Thursday, June 03, 2010

on a must needed update...

...sorry for my more-than-I-wanted-hiatus. But I needed it. I've been extremely busy with well, life! Plus there were a couple things that I needed to figure out in my head before I could come back to my blogging world. I felt like I was thinking a little too negative lately and I didn't want to bring that into here. Not that I wanted to be away and I won't tell you that this little vaca from my blog won't happen again. But it's sure good to be back. I will say that I felt like I was missing something and it was this. I'm back. And boy! do I have lots to SAY :) for the news that you will be proud to hear for I actually will have lots of time to chit chat with all you fine people and that is because I am temporarily out of work. Yep. Nothing too serious and it sort of is a long story but I will give you the Readers Digest version of it. My little coffee shop is located inside a mall. The health department has told the mall and us that we have to put a solid roof over our kiosk for blah blah blah reasons. Fine with us, it's on the mall to do all that. So time has past, like months and still no roof. Yesterday Dave (the boss) and myself were surprised with a visit for the health department saying they are closing us down until our roof is up... WHHHATT! No words can describe how furious Dave was and of course so was I. I do not know the details on whos fault it is for the delay on the roof, however I do know it was not our responsibliy. So now I am out of work along with my fellow employees until this roof is up and Dave is loosing money in this dilema. Not fun. Hoping everything will work out and soon. Otherwise you will be hearing from me alot more in the up in coming days :)

...going to share with you the wonderfully amazing news that I told you about in the previous post (even though I told you this like a month ago, and for that I am sorry). Julee emailed me on Mother's Day inviting me with her & Glen to California in October. Best part is my best friend in the whole wide world will be going along with them, Tanya who is someone that I miss more than anyone back in Seattle. Can you believe it? I couldn't at first. I opened the email and as I was reading felt like my breaths were getting shallower and heavier. I was basically running out of air. I kept thinking. WOW. Are you serious? Wow. This couldn't be true? Then the second thought in my head was but...Bobby & Sebastian..I told Bobby and the first reation I got from him was a huge smile and "Geez that's really nice of them". Chhhheeeyyahh. After Bobby assured me that we will figure everything out and that we would ask the Grandparents if they can help out since Bobby will have work the days the trip is planned I started to get even more excited. Now everything is looking great and Bobby is even going to take a few day off work and just spend them with Sebastian. I still can't believe it, I'm going to get to spend roughly 5ish days with the three people that mean so much too me in DisneyLand! I know what your thinking though, I already went to DisneyWorld! I know, I know, double wammy all in a year :) Sweet deal. I can not thank Julee & Glen more for giving me this gift! Love them. Aaaand, I GET TO SEE MY TE TE :) happy that Bobby and I splurged on the tickets to the MMRBQ this year. Alice in Chains and STP were amazing. Alice in Chains were great with their long hair and 90's rock attire. The new lead singer is like no other replacment that I've ever seen. He sounds exactly the same as the former lead singer Layne Staley who died in 2002. William DuVall joined them in 2005 & resembles Lenny Kravtiz. For real. STP came on last which I stood for, the whole time singing along and listening plus watching every move Scott Weiland made! He is pure genius. I'm so glad I got see this once in a lifetime performance with both the greatest bands of the 90's! new hair cut. I like it. I know I said I was growing it out but the time came to just say enough is enough. I can deal with the front being long but MY GOD the back was almost down to the tops of my shoulders and in this heat here in Philly, not going to happen. So, I got the back stacked up. Not super short but short enough. It has alot more spunk to it and the color turned out nice.

...our annual trip to Carlisle for the Ford Car Show is just around the corner. As in tomorrow. Heading down there in the late morning as soon as we get ourselves rounded up into both cars. I will be in my Jeepy with Sebastian while Bobby drives his beloved down. Roughly will be a 2 hour drive to the Days Inn that will be staying at, which is actually located inside Harrisburg but is a brand new hotel who is cheaper and closer than any of the other hotels we looked into. I'm excited. The weather report calls for rain but the percentage isn't too bad. I'm not worried about it because we will have fun together no matter what.

...that being said Bobby's birthday will be on Tuesday. Our plans are to head back home from Carlisle on Sunday since I was going to have work on Monday & I still might (who knows) but if not we will be heading down to the New Jersey shore. We will stay until late Tuesday because Bobby is due back to work Wednesday morning. We haven't really planned anything solid for the shore; like where we are staying or what we are doing..but that's the beautey of it! Wing it and do what ever we want to do. Well, what my birthday boy man wants to do, who by the way will be 26 years old ;)

...Sebastian got his first mohawk today! I think it was about time that he sports the do since his momma did at one point in her life. He is so cute and looks like a natural being all punk'd out :)

...well, you will be hearing from me soon! Ta-Ta for now.

Best Regards 

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