Thursday, June 10, 2010

on Carlisle, Cape May & being 100th post!

Happy to say that our little trip to Carlise and NJ was very very refreshing and we all had such a blast! That being said I would like to say that this is my 100th post!!! Horray :) Sooo, sit back and relax and enjoy the pictures of our wonderful time away.

Carlisle--This is our club's tent. We park around the tent and remenis with all the other members who are from all around the country.
Sebastian and his famous mohawk! He got all sorts of attention over the weekend  :)

Sitting in Dadda's car trying to be funny
Bobby and his race car.
Monster truck!

My favorite car at the whole show and one that I would love to own one day. Ford Raptor.

Cape May, NJ. Our little cabin that we rented out for the night.

Just had to show you Sebastian in his authentic Hawaian clothes that my dad got him on his trip in Hawai. So cute!
annnd had to show you this because it was the best of all the pictures I've taken of this weekend. That smile is so precious. I just can't capture too many of these pictures anymore since he just is on the go go go all the time!
Bobby teaching Sebastian how to fish in the lake at the campground...
They caught ONE!! We put it back into the water after.
Tuesday was Bobby's 26th Birthday and he wanted to spend the day at the Cape May Zoo. So we did and Sebastian's favorite part was feeding the goats :)
Horrible picture of me buttttt whatever...


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