Sunday, June 27, 2010

on a good day...

What a good day. It was just me and Sebastian since Bobby went right to the car races after work this yesterday morning. I don't know how he does it. Make a long story short, sort of, he got off work yesterday morning and headed to the car races. Slept nothing all day and and then back at work that night until 7am this morning. Does that seem possible to you? Best part is that I'll be leaving to work once he gets home and he'll have Sebastian all day. He did have fun so that's all that matters.

Yesterday was a nice lazy day. I figured since I have to work today that I'd make yesterday be just a day for relaxing. Sebastian and I took our time waking up and eating breakfast which is always so nice. Then I packed us up and headed to Curtis Arboretum which is just down the street & so convenient. I think I've mentioned it before and I really love it there. Picnics are the best there hands down. Big huge old trees to hide from the sun, lots of land to let Sebastian explore on his own and the tranquility is so pure. I layed a blanket out and read my Kindle while the little guy played with toys. We stayed a good couple hours just having fun!
The tree we sat under. How old do you think it might be?
This picture is great. Makes me smile.
Playing with his fave jungle set.

That kid behind me, yeah, he's mine and means more than life!
Being goof balls is more than natural for the two of us :)
Sometimes I wish I could do the stay at home mom thing again but at this age now. To have more moments like these.


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