Wednesday, June 30, 2010

on a new day...

Today was a new day. A new breath of fresh air.

Last night at midnight Eclipse was watched by millions if not billions of people. I was not one of that billion. Of course it came out on one of the weeks that Bobby has to work nights so it was hardly possible for me to see the midnight showing. Contrary to reason, I could of found a way but it being a work night wasn't the best idea. I'm an old lady for christ sake!! I most likely won't be able to get to see the movie until Thursday of next week which saddens me but nothing I can do. I've heard great things so far especially can't wait for Taylor's Never-Get-Old-Abs :)

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! Part 1 comes out November 19th. Part 2 comes out July 15th 2011. Geeking out still at 21?? Is that okay? I DON'T CARE! It's basically the best ever that they are splitting up the movie, a dream come true for me. I know when I was reading the book for the first time that I didn't want it to end so I stretched the book out for a couple weeks of great reading. (Click here to view the trailer). Another lovie, can't wait :)

I finally received my Kindle pouch in the mail today. It came all the way from Thailand so it took a good week and a half. It was very neatly packaged and it hurt me to have to rip it apart!
Now I can allow myself to travel with my Kindle. I was much too nervious to do it before.

Tonight I decided that I wanted to bake but then also decided that I shouldn't use the oven since the AC was running all day. Sooooo I made Nutty No Bake Cookies. I know, I'm a genius. These I surely will be making many more times this summer. Firstly they are so easy and secondly they are about the most scrumptious cookie ever!
Here's how to go about making these delights--

2 cups sugar
 3 tablespoons cocoa
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup butter
3 cups oats
1/2 cup (chunky) peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
 1/4 cup of your favorite chopped nuts (I used almonds)

In a large sauce pan, over low heat mix together sugar, cocoa, milk and butter until well combined. Bring to a rapid boil and maintain at a low boil for 4-5 minutes. You want it to boil for exactly 5 minutes. This is what makes them stick together and solidify. If you under cook them they will not harden enough (but just put them in the freezer for a little bit for an easy save) if you over cook them they will be too dry and crumbly and not form cookies-so watch out for that. After 4-5 minutes of boiling, remove pan from heat and quickly stir in vanilla and peanut butter. Once the peanut butter has mostly melted into the batter stir in oats and nuts. Spoon onto wax or parchment paper and allow to set up for 8-10 minutes. This will make 12-15 spoonful size cookies.

Try it :)

Lastly, I would like to thank every single person who has reached out to me about my last post. If you know me the subject at hand can get me all steamy. My very own Achilles Heel. I do see that there is no need to justify anything at all. I live a wholesome life and am happy for that. I've been doing great without any negative energy bringing me down and I will forever strive for it to stay that way. On the flip side I also see that I am the one that made the choice to live my life "out loud". Agreed & no regrets. Now lets do a hot dog fold, then hamburger fold, hot dog fold once more, than fold into a paper airplane, then throw into a gust of wind outside to let it set flight to a far far off place. And there it will stay.
I love the people I have in my life. For without you I would have no worth ;)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

on a rant...

It has happend. I'm totally exasperated with this situation. Trust me when I say that I didn't want to have to do this and it's funny that I am doing it but what can I say...I just have to. I can't let it slide. I received a comment on my last Who I Am post that was plain 'ol absured. Like throw your hands up batty I tell you! I was extremely aghasted by what was written. This comment was written towards what I had wrote in the post about my "mother" getting married. For your benifit dear true readers here is the comment from what I like to call a "mommy minion", so that the following rant will be better understood. And I won't lie, partly I am doing this because I have no contact information for this certain lady so I am pretty much letting her eat her words on the world wide web. How do you like me know?
Anita, I just read your blog again and I believe some day you will be a well known author.

However, what you said about your Mother is very cruel and abusive. You should be happy for her for finding a really wonderful man. Her future husband is very loving, caring and generous to your mom.
Also, you are a good Mother, and you are that way because you inherited it from your Mother. All the love you have for your son is the love your Mother gave you.
Finally, I know you will always love your Dad, but you have to remember that your Dad destroyed the lives of not one, but TWO families, all for his own selfish reasons. And as long as you justify those actions, you are putting down your own worth as a woman.
I care about you a lot, and I am very sad to see what happened to your family.
Take care,
mommy minion
As much as I loved the compliment about my amazing writing skills, I have to say that her research is a little one sided and biased for that matter. I will have to rip this apart piece by piece. Shall we...
First of all if you read my post my exact words were "...thinking that it is more than hilarious that I found out my "mother" is getting married in October! Ha. More power to the poor fellow is all I got to say!!". Now did that in any way, shape or form speak negatively about the "future dude". NOPE! Any negativity in this statment was geared towards my "mother". Helllllooo. He can be wonderful, generious and caring. Who gives a flying fart. I don't, I just want to wish the guy luck. For obvious reasons of course. 
The next part really gets me going! I am a good mother, fact. I am a good mother because of me and no one else, understood? I am my own person not either of my parents. I have my own thoughts, my own morals and I raise my son the way I, in my free mind see fit. For you or anyone else to say that my love for my son came from my "mother" is a complete joke. That would require me to have actually recieved looooooovveee from my "mother". Now I bet you are saying to yourself, "But she must have loved you!". No hunny she didn't. I'm so very sorry if material love doesn't do it for me. You think taking me to Alderwood Mall or Nordstroms Rack to buy me clothes, shoes god knows what is LOVE! It's not last time I checked. Love to me is showing some sort of compassion towards your child.

On the subject of my father. I don't know if you realize what sort of relationship my father and I have, well how would you when truely you don't even know me. My dad doesn't deny his true wrong doings in life, he doesn't lie about mistakes he's made, past or present. I can't say the same about my "mother". Do I think he is a saint. Definitly not. But, if you think my dad is selfish well you are very stupid then. He has worked harder than anyone I know. He cares about what I do in life, truely cares. He cares if I am happy. He cares how I feel. He loves me for who I am even if he doesn't agree with my hair color at the time or my new tattoo. Because I am forever his daughter.
My "mother" has done plenty of selfish things in the life I spent with her. I honestly don't care if the whole world knows it either. And one day they will know, that is a promise. My parents' divorce was written in the books for a long long time but what was not written was who would actually have the courage. You see we were NEVER A FAMILY TO BEGIN WITH! Get it through your head. There was absolutly nothing to destroy. Don't you see.
I don't justify anything. I don't defend mistakes my father has made or anyones for that matter. What I do justify is his honesty. And I will battle you, you & especially you for his honor because honesty in my book is the root of all forgivness.

Now if you or anyone has anymore concerns because I mean so so much to them please direct your discomforts or your need to medle in my, well, life here is my personal email. It would be my pleasure-

On another note while I'm at it. I'm super sick of the "minions". Leave me alone! 

Aaaaaaaaannnd SCENE....


Sunday, June 27, 2010

on something that will most likely make your day!...

So, very recently I have got in touch with some classmates from Elementary school. More specifically my first Elementary school in Bothell, Washington. Fernwood Elementary was the school that I spent most of my childhood and then end of fifth grade was when my family moved to Snohomish which meant I changed schools. One of my classmates found this in her garage and of course posted it plus tagged me on Facebook. It was such a delight seeing this.
With that being said...take a look and don't laugh!!

(click on photo to make it bigger. I know you want a better view :))
Did you find me? Yep, that's me on the far right in front of the teacher. First of all I don't remember wearing that and am wondering what I was thinking. Secondly, I should of put a witch hat on and held a broom for god sake! And why am I looking like I'm a soldier at attention. Could I be any straighter??
Anyways, I thought that was a cool throw back and hoped you enjoyed it. Didn't that make your day :) I think so.

on a good day...

What a good day. It was just me and Sebastian since Bobby went right to the car races after work this yesterday morning. I don't know how he does it. Make a long story short, sort of, he got off work yesterday morning and headed to the car races. Slept nothing all day and and then back at work that night until 7am this morning. Does that seem possible to you? Best part is that I'll be leaving to work once he gets home and he'll have Sebastian all day. He did have fun so that's all that matters.

Yesterday was a nice lazy day. I figured since I have to work today that I'd make yesterday be just a day for relaxing. Sebastian and I took our time waking up and eating breakfast which is always so nice. Then I packed us up and headed to Curtis Arboretum which is just down the street & so convenient. I think I've mentioned it before and I really love it there. Picnics are the best there hands down. Big huge old trees to hide from the sun, lots of land to let Sebastian explore on his own and the tranquility is so pure. I layed a blanket out and read my Kindle while the little guy played with toys. We stayed a good couple hours just having fun!
The tree we sat under. How old do you think it might be?
This picture is great. Makes me smile.
Playing with his fave jungle set.

That kid behind me, yeah, he's mine and means more than life!
Being goof balls is more than natural for the two of us :)
Sometimes I wish I could do the stay at home mom thing again but at this age now. To have more moments like these.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

on a summer reading list...

I've compiled a list of books that I must read. Ones that I've been meaning to but haven't got around or just because other books have gotten in the way.

(Not in any particular order)

A book that I've always wanted to read but never got around to it. I think it's about time. Also there is a second book now and I will have to read that as well. The plot is very interesting.

I'm sorry to say this but I've never read a Stephen King novel. Shocking I know. So, I've heard from many people this is a great book by him and I want to give it a read. It will be a long read since it's 1,000+ pages!

Of course you already know I've read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and so it's already a given that I just have to read the next two books. Gets me all giddy inside and can't wait to read them.

Now this is not a book I would normally pick up and read but Dave my boss is currently reading it and he gave me a description that had me asking questions and wanting to know more. Funny because he hasn't even finished the book so he had the same sort of Q's as I did. I need to find out what happens to Little Bee.

I saw someone reading this on the plane when we went to Florida. I had asked the lady how she liked it and she said "you have to read it, it's great!". Now with that I can't not read it!!

Very curious. A girl slowly turning into glass. Who meets a boy and both are on a journey to find a cure. And time is ticking away...What! Does she turn into glass?! I need to know this, and about the world that surrounds them :)

Last but not least this gem by the same auther as Lovely Bones. About a grown women who kills her own mother. Hmmmm.

What are you reading?


Friday, June 25, 2010

on who I am

...feeling like at times I could scream, pull my hair out, take a vacation far far away (for a long long time) but at the end of the day I wouldn't have it any other way. I've been blessed with a son, a man, a roof other my day and a job that I enjoy. Times right now are busy and rough but I am lucky that I can look at everything I have and realize how fortunate I am. Makes me smile. It's all worth it.

...thinking that it is more than hilarious that I found out my "mother" is getting married in October! Ha. More power to the poor fellow is all I got to say!!

...excited that Sebastian's 2nd Birthday is not too far away. Starting to plan for it and I've already got some great ideas. Also it will be fun to invite all his friends from daycare. Also a little nervious for this will be my first 'real' birthday party with people other than family!

...happy that Eclipse is almost here :)

...wishes Bobby and I could have a romantic weekend away. And wishes my family was closer since date nights/weekends away would probably happen more frequently.

...going to soon start to stretch my ears out. Before you start let me say that I only plan on stretching them to a size 0. I like it and been wanting to do it since highschool but never got around to it. Hooray :) Something that I am very excited about.

...thrilled for how well I get along with my boss. Dave is pretty much the coolest dude ever. We practically have a discussion everyday with topics verying from kids, music, books and just life in gereral. It's so cool to know a man that could be my father (sorry Dave) that shares the same taste in music and morals. Yet again I've been rewarded with such amazing boss' (knock on wood). Never have I once had a boss that I've dislike or not gotten along with.

...hoping to catch up on alot of movies. Since all my shows are gone (sniff sniff) it's time to work on the movies that I could have been watching but just couldn't because I'm some what overly obcessed about my shows. I admit it. It's funny and I'm not even kidding with you right now but I've really grasped the fact that when I have a show on, one that pretty much means the world to me, I can't be spoken too. Just ask Bobby. He know better now that to say something or comment on something about the show which is a big no no. Even Sebastian knows not to make a peep when mommy is in a trance. Commercials are a different story. You my talk. I'm just telling you these things if you happen to sit and watch a show with me some point in time. But I'm not sooooo bad...

...missing my bestfriend. The only person on this big earth who understands me. The one who doesn't care about anything I do for I am still the same person to her. I miss my Te Te!

...currenly wanting to get some botox injected into my upper lip, nothing gnarly looking but just a little bit so I actually look like I have a upper lip. Take a look for yourself! Thanks.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

on a bean burger...

I made Bean Burgers for dinner lastnight. It's another recipe from my Vegetarian cookbook my mom-inlaw got me. Beans are a great source of fiber, protein & iron but aren't my favorite. I'll eat them but not something that I choose to cook often. Be that as it may I'm trying to change that with all the amazing things you can do with beans. Bean burgers being one of them. Here is how it turned out--
My thoughts: It did not take long at all to make these up and in the end I enjoyed them very much. I had one burger & filled me right up. The comination of pinto beans & mushrooms + the parsley really did a great job binding together. Bobby on the other hand did like it but said that it was a little too bland. He said it needs more "zest" (his exact words. Ha). I do agree with him that it needs a little more seasonings, at least more than the recipe calls for which is fine and which is something I would be adding to make this cow pie looking dish even BETTER! Make some, eat some. Here is the recipe by the book with Anny side notes. Be creative.

Bean Burgers
Serves 4

1 tbsp sunflower oil, plus some to brush onto the burgers (I just used canolia oil since that's what is in my kitchen)
1 onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
4 oz white mushrooms, finely chopped
15 oz/ 1 can pinto bean or red kidney beans (which ever you refer) rinsed & drained *this is important otherwise the burger will have to much liquid and won't bind together.
2 tbsp chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
salt & pepper to taste & any other seasonings you might add!!
all-purpose flour to dusting
hamburger buns

1. Heat the oil in a skillet. Add the onion, cook until softened. Add garlic, coriander and cumin & cook for about a minute on medium heat. Add chopped mushrooms and cook. Stirr frequently for 4-5 minutes or until all the liquid has evaporated, again you don't want any excess liquids. Transfer to a bowl.
2. Put beans in a small bowl and mash with a fork. **I found this very diffecult to do with a fork so I got out my old fashioned potato masher and used that. Worked brilliantly! Once mashed add the mushroom mixture as well as the chopped parsley. Then season with salt, pepper & anything else you might like.
3. Preheat the broiler to medium-high. Divide the mixture into portions depending on how you prefer it. This recipe serves four and tells you to divide the mixture up into four equal portions but if you want smaller burgers GO FOR IT! I just did 4 because it's just Bobby & myself :) After dividing, shape into flat round patties. Dush lightly with flour then brush some of the oil on the patties. Cook under the broiler for 5 or so minutes on each side! Serve on hamburger buns and a salad if you like, that's what we did! DONE. EAT!

By the way this is now the third recipe that I've made from this fine book of mine. First was Falafel (which took 2 attempts) and then a lovely macaroni & cheese recipe. I will share those soon with you because both are fabulous!

"To eat is necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art"
Thing about that one ;)


Friday, June 18, 2010

on some things I am loving...

I am loving...

...that today is Friday. I'm back to work & and will have all the coffee my heart desires at my fingers tips yet again. Hooray for a short week :]

These images of a campsite wedding really inspire me...
isn't is wonderful?!?! I think the couple is way adorable. Makes my heart flutter.

This will be my next car! I need it. It will complete me and fill that whole that is deep down in my chest. Well, that might have been a little dramatic but you get my gist. I love this car with out a doubt and I'm currently drilling this fact into dear ol' Bobby's head so he gets the picture. Muwahahaha.

I ended up needing to send back my Kindle and for Amazon to replace it because it broke. The cover that I bought when I first got my gem flat out broke my Kindle! I was so distraught. Thank the heavens that Amazon is totally chillax and the best ever. I called them and the day after I had my new Kindle waiting for me in the mailbox. Best part was that when I talked to the Amazon person over the phone she had told me to make sure I keep my power cord because they won't be sending another. I would just have to keep the one that I already had because what you do is just send the broken Kindle back in the new box. BUT, the new Kindle came with a power cord :) & now I have 2! How I love you Amazon. 
Long story sorry but I needed to tell you. 
Anyways. Since that happend I didn't really want to buy another one of those stupid covers for it. I like reading my Kindle "naked" which mean with out a cover on it. I had a book style cover where you open the cover up like a book and boom there is the Kindle. But I think I don't like that much so I wanted to find a kind of sleeve for it instead. All Amazon had was plain leather sleeves that were just yucky. So where do I go to find something that is more "me" and that I know will be safe for my precious? ETSY :) Bought an adorable, what I like to call, pouch on etsy today and so can't wait to get it!
The little apple button is made out of coconut!! Heeeellllo. Nothing cuter.

I love old teapots. I love flowers. What an amazing idea. The old silver teapots and vibrant colored flowers are charming. Too fun!

Lissie's cover of Bad Romance..pretty incredible.

These paint splatterd Keds that I spotted on Anthropologie, they are sooooo Nirvana & I WILL buy them..soon!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

on a whole bunch of stuff...

Basically I've been doing so much. Cleaning, organizing, thinking, planning, playing and being a bum! I won't lie when I say this little break from work is doing me wonders. I am able to spend some real quaility time with Bobby & Sebastian, time that I was really missing. I've actually been able to take Sebastian on nice long walks and go to the playground instead of feeling rushed at the park to get home and cook dinner, clean, fold clothes, give 'Bastian a bath, shower myself and get things ready for the next day...repeat x5. Pretty sure there is more but I think you get the idea. It's just been nice. Sure it's not ideal that I'm not getting paid for these couple weeks but I don't care because we're not starving and I'm happy being able to see my son's smiling face everyday and kiss my man on his way out to work.
However, tomorrow I will be heading in for a few hours setting the shop back up to the way I like it. But none the less it will be great to get back behind the counter and give my fine customers back their much needed fix every morning starting Friday! Plus I've missed the coffee myself!!

This weekend we ended up borrowing the inlaws house. Yes. You heard me right. I've been planning to make a birthday dinner for Bobby which is pretty much a tradition with the Schuler family and is usually admistered by Mrs. Schuler. But I thought that I should finally take over Bobby's Birthday dinner. Anyways...this birthday dinner was going to be held at our place and would just been the immediate family. First because our apartment is small and secondly I didn't really want to cook for an army of people inside my dinky little kitchen. Then the mother-inlaw suggested we just have the dinner at their house since the weather is suppose to be hot & hummid and this way we can be outside and enjoy the pool. I thought that was a grand idea. We slept over Saturday night. Had the little bash on Sunday. Now that the get together was at a house and not our little apartment we started to invite more people. Bobby's aunt Cheryl and her family came plus Bobby's grandfather. Aaaaand Bobby invited a few friends. In the end I did feed an army :) With the help of some of the Schuler women. It went well and everyone had a nice time! We just might have to borrow the house more often. Why even buy a house for ourselves?!?

Some other lovies...

I've been vegetarian for a little less than 2 months now! It's fantastic and I'm loving everything about it. It's great opening people up to the many different things you can make and create out of all the yummy vegetables, beans and pastas out there. I am what I like to call a "foodie". Sure I enjoy eating the food but creating and making it is even better. A sort of hobby if you will. I will of course share more of the magnificent reciepes with you soon!

For all the people in Seattle I'm sorry to say that we are not going to come out to visit this summer. The original plans were that we would come out for a weeks visit in the begining of July before Sebastian turned 2 (so we don't have to pay for a seat on the plane one last time!) but we are feeling that with me not working these past couple weeks and how fast time is going (it's mid June aready!) that we are just not prepared to do it. The trade off is, and you will be happy to hear that we are going to 100% come out next summer and spend 2 full weeks with all you fine people. It sucks but I've come to terms with it because I myself don't feel like I am ready to see a certain someone just yet. This way I will have time to cool down and balance my feelings.

Only 14 days remaining until Eclipse is in theaters! I am beyond excited. Can't wait to see it. I ended up reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella and it wasn't all that great. It was alright and I had to read it because I was so curious about it. It was definately short because I read it in a couple hours but I really didn't have any interest in Bree and the newbie vamps at all. The best part of the book was the end when the Cullans killed off all the newbies :) sorry if that is morbid but hey, I like my Cullans!

Also I'm giddy about Toy Story 3 and naturely we are taking Sebastian to see it this weekend. He has aquried a very vast varitiy of Toy Story clothing and toys and even some Toy Story sandals we picked out yesterday! Which I wish they made adult size for I would totally rock them! Don't judge.

Have I told you that I religiously get my eyebrows Threaded. I used to get them waxed every couple weeks (I am european and they do grow fast and If I don't keep up with them I would soon resemble Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf) until I discovered a little booth in the mall that I work in. They pluck your eyebrows with yes, sewing thread. Don't ask me how the tiny Indian girl does it, all I know is that the shape turns out beautiful and is extremely long lasting! Also I was told by this tiny girl that this process that they use is less harmful compared to waxing. Go try it I highly recommend it.

I'm absolutley sadend that all my tv shows are over. Though, I will have alot more time during the week, more time to put into my blog and the list of must reads for the summer. True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 was on Sunday, however I didn't see it. Why? Because I don't have HBO. Let alone every other channel. Of course I had to find some other way to watch this episode and all the others because there is no way no how I will wait until the end of summer for the season to come out on dvd. So, my plan of action was to bribe one of Bobby's computer nerd friends to find me True Blood and burn it :) Bribe was food. And it worked. Bobby's friend came over, I fed the friend and in the end I got to watch my beloved show. I will positively be doing this every week...I have to don't you understand. It's just food.
I also came across a new show on ABC Family called Pretty Little Liars that I am going to follow. There has only been two episode so far and I am hooked with all sorts of questions that I need answered very soon. This show I have also watched online because again I don't have the channel, thank god for 
What sort of shows are you watching? Anything new that I don't know about?

As for reading I have started to re-read the Blue Blood Series by Melissa de la Cruz  since the 5th book is coming out in 2 weeks. If you haven't heard of this particular series it's pretty much Gossip Girl with vampires! Dude, you already know I have a vamp obscession!
Remember way back when I was complaining about Lover Mine by J.R Ward not being available for Kindle well I finally received it and read it in about 2 days :) Best book ever! Can't wait for the next one.
What are you reading? Anything good I should try out?, drop me a line!

We still need a new couch. Our old one is a piece of crap and we desperately need to replace it. I didn't really want to buy anything new because what's the point...we have a 2 year old kid. I've been trying to scope something out on craigslist but no luck there. Reason being is that we live in an old victorian house and the doorways are much too short and so not wide enough for a normal couch. Very irritating if you ask me. So now we are trying to see if we can find something new, that will fit and that we like. Ughhh! If you would like to help or have any suggestions, I would love it hear them. Thanks!

Well, I'm done giving the daily dose of Anita. It's back to work for me tomorrow & daycare for Sebastian!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

on Carlisle, Cape May & being 100th post!

Happy to say that our little trip to Carlise and NJ was very very refreshing and we all had such a blast! That being said I would like to say that this is my 100th post!!! Horray :) Sooo, sit back and relax and enjoy the pictures of our wonderful time away.

Carlisle--This is our club's tent. We park around the tent and remenis with all the other members who are from all around the country.
Sebastian and his famous mohawk! He got all sorts of attention over the weekend  :)

Sitting in Dadda's car trying to be funny
Bobby and his race car.
Monster truck!

My favorite car at the whole show and one that I would love to own one day. Ford Raptor.

Cape May, NJ. Our little cabin that we rented out for the night.

Just had to show you Sebastian in his authentic Hawaian clothes that my dad got him on his trip in Hawai. So cute!
annnd had to show you this because it was the best of all the pictures I've taken of this weekend. That smile is so precious. I just can't capture too many of these pictures anymore since he just is on the go go go all the time!
Bobby teaching Sebastian how to fish in the lake at the campground...
They caught ONE!! We put it back into the water after.
Tuesday was Bobby's 26th Birthday and he wanted to spend the day at the Cape May Zoo. So we did and Sebastian's favorite part was feeding the goats :)
Horrible picture of me buttttt whatever...


Thursday, June 03, 2010

on a must needed update...

...sorry for my more-than-I-wanted-hiatus. But I needed it. I've been extremely busy with well, life! Plus there were a couple things that I needed to figure out in my head before I could come back to my blogging world. I felt like I was thinking a little too negative lately and I didn't want to bring that into here. Not that I wanted to be away and I won't tell you that this little vaca from my blog won't happen again. But it's sure good to be back. I will say that I felt like I was missing something and it was this. I'm back. And boy! do I have lots to SAY :) for the news that you will be proud to hear for I actually will have lots of time to chit chat with all you fine people and that is because I am temporarily out of work. Yep. Nothing too serious and it sort of is a long story but I will give you the Readers Digest version of it. My little coffee shop is located inside a mall. The health department has told the mall and us that we have to put a solid roof over our kiosk for blah blah blah reasons. Fine with us, it's on the mall to do all that. So time has past, like months and still no roof. Yesterday Dave (the boss) and myself were surprised with a visit for the health department saying they are closing us down until our roof is up... WHHHATT! No words can describe how furious Dave was and of course so was I. I do not know the details on whos fault it is for the delay on the roof, however I do know it was not our responsibliy. So now I am out of work along with my fellow employees until this roof is up and Dave is loosing money in this dilema. Not fun. Hoping everything will work out and soon. Otherwise you will be hearing from me alot more in the up in coming days :)

...going to share with you the wonderfully amazing news that I told you about in the previous post (even though I told you this like a month ago, and for that I am sorry). Julee emailed me on Mother's Day inviting me with her & Glen to California in October. Best part is my best friend in the whole wide world will be going along with them, Tanya who is someone that I miss more than anyone back in Seattle. Can you believe it? I couldn't at first. I opened the email and as I was reading felt like my breaths were getting shallower and heavier. I was basically running out of air. I kept thinking. WOW. Are you serious? Wow. This couldn't be true? Then the second thought in my head was but...Bobby & Sebastian..I told Bobby and the first reation I got from him was a huge smile and "Geez that's really nice of them". Chhhheeeyyahh. After Bobby assured me that we will figure everything out and that we would ask the Grandparents if they can help out since Bobby will have work the days the trip is planned I started to get even more excited. Now everything is looking great and Bobby is even going to take a few day off work and just spend them with Sebastian. I still can't believe it, I'm going to get to spend roughly 5ish days with the three people that mean so much too me in DisneyLand! I know what your thinking though, I already went to DisneyWorld! I know, I know, double wammy all in a year :) Sweet deal. I can not thank Julee & Glen more for giving me this gift! Love them. Aaaand, I GET TO SEE MY TE TE :) happy that Bobby and I splurged on the tickets to the MMRBQ this year. Alice in Chains and STP were amazing. Alice in Chains were great with their long hair and 90's rock attire. The new lead singer is like no other replacment that I've ever seen. He sounds exactly the same as the former lead singer Layne Staley who died in 2002. William DuVall joined them in 2005 & resembles Lenny Kravtiz. For real. STP came on last which I stood for, the whole time singing along and listening plus watching every move Scott Weiland made! He is pure genius. I'm so glad I got see this once in a lifetime performance with both the greatest bands of the 90's! new hair cut. I like it. I know I said I was growing it out but the time came to just say enough is enough. I can deal with the front being long but MY GOD the back was almost down to the tops of my shoulders and in this heat here in Philly, not going to happen. So, I got the back stacked up. Not super short but short enough. It has alot more spunk to it and the color turned out nice.

...our annual trip to Carlisle for the Ford Car Show is just around the corner. As in tomorrow. Heading down there in the late morning as soon as we get ourselves rounded up into both cars. I will be in my Jeepy with Sebastian while Bobby drives his beloved down. Roughly will be a 2 hour drive to the Days Inn that will be staying at, which is actually located inside Harrisburg but is a brand new hotel who is cheaper and closer than any of the other hotels we looked into. I'm excited. The weather report calls for rain but the percentage isn't too bad. I'm not worried about it because we will have fun together no matter what.

...that being said Bobby's birthday will be on Tuesday. Our plans are to head back home from Carlisle on Sunday since I was going to have work on Monday & I still might (who knows) but if not we will be heading down to the New Jersey shore. We will stay until late Tuesday because Bobby is due back to work Wednesday morning. We haven't really planned anything solid for the shore; like where we are staying or what we are doing..but that's the beautey of it! Wing it and do what ever we want to do. Well, what my birthday boy man wants to do, who by the way will be 26 years old ;)

...Sebastian got his first mohawk today! I think it was about time that he sports the do since his momma did at one point in her life. He is so cute and looks like a natural being all punk'd out :)

...well, you will be hearing from me soon! Ta-Ta for now.

Best Regards