Sunday, July 11, 2010

on a early morning...

Sebastian and I were up at 7:30am which is mostly norm for us on a weekend. Bobby was already at work so I figured I would do an early morning walk to the park. My logic being that it's early so it shouldn't be all that hot out yet. Boy, was I wrong on all levels! Of course it was hot out. Like humid hot, like stuck in a green house hot. With no air. No matter we still did the walk to the park and I was surprised how many people were out. Some people jogging/walking around the track that the park has. There was even a group of older men playing a game of baseball, that Sebastian enjoyed watching afar. We played alittle...

Than after a little bit of play we headed back up to check out our local Farmer's Market!
I was extremely excited when I saw that there was a farmers market being held on Sundays literally down the street from us. For the first month however there wasn't much going on but I wanted to give it some time for it to establish itself. Glad I did because it's great. Everything from amazing produce to baked goods like cookies and poundcake. There is a stand simply for poundcake and I chatted with the fellow who makes this poundcake and told me that he bakes up to 8 hours a day! Just because he loves it. How cool is that?! There was a tent with a women who sells fresh picked herbs and spices right from her garden that she picks that morning! A little old lady if I might add which I think makes it even cooler :) Todays visit to the market my attention was drawn to a table full of Exotic Handcrafted Loose Leaf Teas (is what the sign stated). An older couple behind the table told me that they make everything at home and that everything in their teas are grown at home. Ahhh. Amazing. Lastly, the produce is fresh, healthing looking and also great price. Eggplant for $1 each. No way.
So, now that this Farmer's Market has really started to shape I know am going to try my best to start buying my produce & herbs there even my poundcake :) I would much rather give my hard earned money to these very pleasant hard working people than lets say Acme or Giant or even Wegmans (and no I still love you Wegmans, please don't hate me). I really think it's a beautiful thing and holy cow do these people inspire me!
Do you know of any Farmer's Markets around you? Check it out :)


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