Monday, July 05, 2010

on an eventful 4th weekend...

Before I get started on showing some pictures of our time at the marvelous Reading Phillies game I would like to introduce you too (well, introduce you to her back) Debbie Scotti Fritz...
I met this lady way back before I had Sebastian. Back when I worked for Bucks County Coffee. Back when I switched coffee shop locations to become a manager. She was one of my regulars :) Someone that I saw most every day. Sometimes in the morning, some times in the afternoon or even both! Once I found out I was pregnant she was 100% supportive and excited, her being a grandmother and all. Not to mention a totally hip one ;) Of course the shop closed down and I was layed off but doesn't matter because we still keep in touch. Last year was the first year she invited us to the Reading Phillies game including my sisters who were visting from Seattle. Just like last year we were seated in the Picnic Area where you get free buffet (bbq specialties) & drink. Plus there is a very unqiue pool set up which is ideal for Sebastian and all of Debbie's grandkids. By the way, her family is just sweathearts-the whole lot! Anyways, Debbie is just a whole hearted genuine lady who I am blessed to have in my life.  
On with the festivities..
Our table. The "Fritz Gang" had 5 tables reserved.
The pool area. Cool Huh? The front area was around 4ft deep and where the bigger kids fooled around then up top there were two kiddie pools, one on each side. They were still deep enough that Sebastian couldn't touch but it was nice to have the division of bigger kids to little ones.
Not saying that Sebastian had any problem with bigger kids what so ever..See. I think sometimes he feels more comfortable around them. He was goofin' around with this boy and having lots of fun!
The best shot I got of Sebastian :)
Best shot of Bobby, I got a BIG smile out of him :)
Oh and 'Bastian got right up to the Turtle Mascot (who's name I do not know) and gave him a high-five. Cute!

Since Reading is about an hour and a half drive we just stayed at a hotel for the night. This way we were able to enjoy ourselves. We didn't end up staying the whole time because around 8:30pm Sebastian was starting to get sleepy from all the pool play. However, the cool part was that the hotel was literally down the street and once the game ended (close to 10) we stepped out our hotel room and watch the amazing fireworks :) Perfect.

Sunday we were lazy and checked out of the hotel around 11am then decided to take a detour to the Philadelphia Outlet Mall in Limerick. Oh boy, was that fun. Lots of shopping. Got Sebastian a few shorts and tee-shirts at Gymboree all for $20! No joke. Then I finally found the purse of my dreams at Diesel. Listen to this one, it was 40% off! But WAIT another 20% off on top of that! HOLY SMOKES. So, I payed around $60 for this limited edition NY Diesel handbag. Happy. Happy. Happy!!
Bobby found some nice Puma sneaks that are super sharp, 25% off!
We also got sucked into Pacsun where you buy 2 items and get the third FREE. Ohh. Emm. Geeee. Bobby got 2 brand new hats and I a super cute romper.
Pictures of these lovies will be up soon.

As of today, Bobby's work schedule has changed. Times are the same but days are different. His primary day now is Sunday instead of Wednesday. So from now on he is working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & every other Saturday. Sebastian is in daycare Monday & Tuesdays now.

Hope you had a Happy Sparkler Weekend!

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