Tuesday, June 29, 2010

on a rant...

It has happend. I'm totally exasperated with this situation. Trust me when I say that I didn't want to have to do this and it's funny that I am doing it but what can I say...I just have to. I can't let it slide. I received a comment on my last Who I Am post that was plain 'ol absured. Like throw your hands up batty I tell you! I was extremely aghasted by what was written. This comment was written towards what I had wrote in the post about my "mother" getting married. For your benifit dear true readers here is the comment from what I like to call a "mommy minion", so that the following rant will be better understood. And I won't lie, partly I am doing this because I have no contact information for this certain lady so I am pretty much letting her eat her words on the world wide web. How do you like me know?
Anita, I just read your blog again and I believe some day you will be a well known author.

However, what you said about your Mother is very cruel and abusive. You should be happy for her for finding a really wonderful man. Her future husband is very loving, caring and generous to your mom.
Also, you are a good Mother, and you are that way because you inherited it from your Mother. All the love you have for your son is the love your Mother gave you.
Finally, I know you will always love your Dad, but you have to remember that your Dad destroyed the lives of not one, but TWO families, all for his own selfish reasons. And as long as you justify those actions, you are putting down your own worth as a woman.
I care about you a lot, and I am very sad to see what happened to your family.
Take care,
mommy minion
As much as I loved the compliment about my amazing writing skills, I have to say that her research is a little one sided and biased for that matter. I will have to rip this apart piece by piece. Shall we...
First of all if you read my post my exact words were "...thinking that it is more than hilarious that I found out my "mother" is getting married in October! Ha. More power to the poor fellow is all I got to say!!". Now did that in any way, shape or form speak negatively about the "future dude". NOPE! Any negativity in this statment was geared towards my "mother". Helllllooo. He can be wonderful, generious and caring. Who gives a flying fart. I don't, I just want to wish the guy luck. For obvious reasons of course. 
The next part really gets me going! I am a good mother, fact. I am a good mother because of me and no one else, understood? I am my own person not either of my parents. I have my own thoughts, my own morals and I raise my son the way I, in my free mind see fit. For you or anyone else to say that my love for my son came from my "mother" is a complete joke. That would require me to have actually recieved looooooovveee from my "mother". Now I bet you are saying to yourself, "But she must have loved you!". No hunny she didn't. I'm so very sorry if material love doesn't do it for me. You think taking me to Alderwood Mall or Nordstroms Rack to buy me clothes, shoes god knows what is LOVE! It's not last time I checked. Love to me is showing some sort of compassion towards your child.

On the subject of my father. I don't know if you realize what sort of relationship my father and I have, well how would you when truely you don't even know me. My dad doesn't deny his true wrong doings in life, he doesn't lie about mistakes he's made, past or present. I can't say the same about my "mother". Do I think he is a saint. Definitly not. But, if you think my dad is selfish well you are very stupid then. He has worked harder than anyone I know. He cares about what I do in life, truely cares. He cares if I am happy. He cares how I feel. He loves me for who I am even if he doesn't agree with my hair color at the time or my new tattoo. Because I am forever his daughter.
My "mother" has done plenty of selfish things in the life I spent with her. I honestly don't care if the whole world knows it either. And one day they will know, that is a promise. My parents' divorce was written in the books for a long long time but what was not written was who would actually have the courage. You see we were NEVER A FAMILY TO BEGIN WITH! Get it through your head. There was absolutly nothing to destroy. Don't you see.
I don't justify anything. I don't defend mistakes my father has made or anyones for that matter. What I do justify is his honesty. And I will battle you, you & especially you for his honor because honesty in my book is the root of all forgivness.

Now if you or anyone has anymore concerns because I mean so so much to them please direct your discomforts or your need to medle in my, well, life here is my personal email. It would be my pleasure- anitahulitza@hotmail.com

On another note while I'm at it. I'm super sick of the "minions". Leave me alone! 

Aaaaaaaaannnd SCENE....


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