Sunday, July 25, 2010

on things I am loving...

I am loving...

This DIY bookcase. Why throw out an old dresser when you can put it to good use :)
DIY shelf. Made out of an antique frame. How clever is that?!

I would love to have one of these in my bedroom. A falling garden. So beautiful.

Sometimes I would love it if I could be a traveling gypsy. Or..
A hippy who camps out in the great outdoors.

I'm loving a new blog:
Read it. And if you are wondering to yourself if Katie really talks like she writes. Well, she does. I don't know her that well but I wish I did.

Other than all that, I am just loving that this week I will only be working three days! I've taken off Thursday and Friday to spend with the birthday boy. Who by the way we are taking to Sesame Place :)

What are your lovies??


Thursday, July 22, 2010

on a girl with a dragon tattoo...

Guess what I finally watched. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Outstanding. I really was on the edge of my seat even though I've already read the book and knew the events. But still. I just had no idea it would be that good. The movie had subtitles but didn't really distract me from the experience. I thought the elaborate photo montages that the director told were much more entertaining than long wordy explanations. I enjoyed that very much.
The characters by far were pretty much great. Noomi Rapace played Lisbeth Salander. Amazing is the word really. I thought she did the look fabulously. I do think that the weirdness of Salander in the book wasn't done up has much. The "book" Salander was more awkward and sullen with her body language. The actor named Michael Nyqvist was Michael Blomkvist in the movie and he was alright. While I read the books I pictured Blomkvist to be more attractive with his looks but in the movie I felt Blomkvist was attractive in his own way, however more with his personality. The only real disappointment was Erika Berger. The book has her playing a big role in Blomkvists life, a love interest. She is beautiful and energetic. The actress who played Erika was nothing like that. More like a clingy complaning co-worker.
This movie most definitly does not shy away from displaying rape & torture. Some parts for me were even painful to watch.
All in all, I would recommend this movie to people that have read the book. I personally don't know if people that haven't read the book would understand this movie fully. And that would just be a sin. Read the book, then watch the movie. Also now that I've seen this movie I'm not so sure we need an American adaptation. But it would be very curious!
Oh, Lisbeth and I are BFF!

Here is what we had for dinner...

Remember these? Not even sure what their called. I guess a panini press. Well, a really really old school one. That there is Bobby's ham & cheese sandwich, that he said was scrumptious.

Here's my fabulous creation pre toasting. Mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil & balsamic vinegarette. On a nice crusty rosemary & oil oil bread.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

on being at home...

It's Tuesday and I'm at home. Reason? Pink-eye. Sebastian's left eye was looking funky Saturday night. Just a little glazed and watery. I was just thinking it might be irritation from being in the pool all day. But then Sunday morning he woke up to a crusted eye. More like an eye crusted shut! So then Monday came and both eyes were looking identical. Called the doctors and they just called some eye drops over to our pharmacy. We didn't even go in to see the doctor because firstly we couldn't even get an appointment and secondly they said from what we described that it most definitely sounds like pink-eye. I'm really not sure if I am comfortable with the diagnosis being made over the phone but what can you do.

Bobby stayed home yesterday with the little guy and I'm here sitting on the couch today. Sebastian feels fine and doesn't have anything else going on but since pink-eye is contagious there was no way he could go to daycare. The way I look at it is that I'm glad that this came out now rather than next week when it's his birthday! Amen.

 As for today we have been just bumming around. I took him out for a nice early morning stroll around our neighborhood, and at the same time I picked up a cup of coffee at the local shop named Elkins Perk :) Which was really what the doctor ordered for me because my body was like whoooaaa, what is going on here?? because I, on a regular day at work would have already had a good 2-3 cups of coffee. Yikes. I know but come on! I work at a coffee shop. It's right there. At my disposal.

 I'm about half way through The Girl Who Played with Fire. The book is killing me! It's so good. I can't get enough and I'm very frustrated with it right now because there is tons going on and not enough explaining going on. At times I just want to skip ahead so I can find out what the hell is going on because I just can't believe it. I find myself talking to myself about it. No it can't be. WHAT! Whatever, she didn't do it. or Come one, just tell me. Bobby even wanted a scoop on what was currently going on because of my dramatic reactions to each page. Pure amazing-ness!

 Sebastian's birthday bash planning is coming along great. I've already decided on the menu and set in stone. I've come to the conclusion that I won't be doing really any cooking. Which for me is a very difficult thing. I have a hard time with buying frozen stuff and throwing things together. But sometimes when you have lots of people and it's summer, cooking away in the kitchen isn't ideal. Plus this way I will be able to visit more and enjoy myself instead of being stressed over my five course meal in the kitchen.
So far I've got three families from daycare coming :) I'm very excited because three is so much better than just two or one. And I'm staying positive since we still have a week and a half so things could change. Five please!

Speaking of Sebastian's birthday, I took off Thursday the 29th and Friday to spend with him. Four day weekend anyone?! So did Bobby. We plan on taking Sebastian to Sesame Place on his birthday! We've been once when he was much younger and it was for an event held there. We weren't really able to enjoy it and that time. I was very surprised on how expensive it is for a ticket. $53! Really? Why? I just don't understand the reasoning of why it has to cost that much. That will be part one of his birthday surprise and then the second surprise gift I will just have to show you on his birthday. I really can't wait to give it to him because I know he is going to love love love it! Only 9 day left.

Bobby is going out to Virginia this weekend. He will be leaving Friday through Sunday. He has a friend out there and they are both car geeks. The guy is having a car geek shindig. I know he is going to have fun for there will be lots of things there that he will be able to participate in which doesn't happen everyday. His friend will be having a car Dyno present (big machine thingy that measures the horse power of your car) which is something that Bobby always likes to be able to do. It's always nice to find out how slow I mean, fast his car is ;) And that is me teasing him. I do however get a little nervous about him driving long distances with this T-Bird since the car isn't all that reliable. But that's me being a worry wart.

Well, there it is folks.
Have a swell day. Is that my eye itching...CRAP!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

on a Friday...

Friday was here. And has gone just as quick. Bobby and I decided last minute that we would like to have a little date night. After talking about what we wanted to do I suggested doing an adventurious night in Center City. So of course we went right to our Aunt Cheryl to see if she would be up to hanging out with Sebastian for the night. It was a definite yes! Thank you Aunt Cheryl :)
We didn't quite plan out anything special. Just have a few hours to spend with one another, eat and walk around. Just enjoy each other and have a breather. Which in my books is so so perfect. We got to Aunt Cheryl's house in South Philly and Sebastian was hoppin' in glee once we got out of the car. Bobby and I aren't very Center City savy so we always get instructions from Aunt Cheryl as to what the best route to our destination is. We didn't want to drive the car around because we usually end up spending more time trying to find parking than enjoying ourselves. So Aunt Cheryl recommended we take the bus...yep, the BUS. I was a little timid towards this idea for I've never been on a bus ever! But after all Bobby was with me so what bad could happen (cough). Aunt Cheryl and Sebastian walked us to the bus stop that we needed and then heading back to having fun. I thought Sebastian was so cute holding Aunt Cheryl's hand on their walk back that I just had to capture the moment. He would look back at us every now and then with a curious face :)
Our bus.
Bus came and we were off!
That would be my anxious face.
Once we hit Walnut Street we got off and Bobby even pulled on the Emergency Stop thingy that the bus had. Just to be safe that the driver would stop at our stop. And it did. We didn't have any fancy dinner in mind, just a quick bite. Naturally where do you think Bobby wanted to eat? Yes, PotBelly. He seems to really enjoy their Chicken Salad Sandwiches. I didn't really want to inconvenience us so I just had a Mushroom Melt from there as well. And don't forget the pickle. I don't know what it is about PotBelly's pickles but they are the best. We ate and then just decided to walk off the food and hit a few stores that were still open. Which were not many and was surprising for it was Friday night and you would think they would be open later for the Friday night life. Anyway, after walking off our delish sandwiches we thought it was time for dessert. We have pretty much by now made it a tradition to grab some frozen yogurt when we are down in Center City because that is really were they have all the shops. Remember a while back I told you about Sweet Endings, a frozen yogurt shop that we tried out. Well, they are CLOSED! Why, I have no clue but they are and my heart was broken when we walked past. What in the world were we going to do. I was very distraught. The great thing was that once we walked a few more blocks down we found another lovie called Tutti Frutti. Frozen yogurt galore. Thank god. We both got a nice size serving, I just got Original Tart because none of the other flavors interested me and Bobby got blueberry. We both thought it tasted great. And hope that on our next trip down we will still be able walk into open doors!
That was our night. It wasn't super extravagant but it was just a nice time. Hand in hand with the man I love.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on a medley...

Inspiration is a beautiful thing. Don't you think? This new blog I found called Simple Breakfast has me aroused! It is a blog dedicated to breakfast. All there is, is photos of this women Jen's everyday breakfast. Take a look.
Aren't they mouth watering? I think so! I just love how beautiful a simply breakfast can really be, well of course it helps that the photos are very creative and are captured with such attitude. It's like it's speaking to you, don't I look exquisite. That's right, come and eeeattt me. Oh Oh, and the second picture with the coffee's steam spilling over the cup! GOD. I'll stop with saying that I'm in love. Yes, with the steam.

My point is that I would really like to offically have an outstanding feature here called Recipe Remix or R&R for sort since really that fits, I mean when I cook it's like a little rest & relaxation. For sure. I know I do post up some recipes here and there but I would like to do it more often since recently I've gotten a request for it :) Which I love by the way. Requests I mean. Anywho, I thought I would start this up I may do it everyday or just once a week. Too much pressure and I will break out in a cold sweat. And I know that you do not want that!

You will be happy to know that I got my REAL first r.s.v.p from one of the younger boy's (Andrew) father this morning. I was (jump up and down) happy! What made me even happier is that the guy was funny and actually had a sense of humor in the email that he had sent. He even went out of his way to ask if his wife and cake loving older son could come along otherwise he would just put him to work cleaning since he usually makes all the mess anyways. Ha. I thought that was hilarious. I did tell him that he better not dare leave the wifey and cake loving son at home because first of all I would like to have a female to chat with (because so far she would be the only one coming) and secondly there will be plenty of cake (since they are the only ones coming) and I will need help with getting rid of the cake. That way after the party I won't be in the corner stuffing my face with that particular cake. So, really I thank that cake loving boy very much! Aren't you excited for me? Now I guess I actually have to plan a party..hmm. Yeah, I should do that. Soon.

Today is the day that I offically started to stretch my ears. Granted I've only started out with a size 14g. So not a huge deal but I'm excited for it all. I was able to get a kit of different sized earrings from one of the gals I work with who by the way has her ears stretched to a size 00! I bought all her old jewerly off of her for a very reasonable price. This way I have everything I need already. I am going to take baby steps and do the process properly. Since if you do stretch too fast bad things can happen. I will show my process as it develops.

I am really needing to catch up on some movie watching. There are so many out that I still haven't gotten a chance to see. Depressing as it is but time has been slipping away from me. I want to see...
1. Remember Me-- Robert Pattinson, definitly a must see.
2. The Runaways-- I know, I've raved about it but never got to see it :(
3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--Swedish Version, everyone says it's super good.
4. Hot Tub Time Machine-- just because!
Are there any others you recommend?

Happy Day!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

on who I am...

I am...

...having mixed emotions about this photo of me. I almost love everything about it other than the fact if you stare long enough I believe it looks like I have an amputated arm. I assure you I don't...

...feeling some homesickness. You would think that after almost 4 years it would hardly be around anymore. I love the today and what is, but I also really do hold the comforts of the past dearly. The good stuff at least. It seems to be even more difficult around holidays or birthdays. Like with Sebastian's birthday coming up I wish I could celebrate with some of the people that are dear to me back in Seattle. Also that being said I wish Sebastian could have some of those people in his life more. Family & friends.
When this mourning of the past comforts or mourning of my home happen I share these feelings that I have with Bobby. Why? Because we are together. And I tell him everything. Duh. Bobby of course doesn't feel the same emotions as I do, ummm because he has everyone that he can possibly need here. And I do think he at times feels like I might be blaming him for our life together being awful. Which is totally silly because I am (do a little jig) happier than I've ever been. But at the same time, no lie, there is a hole. In my chest. And at times I need some time to mourn for those missing things and time to fill that hole back up with new memories & moments. No doubt I kick myself in the butt, but in my head, and tell myself, Stop it. Get over it. This is how it's suppose to be. Don't waste time and energy thinking otherwise. Anyways, I guess I can feel this way because I am so family oriented. Even though my family is unlike others. Then why did you move so far away idiot? My answer is pretty clear and as follows: To be with Bobby. To create a life of my own. To discover a ton of tiny little things about myself. To be courageous and live life however I want it to be lived. To learn & dream.
Anywho, I think that any normal or in my case weird person would miss their home if they admit it or not. And damn it I admit it! I YELL IT TO THE WORLD, I MISS HOME!!!!!!!
Now let me be rational, this is my home now until further notice :)

...thrilled about Eat, Pray, Love the movie starring Julia Roberts and hunk, James Franco is coming out August 13th! If you haven't seen the trailer go here. Or if you haven't read the book, then do so. It's a great adventure.

...hoping that if you haven't seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs that you would hurry up and see the movie. We watched it again lastnight after only seeing it at the movie when it first came out. And I think it is rated pretty high on my fave childrens movie list :) Super laugh out loud funny!

...excited to say that there are now only 104 days until my Californacation :) It's really going to be marvalous.

...hating carbs. They are my own worst enemy. I love bread, I love pasta and I love them both at the same time. I need to keep two open eyes out for not eating myself silly with these delicious foods from the devil.

...starting to understand that almost all bad things are a blessing in disguise. It's just how it is at least for me. I see that negative turns around and becomes possitive. I learn from it and become a better person. Although I don't encourage the bad I do challenge it! Booyahhh!

Be grateful for your life, your gifts, for others and the every day.

on a early morning...

Sebastian and I were up at 7:30am which is mostly norm for us on a weekend. Bobby was already at work so I figured I would do an early morning walk to the park. My logic being that it's early so it shouldn't be all that hot out yet. Boy, was I wrong on all levels! Of course it was hot out. Like humid hot, like stuck in a green house hot. With no air. No matter we still did the walk to the park and I was surprised how many people were out. Some people jogging/walking around the track that the park has. There was even a group of older men playing a game of baseball, that Sebastian enjoyed watching afar. We played alittle...

Than after a little bit of play we headed back up to check out our local Farmer's Market!
I was extremely excited when I saw that there was a farmers market being held on Sundays literally down the street from us. For the first month however there wasn't much going on but I wanted to give it some time for it to establish itself. Glad I did because it's great. Everything from amazing produce to baked goods like cookies and poundcake. There is a stand simply for poundcake and I chatted with the fellow who makes this poundcake and told me that he bakes up to 8 hours a day! Just because he loves it. How cool is that?! There was a tent with a women who sells fresh picked herbs and spices right from her garden that she picks that morning! A little old lady if I might add which I think makes it even cooler :) Todays visit to the market my attention was drawn to a table full of Exotic Handcrafted Loose Leaf Teas (is what the sign stated). An older couple behind the table told me that they make everything at home and that everything in their teas are grown at home. Ahhh. Amazing. Lastly, the produce is fresh, healthing looking and also great price. Eggplant for $1 each. No way.
So, now that this Farmer's Market has really started to shape I know am going to try my best to start buying my produce & herbs there even my poundcake :) I would much rather give my hard earned money to these very pleasant hard working people than lets say Acme or Giant or even Wegmans (and no I still love you Wegmans, please don't hate me). I really think it's a beautiful thing and holy cow do these people inspire me!
Do you know of any Farmer's Markets around you? Check it out :)


Saturday, July 10, 2010

on a whole bunch of "ness"...

First of all, this week has been a hot one. I mean up in the low hundreds. Too hot for me if you ask. On weeks like these I just want fall back! Waaaa. But whatever I can't have everything. Not only has it been hot but also busy. I hate having to get used to another schedule change. Bobby is going to be working Sundays so now Saturdays will be our primary shopping and errand and running around crazy day. Then Monday will actually feel like Monday since Bobby works and Sebastian will be going to daycare. Ahhhh!

It's that time of the month and it's when I feel the most run down. I mean I am almost positive there is a pattern to my blogging life as well because on weeks like this last one I just can't come to do anything. I've been zippo productive. Makes me sad. I envy people that blog everyday (coughjuleecough). But I am determined to be here as much as I can, thoughts I have plenty! That's for sure. Just lazy, I guess.
I can't say that I've not done anything productive because I've got some reading done that I've been lacking on. So, that makes me smile. I've already showed you my reading list and dove head first into The Girl Who Played With Fire. I'm already hooked! And love it so much. Geez this Lisbeth Salander character, well, she is just frickin' awesome. I want to be her best friend forever. I want her to teach me her ways. I love how unorthadox she is and greatly powerful her personality can be. Plus I think she would make life that much more interesting! I really hope an American version of movie is put out soon.

Sebastian's birthday is coming up fast and with all the invites handed out to the daycare families we're just waiting for the r.s.v.p's. So far I've only got one from one of the boy's mothers actually saying that they already have plans with family that day (are you kidding me?) but if things change the week of she will let me know. That was nice of her and I really hope they show because at the rate we're going at doesn't look like Sebastian will be having much of his friends to play with. No, there is still time. I won't think negetivly. I already plan on putting a flyer up counting down the days and reminding all the parents of this particular birthday bash. Helllloo. I will even hunt each and every parent down until I get a legit "yes, we will attend Sebastian's 2nd Birthday party". COME ON. Sure, I haven't really met all the parents and do not know really any by name but for real, live a little. I'm telling you the truth when I say that I know for sure that if we got an invite to one of the other little kiddies birthday parties we would GO. Why? Because what's the worst that can happen. You go, eat some cake, sing a little, hear some crying or witness Sebastian knock some kid out (that was a joke), hand over the present/make a kid happy, met some people whether you dig them or not because who cares you can leave whenever you want, and then go home. No big deal. And in the end no matter what I know Sebastian would enjoy himself or vise versa. That's all that matters right? Heck yes!

Got a call from my dad this morning. I swear the guy knows more Philadelphia news than me. He asked me if I heard about the two Hungarian tourist that died Friday. I was like Whhhhaaaa?? Of course after getting off the phone and heading out for our errands first things first was the Sunday paper. Not only to read the Philadelphia news but also for the couuuupons. Yeah baby! Anways, can you believe that the Philly Ride The Duck tour boat crashed into a barge :( Everyone was forced to jump over board but unfortantuly these two Hungarian tourist one male at the age of 20 and one female at the age of 16! didn't make it. Makes my skin crawl and my heart goes out to the family back in Magyaroszag (Hungary).

Final subject my friends, I know you know this subject was a comin'...ECLIPSE! jdioapfeiwoanguhfejoiejnfdvuyghjropaksf;l...sorry my hands just got much too excited. No joke but right now I am breathing heavy. Palms are slightly sweating. I know, gross. I just can't help it. This movie was the BEST EVER! There were no let downs or disapointments or anything what so ever. Just pure amazingness. Edward and Bella were so adorable and both Robert & Kristen did a great job protraying their love affair. Which I honestly think having a realationship outside of the Twilight Saga helps :) Alot. I thought Rosalie was beautiful in the movie and her flash back was told so well. Same with Jasper who I have a new sort of tiny crush on. Okay, I have a crush on ALL the Twilight boys & girls, vamps and wolfs! Do you blame me? But wait now that I think about it and now that I am really letting out all my sweet dear emotions towards this particular movie I do now see that I didn't really care for the "new" Victoria. She didn't do it for me. Bryce Dallas Howard wasn't fierce enough. Didn't have that anger inside that the old Victoria did. Also thoughout the movie it was such love-hate towards Jacob which was great! He was hotness of course but also conniving and evil. But so, so hot. That made up for it. All in all, I don't care what everyone else says I think it was genius. And when I walked out of that theater and drove home my insides hurt. Hurt because I loved it so much, hurt because I wish that I could live this world (I do not care how lame this may sound to you) and hurt because the movie was over and how badly I wanted to march right back in and sneak into another viewing!!

Now to leave you with a good night fuzzy warmness just because there is a whhhhole lot of "ness" going on today :) Enjoy, and appreciate life people. It's so precious!


Monday, July 05, 2010

on an eventful 4th weekend...

Before I get started on showing some pictures of our time at the marvelous Reading Phillies game I would like to introduce you too (well, introduce you to her back) Debbie Scotti Fritz...
I met this lady way back before I had Sebastian. Back when I worked for Bucks County Coffee. Back when I switched coffee shop locations to become a manager. She was one of my regulars :) Someone that I saw most every day. Sometimes in the morning, some times in the afternoon or even both! Once I found out I was pregnant she was 100% supportive and excited, her being a grandmother and all. Not to mention a totally hip one ;) Of course the shop closed down and I was layed off but doesn't matter because we still keep in touch. Last year was the first year she invited us to the Reading Phillies game including my sisters who were visting from Seattle. Just like last year we were seated in the Picnic Area where you get free buffet (bbq specialties) & drink. Plus there is a very unqiue pool set up which is ideal for Sebastian and all of Debbie's grandkids. By the way, her family is just sweathearts-the whole lot! Anyways, Debbie is just a whole hearted genuine lady who I am blessed to have in my life.  
On with the festivities..
Our table. The "Fritz Gang" had 5 tables reserved.
The pool area. Cool Huh? The front area was around 4ft deep and where the bigger kids fooled around then up top there were two kiddie pools, one on each side. They were still deep enough that Sebastian couldn't touch but it was nice to have the division of bigger kids to little ones.
Not saying that Sebastian had any problem with bigger kids what so ever..See. I think sometimes he feels more comfortable around them. He was goofin' around with this boy and having lots of fun!
The best shot I got of Sebastian :)
Best shot of Bobby, I got a BIG smile out of him :)
Oh and 'Bastian got right up to the Turtle Mascot (who's name I do not know) and gave him a high-five. Cute!

Since Reading is about an hour and a half drive we just stayed at a hotel for the night. This way we were able to enjoy ourselves. We didn't end up staying the whole time because around 8:30pm Sebastian was starting to get sleepy from all the pool play. However, the cool part was that the hotel was literally down the street and once the game ended (close to 10) we stepped out our hotel room and watch the amazing fireworks :) Perfect.

Sunday we were lazy and checked out of the hotel around 11am then decided to take a detour to the Philadelphia Outlet Mall in Limerick. Oh boy, was that fun. Lots of shopping. Got Sebastian a few shorts and tee-shirts at Gymboree all for $20! No joke. Then I finally found the purse of my dreams at Diesel. Listen to this one, it was 40% off! But WAIT another 20% off on top of that! HOLY SMOKES. So, I payed around $60 for this limited edition NY Diesel handbag. Happy. Happy. Happy!!
Bobby found some nice Puma sneaks that are super sharp, 25% off!
We also got sucked into Pacsun where you buy 2 items and get the third FREE. Ohh. Emm. Geeee. Bobby got 2 brand new hats and I a super cute romper.
Pictures of these lovies will be up soon.

As of today, Bobby's work schedule has changed. Times are the same but days are different. His primary day now is Sunday instead of Wednesday. So from now on he is working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & every other Saturday. Sebastian is in daycare Monday & Tuesdays now.

Hope you had a Happy Sparkler Weekend!

Friday, July 02, 2010

on some things I am loving...

Some lovies are...

Loving lovely weather that we have here in Philly today. No hummidity or scortching hot sun. Only the beautiful sunshine with a nice cool breeze. Windows are opened with fans circulating the nice fresh air. It's very overwhelming and I find myself sighing with delight.

Currently my snack of choice the past week has been Pirate's Booty Veggie Flavored! Yummm!! I'm HOOKED. It's such a great snack. Doesn't get you full but help to satisfy that little hunger pain. Only problem is once I start I can't stop! Geez. And then sooner or later I find the bag empty. Uh ohhh.

Are you serious?! Come on. This picture is out of FoodNetworks magazine and I just love it. How ridiculiously awesome is this idea. Something that I've never really even thought of doing. Hollow the melon out like it were to be a pumpkin then use it's insides to make a juicy perfect for the summer margarita or really anything! Brilliant. Just have to find a tap...

As you already know my sweet precious Kindle pouch was my very first purchase on Etsy but these Darlingtonia moccasins will have to be must be my second. No if, ands or buts!

This is so bad that I love it! Christian Dior contact lenses...eye don't get it. Hahahaa. Snort. Ahemm. Anyways. Really? They have a golden sheen and the Dior logo. What's next?

Loving Johnson & Johnson's new Honey Apple scented baby wash. Well, because I wash Sebastian with it of course. And I sniff him when he is fast asleep cuddle-bugged next to me. Heavenly.

Here is another Iwouldneverofthoughtoflovie...

Jewerly orginizer. CD holder to store your necklaces and then a simple Ikea icecube tray to hold all your ear rings! A++ to this genius.

What are your lovies?