Center City savy so we always get instructions from Aunt Cheryl as to what the best route to our destination is. We didn't want to drive the car around because we usually end up spending more time trying to find parking than enjoying ourselves. So Aunt Cheryl recommended we take the bus...yep, the BUS. I was a little timid towards this idea for I've never been on a bus ever! But after all Bobby was with me so what bad could happen (cough). Aunt Cheryl and Sebastian walked us to the bus stop that we needed and then heading back to having fun. I thought Sebastian was so cute holding Aunt Cheryl's hand on their walk back that I just had to capture the moment. He would look back at us every now and then with a curious face :)
Our bus.
Bus came and we were off!
That would be my anxious face.
Once we hit Walnut Street we got off and Bobby even pulled on the Emergency Stop thingy that the bus had. Just to be safe that the driver would stop at our stop. And it did. We didn't have any fancy dinner in mind, just a quick bite. Naturally where do you think Bobby wanted to eat? Yes, PotBelly. He seems to really enjoy their Chicken Salad Sandwiches. I didn't really want to inconvenience us so I just had a Mushroom Melt from there as well. And don't forget the pickle. I don't know what it is about PotBelly's pickles but they are the best. We ate and then just decided to walk off the food and hit a few stores that were still open. Which were not many and was surprising for it was Friday night and you would think they would be open later for the Friday night life. Anyway, after walking off our delish sandwiches we thought it was time for dessert. We have pretty much by now made it a tradition to grab some frozen yogurt when we are down in Center City because that is really were they have all the shops. Remember a while back I told you about Sweet Endings, a frozen yogurt shop that we tried out. Well, they are CLOSED! Why, I have no clue but they are and my heart was broken when we walked past. What in the world were we going to do. I was very distraught. The great thing was that once we walked a few more blocks down we found another lovie called Tutti Frutti. Frozen yogurt galore. Thank god. We both got a nice size serving, I just got Original Tart because none of the other flavors interested me and Bobby got blueberry. We both thought it tasted great. And hope that on our next trip down we will still be able walk into open doors!
That was our night. It wasn't super extravagant but it was just a nice time. Hand in hand with the man I love.


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