Sunday, June 27, 2010

on something that will most likely make your day!...

So, very recently I have got in touch with some classmates from Elementary school. More specifically my first Elementary school in Bothell, Washington. Fernwood Elementary was the school that I spent most of my childhood and then end of fifth grade was when my family moved to Snohomish which meant I changed schools. One of my classmates found this in her garage and of course posted it plus tagged me on Facebook. It was such a delight seeing this.
With that being said...take a look and don't laugh!!

(click on photo to make it bigger. I know you want a better view :))
Did you find me? Yep, that's me on the far right in front of the teacher. First of all I don't remember wearing that and am wondering what I was thinking. Secondly, I should of put a witch hat on and held a broom for god sake! And why am I looking like I'm a soldier at attention. Could I be any straighter??
Anyways, I thought that was a cool throw back and hoped you enjoyed it. Didn't that make your day :) I think so.

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