Friday, June 18, 2010

on some things I am loving...

I am loving...

...that today is Friday. I'm back to work & and will have all the coffee my heart desires at my fingers tips yet again. Hooray for a short week :]

These images of a campsite wedding really inspire me...
isn't is wonderful?!?! I think the couple is way adorable. Makes my heart flutter.

This will be my next car! I need it. It will complete me and fill that whole that is deep down in my chest. Well, that might have been a little dramatic but you get my gist. I love this car with out a doubt and I'm currently drilling this fact into dear ol' Bobby's head so he gets the picture. Muwahahaha.

I ended up needing to send back my Kindle and for Amazon to replace it because it broke. The cover that I bought when I first got my gem flat out broke my Kindle! I was so distraught. Thank the heavens that Amazon is totally chillax and the best ever. I called them and the day after I had my new Kindle waiting for me in the mailbox. Best part was that when I talked to the Amazon person over the phone she had told me to make sure I keep my power cord because they won't be sending another. I would just have to keep the one that I already had because what you do is just send the broken Kindle back in the new box. BUT, the new Kindle came with a power cord :) & now I have 2! How I love you Amazon. 
Long story sorry but I needed to tell you. 
Anyways. Since that happend I didn't really want to buy another one of those stupid covers for it. I like reading my Kindle "naked" which mean with out a cover on it. I had a book style cover where you open the cover up like a book and boom there is the Kindle. But I think I don't like that much so I wanted to find a kind of sleeve for it instead. All Amazon had was plain leather sleeves that were just yucky. So where do I go to find something that is more "me" and that I know will be safe for my precious? ETSY :) Bought an adorable, what I like to call, pouch on etsy today and so can't wait to get it!
The little apple button is made out of coconut!! Heeeellllo. Nothing cuter.

I love old teapots. I love flowers. What an amazing idea. The old silver teapots and vibrant colored flowers are charming. Too fun!

Lissie's cover of Bad Romance..pretty incredible.

These paint splatterd Keds that I spotted on Anthropologie, they are sooooo Nirvana & I WILL buy them..soon!


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