Friday, June 25, 2010

on who I am

...feeling like at times I could scream, pull my hair out, take a vacation far far away (for a long long time) but at the end of the day I wouldn't have it any other way. I've been blessed with a son, a man, a roof other my day and a job that I enjoy. Times right now are busy and rough but I am lucky that I can look at everything I have and realize how fortunate I am. Makes me smile. It's all worth it.

...thinking that it is more than hilarious that I found out my "mother" is getting married in October! Ha. More power to the poor fellow is all I got to say!!

...excited that Sebastian's 2nd Birthday is not too far away. Starting to plan for it and I've already got some great ideas. Also it will be fun to invite all his friends from daycare. Also a little nervious for this will be my first 'real' birthday party with people other than family!

...happy that Eclipse is almost here :)

...wishes Bobby and I could have a romantic weekend away. And wishes my family was closer since date nights/weekends away would probably happen more frequently.

...going to soon start to stretch my ears out. Before you start let me say that I only plan on stretching them to a size 0. I like it and been wanting to do it since highschool but never got around to it. Hooray :) Something that I am very excited about.

...thrilled for how well I get along with my boss. Dave is pretty much the coolest dude ever. We practically have a discussion everyday with topics verying from kids, music, books and just life in gereral. It's so cool to know a man that could be my father (sorry Dave) that shares the same taste in music and morals. Yet again I've been rewarded with such amazing boss' (knock on wood). Never have I once had a boss that I've dislike or not gotten along with.

...hoping to catch up on alot of movies. Since all my shows are gone (sniff sniff) it's time to work on the movies that I could have been watching but just couldn't because I'm some what overly obcessed about my shows. I admit it. It's funny and I'm not even kidding with you right now but I've really grasped the fact that when I have a show on, one that pretty much means the world to me, I can't be spoken too. Just ask Bobby. He know better now that to say something or comment on something about the show which is a big no no. Even Sebastian knows not to make a peep when mommy is in a trance. Commercials are a different story. You my talk. I'm just telling you these things if you happen to sit and watch a show with me some point in time. But I'm not sooooo bad...

...missing my bestfriend. The only person on this big earth who understands me. The one who doesn't care about anything I do for I am still the same person to her. I miss my Te Te!

...currenly wanting to get some botox injected into my upper lip, nothing gnarly looking but just a little bit so I actually look like I have a upper lip. Take a look for yourself! Thanks.


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